Revision TKR Totally recovered at last!

@Oldladyrunner I'm now back on Medicare because I was disabled a number of years ago for a different medical illness. I lost it for a while when working because I was told I had to take work benefits. My TKR cost me about 10,000 out of pocket!!!! They've changed the rules again so now I'm back with Medicare and a supplement. When I need surgery on my other knee I'm all set at least financially. As far as this boss goes he is about the best boss I've had in my entire lifetime. He has a disability so I think he is more aware of the challenges you have when you're not 100%. I had interviewed for this position in June and he held it for me until November. Who does that in this day and age?
Very nice to read about your boss. So fortunate to have one so understanding.
Glad your daughter has calmed, I am sure when the chiropractor was speaking all she could hear was "MS" and that was it! Good that she doesn't have to wait too long for her appointment on the 14th.
How are you dealing with all of this? Hopefully here we can be a support for you and a safe place to air your concerns.

Any changes visible yet with the leg? Less swelling, less bruising?
As I type my leg is up on 3 pillows, iced bottom and top. Paying for my show off knee performing for therapist. :heehee:
@Glamg1979 I got home at about 130 this afternoon and put my legs up and fell asleep for 3 hours. I've now been sitting with ice on it for the last 2 hours. I have my new PT sessions set to start this Thursday coming up. I've taken Tylenol and tramadol to try to lessen the pain. I haven't had bruising for a while but I can still feel lumps and bumps in different areas of my leg. My old knee just isn't working well today either. I had to go to the basement at work today and had to use the baby style to go both down and up.

I'm going to try to get some time to help my daughter start writing down all her questions for the neurologist and leave room so she can write down the answers. She asked me to go shopping with her tomorrow night but I my knee and leg is very painful and I would have to try to drive almost two hours each way. If I can do it I will.

The Christmas party from work is Sunday afternoon. I'm looking for suggestions for a 20 dollar secret Santa gift. I don't know the recipient so it's a little hard to decide. I was going to do lottery cards or maybe ITunes gift card. If anyone has any other ideas let me know.
Newlybionic--this is off the knee topic but as you have mentioned it more than once, I want to clarify something. When the time comes, you can get social security from your record OR 1/2 of your ex-husband's--which every is higher. I have done 1/2 hubby's as it is higher. Should he pass away before me, I will then be able to get his whole ss amount. As to having your knee paid for by workman's comp--be glad you didn't go that route! I have had several friends do this and boy what a mess--slow, slow, slow--years of pain and messing around, having to get lawyers etc. before finally getting the operation they needed.
She asked me to go shopping with her tomorrow night but I my knee and leg is very painful and I would have to try to drive almost two hours each way. If I can do it I will.
I think your knee needs the rest more than your daughter needs your company to go shopping. It's already struggling with your work days. Please don't impose four hours of driving, plus a shopping expedition, on it. Give the poor thing a chance to heal.
@Kssii From what I understand from Social Security I will be able to collect both amounts. I'm not sure if that's because of my work record or because I'm divorced and was married over 10 years and never remarried. I will definitely be checking it out again before I do anything. I'm sure half of his would be higher than mine since he makes well over than half of my salary.
:groan:I'm in a lot of pain and I can't seem to get it under control. I've had my leg elevated with ice for hours now. I've taken tramadol, Tylenol and a muscle relaxer . My pain is from then top of my leg all the way down to my ankles. My pain level has not gone below a 7. I'm totally exhausted. I'm just trying to think that in a few more days from now the PT can do something to ewsuce the pain I have.
You might ask your OS if you can also take Naprosyn (industrial strength anti-inflammatory), in addition to the Tram and Tylenol. That's been the only way I could sleep up until a few days ago. I've stopped my PT because I have to go back on the Tram for 2 days after.
sorry you're in pain, but glad your OS is now treating you with respect. maybe you do need to up/change your meds for a while. give your wonderful boss a big thank you from me -- how compassionate he is. fingers crossed for your daughter.
Sounds like you need a total "knee-cation" this weekend.
Other than taking one of my dogs to the groomer and picking her up I've done absolutely nothing. I've slept on and off all day. Tomorrow I have a dinner with my fellow employees at a restaurant for Christmas which is sponsored by my company and my boss. I'm looking forward to PT visit on Thursday. They are part of the OS office so hopefully everyone will be on their best behavior. Otherwise I now know who to contact!! Thanks to all for your wonderful thoughts. It is hard being here alone with no one to understand what we all go through with this surgery and recuperation. I truly count you all as my friends.
Marian, I am glad you are feeling better. May your night be peaceful and your dreams sweet.
I hope your knee is feeling better today after some good rest! You have truly put it through the mill! Rest as much as you possibly can! You AND your knee deserve it!
I came down with a bad cold and left work after 6 hours on Monday and slept all night until early this morning. I as finished with work at 330 today. I'm off tomorrow so I hope I'll get rid of this cold by then. It seems to be going around the staff and patients at the dialysis center. I wore a mask today whenever I was near any of the patients since I would periodically start coughing. Since I've been off my knee more than I have been its not as bad. I'm looking forward to PT and hoping for some treatment to help me. I'm going to see Siberian Orchestra in concert this Friday evening. My youngest bought tickets for us to go and she also wants to take me out to dinner. She bought them for my birthday last month. I hope all of you are doing well.
Lots going around our school. I'm kinda stuffy through the night, but had a terrible stomach thing after Thanksgiving that included cramps every 5 minutes for 3 hours. Hope you're well enough for the concert! :swoon:
@KarriB Fortunately the stomach thing hasn't hit eastern PA yet! I'm at the coughing sneezing phase. So I'm sure I'll be fine.
Ugh- colds, flu, stomach bugs, hate them. I begin every flu season with a self-imposed hermit lifestyle, but after a while I start to miss my fellow humans. I hope you feel better soon!

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