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THR Tweb's Hip Recovery

Hi! How did your appointment on 1/4 go? What did they say?
Hi @Tweb . I think you were asking @myglasshalffull about her January 4 appointment. So I tagged her so she will see your question.
How are you doing with your possible tendon issues with your left hip? Another month into your recovery and hopefully things are feeling better.
Hi Tweb,
All went well in January at my OS appt and no need to return. X-Rays and strength test on my hip and gold star on my forehead.
We just returned Friday from a 2 week vacation and that was so nice, only thing was I got so stiff sitting on plane on way home, 6 hours, kept standing up to stretch but not much room on a plane to do so. Half the plane was empty and I wanted to move to empty aisle but they wanted you in your assigned seat.
Yesterday stiffness subsided and this morning I feel back to normal.
My one year anniversary was this past Thursday. Glad to get the first year behind me.
I met several people with walking sticks, really thinking about getting some for hiking.
Hope all is well on your end.
@CricketHip oh yes I forgot! Well the tendon/psoas/adductor area is still bothersome but a little less so. I played tennis two days in a row last week and didn’t regret it so that’s good. I’ve been using a foam roller on a regular basis and have added some adductor strengthening to my routine along with more yoga and Pilates so I think perhaps those things and time are helping. I go back to for one year follow up in May so depending on how it’s doing I will definitely discuss with surgeon.
Hello! I recently passed my one year “hipaversary “ for LATHR. I’ve been able to resume most activities without needing multiple recovery days. However am still experiencing a lot of “tightness” in that hip. Mostly noticeable when lifting and lowering my leg to put on pants and to get into the car. My right hip is 3 years post op and feels amazing. I went back to surgeon a couple of weeks ago for 1 year post op follow up and he confirmed that it’s illiopsoas tightness and is quite common especially with women. Can take a while to resolve and may not completely go away. He encouraged me to continue stretching (I have a whole routine I follow twice a day) and to give it more time. Said if it continues to be an issue we could consider an injection but he doesn’t like to do injections to artificial joints due to risk of infection. Last week I had a “fascial stretching session” which seems to have helped. I’m going to do another one this week. I would curious to know if there are others in the thread who have had this issue and if you have been able to find some resolution. FYI I never had this issue with the right hip which was two years before the left. Thanks!
I'm searching for the time machine, I think that's the only "fix".
Hi Tweb,
I had the Anterior procedure on my right hip last September and was pretty vigilant with all the stretching/strengthening/foam rolling routines my PT had left me with. But even 5-6 months post surgery I was still feeling stiff and sore in the front of the right hip. Sometimes would bother me at night even. I noticed that heat helped relax things in that area. If your PT or surgeon has said "no heat" then don't try heat. But I found a hot water bottle helpful. I also noticed that when I did things that otherwise tired out my lower back that the area in front of the hip would feel tight and sore too. Makes sense to me because the psoas does originate low back and then travels around to attach to the femur.

Good Luck
@LeftKath yep totally agree- I’m a yoga instructor so am very aware of the psoas and how it wraps around from back to front . I do think it’s SLOWLY improving but I suppose I’m impatient and just want it to feel as good as the right hip. I also know what you mean about heat helping. Also have used a TENS unit that gives some relief when it’s really tight.
hello Bonesmart people! Just thought I would share an update. I am about 18 months post op for left anterior hip replacement and 3.5 years for right. Last time I checked in I was dealing with a lot of psoas tendinitis in the left hip that I did not have with right hip recovery. It was causing pain and distress when trying to lift leg to 90
degree bend putting on pants and getting in and out of a car (mostly drivers side) I’m still experiencing it but it’s much improved. I have continued to strengthen and stretch and have also found relief with foam rolling and using a fascial stretch therapist. Anyway hope everyone is having a successful recovery.
@Tweb This is a wonderful update. Many surgeons will suggest this type of treatment first for tendinitis in hopes that it will improve with time like yours is doing. Just know if the improvement stalls and the leg still distresses you, there are still some options that could help. Best wishes going forward.
New update. Still dealing with psoas tendinitis but getting somewhat better with time. Almost 2 years for LATHR. Went back to surgeon and he encouraged me to keep on being active and try a round of naproxen sodium for a bit to see if that calms down the inflammation and I do think that helped. I took for 10 days and then went off. I am able to do most things I enjoy (yoga,tennis, walking for exercise, strength training). I’m trying to put more focus on things to strengthen what is probably weak glutes and hip abductors and adductors.
It’s great to hear from you, Tweb!
Thanks for stopping by to share an update. Glad to read there’s been improvement with the tendinitis and you’re back enjoying the activities you love.
Wishing you an early Happy Two Year Anniversary!

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