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THR Tweb's Hip Recovery

The heat can bring even the mighty down. :tantrum2:

Drinking the water is a good idea.. You are getting back into the swing of your activities,, so nice to catch up on your thread and read your updates. It gets to the point where it's hard to recall that we have bionic hips. They feel so real and wonderful!
@CricketHip Yes ma’am! However I am experiencing a lot of low back stiffness which from what I have read is fairly common. Not so much pain but just really tight. I don’t recall noticing it as much with first hip. Any suggestions you may have would be appreciated.
I get back stiffness, not so much from THR but just years of abusing my back. I do some stretches lying down like the Piriformis stretch. Also pulling my knees to my chest 1 at a time and some others. I say this with the disclaimer to be careful about stretching too hard or too far. If you're going to do Yoga that would help, I'll do cat and cow and child's pose for my back.
@Tweb Many of us have back issues after these surgeries. It's caused our muscles adjusting to the change in posture now that the body is in proper alignment. I found that heat and massage both helped.
My back gets very stiff once I'm standing in one spot for a long time, like at kitchen counter chopping veggies and cooking a meal. As soon as I get the food going I come and sit and grab ice pack and down in my pants and onto my back. Like you say, not painful, just stiff.
I agree with @benne68 except I tend to alternate ice and heat. Alternating seems to help relax tightened muscles.
I am a huge fan of a good therapeutic massage, You might be pleasantly surprised at how beneficial that could be for you.
@CricketHip yes yes! I know what you mean. I have one coming up soon. And @myglasshalffull that’s exactly when I notice it most is after standing in one place for an extended period of time. Thanks for your suggestions!!
Hello! I was wondering if there is a forum for osteoporosis within Bonesmart
I found a post on Osteoporosis in BS:

You could also do a google search putting Osteoporosis and forum together and see what you come up with.

I have osteopenia and I found my surgical team of doctors not interested at all when I told them about this in my pre-op appointments.

I told my family doctor (totally unconnected with my orthopaedic team) and she put me on daily Calcichew (1,000 milligrams of calcium and 800 international units (IU) of vitamin D per tablet) when I told her about my surgery. This was 6 months before the actual operation date.

I also tried to continue with weight bearing exercises for as much as I could.
I had almost 6 months to prepare for my surgery.
We don’t have a specific area to discuss osteoporosis, but if you have questions or concerns, post them in your thread and we’ll address them.
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
I hope you're having a nice week and you find relief from your low back discomfort soon.
Take good care and stay in touch. :wave:
Thank you @Layla! The back is feeling a bit better and I went back to PT yesterday and he gave me some different things to do to help relieve it as well as the issues with my non surgical leg which has been giving me some problems in the highest area of my hamstring. Tuesday was 13 weeks which “sounds” like a long time but 3 months aka 92 days doesn’t to me. Semantics…….
Just passed your four month anniversary. Belated best wishes!
I hope you're doing well and your back is even better than it was a month ago.
Wishing you a lovely Autumn. :)
Hello! I wanted to check in and see if others have had issues with Illiopsoas Impingement? I’m almost 7 months post op for anterior left hip and it’s pretty bothersome. I’ve tried the stretches PT gave me and they don’t seem to really help. The discomfort is mostly during the act of lifting and lowering bent left knee up towards my torso and down. Once it’s up it’s fine and once it’s down it’s fine. Based on multiple articles I have found it really sounds like the above mentioned condition. Thank you
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So sorry for the link that wasn’t permitted-please forgive me. Also I should’ve also mentioned getting in and out of the car on left side (drivers side for American cars) is bothersome.
Hi @Tweb
Wondering if you have talked with your surgeon about this...
We have had several members who have had tendon releases preformed with great success.
There is an article on Iliopsoas syndrome in our library.

I know you love to golf but hope you are holding off on this right now as the twisting may not be helpful.
When getting into my car I sit with my rear in seat and my legs/feet still outside then just swing my legs in, works just fine.
Actually climbed into car one day the "old" way (before hip), and I was fine with that too.
@myglasshalffull do you have issues similar to mine? How long ago was your surgery
And what approach?
My issues are sporadic, many days I'm totally fine, some days I have a little discomfort.
I had posterior approach in February. So I'm close to 10 months post op.
My back gets to me when I stand in same spot too long.
We just returned from a birthday party and I sat with a woman who had hip replacement several years ago, she said she still has off and on discomfort.
Maybe just part of something we learn to live with, I go back to my OS 1/4 so I'll see what they say then.
Stay well.

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