Revision TKR Totally recovered at last!

The surgeon does at least 4 a week
That works out at around 160 a year. Not exactly in the top class bracket which is 200+ per year.
the area that is bothering me is the SMT
Sorry, hun - I need to do it my way! I know I've asked you these before but I need to get a fix on what your problem is/has been

Can you tell me the exact site of your pain using this chart?
Please note the instructions in the smaller image
If I was told do it 10 times I did it 20. I thought that the more I did the faster I'll get better!!
I have a tale for you about this philosophy - a bit of a horror story but it's true! PT: the seriously grave consequences of doing too much of it
I have also been given disclose ice to take 3 times a day
Sorry, hun - can you tell me what this means?
I live alone and really don't have anyone here to help with anything so if I don't do it no one will.
I'm in the same boat. But you know what? I work on the principle that "if you won't die if it's not done, it probably doesn't need doing"!
I didn't get my questions answered even by his nurse. I'm tempted to go over there after work tomorrow to talk to someone about it.
I'll give you a tip - when they don't answer, it's probably because they don't know what to say!
I'm not sure what to do about the areas behind my knee and on the sides of my calves that still hurt. Does anyone know if massage would work? Could PT help in some way?
Yes it would but not from a PT, from a chiropractor.

Have you ever tried a TENS machine?
@Josephine. I'm just home after working for 10 hours and I am in a lot of pain and + 2 to +3 in both legs even though I had TKR in the left but the other one has a bone spur and torn lateral meniscus. I'll try to answer all your questions now.
Pain is in LB 3 D. It is had like a knot and limits my ROM when flexing. I've tried all types of stretching I could think of. OS said it could be an area of dry blood?

OS is the only one doing knee and hip replacements at my local hospital.

I've learned the hard way about doing too much at PT.

I was prescribed Diclofenic ( NSAID) to take 3 xs a day but do to bad problems with my stomach and the beginnings of an ulcer I only took it BID. OS put me on it when I complained about calf pain and LB 3D swelling limiting my flexion. He also stopped my PT sessions ( last week of October). I had ultrasound done to check for DVT which was negative.

I tried to go back to my regular ortho Doctor ( in the same group) because I'm not getting any answers/help from OS or his nurse. I got a call today (Monday) telling me the doctors would discuss it to get it okayed.

I have a TENS machine at home but have not used it because the OS/nurse will not give me any answers (they want you to email them)

I'm now working 8 to 10 hour days in a hemodialysis clinic. I'm a RN and today I was on my feet constantly and both knees and lower legs are VERY painful. I have ice and I'm elevating them now. I don't routinely take pain meds but I took 100mg of tramadol to calm it down a little ( another med I take clears tramadol very quickly hence the higher dose).

I'm am so very frustrated. I'm going to find an OS in the closest large city to me. I'm not sure if they will do anything for the post op knee though.
I've been sitting here for 1 hour with ice and elevating and my knees and calves are still very painful 7 (1-10). I'm not getting any better at all. I e tried stretching all day to no avail. It's over 4 months and I'm still in pain. It seems like I'm really no better post op than I was before. The pain is just in a different place. I' guess I'm feeling sorry for myself tonight. Im actually fighting back tears. Im getting hungry but im hurting too much to even walk into my kitchen never mind cooking anything!
if I lived on the East Coast I'd be over there in a flash with a casserole one hand, tissues in the other, and two broad shoulders to cry on if needed
I'm sorry you're hurting so much. It seems that working those long shifts is really too much for your knees. Being on your feet all those hours is too much for a TKR that is only just over 4 months old.

I'm not sure what you can do about that. Is there any way that you can be put on lighter duties for a while?
Thanks to everyone for their support. I truly appreciate it. Unfortunately because I'm new at my job I have no control over what hours I work. At least tomorrow and Wednesday I only have to work 7 hours. I just woke up from a nap. My legs aren't hurting as much as they were. I'm really wiped out. I think I'll just get some cheese and crackers from my kitchen and just eat some of that, I know my dogs will be happy because I always share with them!
So sorry you are in such pain, and that you have to spend so much time on your feet at work. I find that sometimes the pain just sneaks up on me even though I can't figure out why - I guess that's part of healing. And here's to whoever first matched crackers up with a piece of cheese! (Or peanut butter!) This is also my go-to snack, and perfect for the day you just had. I hope tomorrow is much, much better!
So your pain is about here?


I'd say that looks like tight hamstrings which can cause all the symptoms you've mentioned. Shows how doctors are remarkably UNinformed about these issues which also goes to show how you're on your own with them too! The problem with tight hamstrings is that they can progress to affect the calf muscles too so you have pain from above your knee to half way down your calf. My best suggestion is to see a chiropractor.
I have a TENS machine at home but have not used it because the OS/nurse will not give me any answers
Why do you need anyone's advice/input to use a TENS machine? It's non-invasive and perfectly safe to use provided you stick with the advice in the user manual.

When I had my first arthroscopy in 2006, I was at the time, working in OR recovery. I would strap the TENS to my knee and stow the machine in my scrubs pocket to be switched on when we had a lull in patient traffic! As soon as another patient came in to my station, it was easy to switch it off again. I wouldn't have been able to work had it not been for the TENS machine. See, my surgeon wanted me to have 6 weeks off but I already had black marks for sickness absence so I had two weeks' leave and went back to work with the TENS. Nobody knew - nobody had to know - and I was able to work.
I was prescribed Diclofenic ( NSAID) to take 3 xs a day but due to bad problems with my stomach and the beginnings of an ulcer I only took it BID.
As a nurse, you should know that if you have stomach problems and an ulcer you shouldn't use NSAIDs at all. Not ever. Most dangerous. I think I gave you this article once before but you should read it again Medications: acetaminophen (Tylenol, paracetamol) and NSAIDs, differences and dangers.
Unfortunately because I'm new at my job I have no control over what hours I work.
Are you telling me your manager has no knowledge of your present condition? I was a manager for many years and expected to be kept fully informed of everything like this that could affect the performance of a member of staff. I also expected to support and help that person so they weren't harmed by their work. Is your manager not of this mind set either?

Also, you're not a youngster - you should be more than capable of advocating for yourself in these matters. I think you owe it to yourself but more, I think you also owe it you your employer.
@Josephine While I can speak up for myself I have to work those hours because the reality is I'm totally broke. I hadn't worked for 5 months before my surgery because I got so bad and I had no short term disability. I quit because I knew I couldn't work on a med/surg floor again. I am now having a lot of pan from knees through my calves in both legs. Lf 3 and 4 E,F,GH and LF 4 D. My old knee RF 1, 2 D

I wasn't sure about using a TENS post op. I actually have one that wraps around your knne and runs on batteries. I'm going to try to find it.

I had stopped the Diclofenic all together. I only took it at a reduced level for a week and also took Protonix on my GI doc advice.

I'm going to not work 10 or more hours in one day. I just can't handle that. Or at the minimum have the next day off. I worked today for 8 hours but I'm still very sore and both legs feel like they weigh 100lbs. I just finished cooking dinner and I'm going to elevate and ice while I enjoy it.
Hi..First I want to thank you for your encouragement on my thread:) I have just read through you yours and want to say that you are a very strong woman with your hands full. I know it is very difficult when you are supporting yourself and having to find decent employment is not the easiest at our age no matter what your profession is. I am blessed these days not having financial worries but I did have go through the job market a few years ago. I am going to throw some suggestions out there..forgive me if I am out of line.

Have you thought about applying for social security disability? With the medical issues over the last few months, your limitations now, and future surgery you should check into it. You have paid for it all your working life.

I also had some weird feelings about the tens unit when they gave it to me..little shock waves on my metal knee...OK:) Mine has a thigh wrap around and comes down to just above the knee cap. It works for me.

I also go to a chiro for acupuncture (and her wonderful heated roller table that works my back-neck to tail bone:)
I have had success with acupuncture for pain relief-I have problems with most pain meds and wanted to find a different route. It has also worked on my tendinitis over the years. If your insurance doesn't cover chiro (more are these days) most providers have a workable cash pay program. This has helped more than just my knee.

You should get a rice bag or make one like I did with a cut compression sock filled with rice. I stick it in the freezer and use it as an ice pack, It was great when I went to work because I could wrap it around my knee (not worry about it being directly on my skin). I would leave one in the freezer at work in the break room so I could use it at lunch or break time. It also works great on the neck for stress:)

I also changed my job. I am subcontracted to do medical billing from home. With your medical background I believe you could find a workable position that you are not on your feet 10 hours a day if you had the time. I have RN friends that work in physician offices, residential treatment centers, school nurses , instructors in nursing programs even for personal injury lawyers.

I know this is probably different than the pain you are having in your legs but when my knee problems started I started having problems with "charlie horses". Get up screaming-ball running up the back of my leg. I tried potassium and bananas with no luck. Then I had a doctor recommend that I try drinking tonic water everyday because of the quinine in it...It worked!!! I have a glass of diet tonic water (cheap store brand) with a splash of cranberry juice---minus the vodka of course :) I haven't had one in was one of my biggest fears afterh the knee surgeries.

Wow...sorry so long winded. I hope any of these would help. Have a good peaceful sleep.
@PegGar16 Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it. I have looked into Social security and I'm not eligible right now unfortunately. I can retire early on social security at age 62 ( 11 months and 28 days but whose counting!). I can also collect some benefits from my ex husband too!!

I used to have a rice pack that at the timed I warmed in microwave. I totally forgot about that!

I looked into several job ideas in my area of the country. I tried to find doctors offices but was unable to find one nor could I work as a school nurse in my state at this time. I did have both of those jobs in another state before I moved. I would need a masters level in nursing to teach. I did teach Mathematics after I got my first degree many, many years ago. I worked in a Catholic school at that time and never got a teaching license. I had a degree in Mathematics. I'm working in a clinic for hemo dialysis so it's much easier than hospital floors because I'm not moving patients and holding there weight too!

I have some pain that I think is tendonitis my leg I painful to just touch it. I can try quinine water to see if that helps since its very inexpensive to try. I'll have to look into chiropractor. Several have recommended it. I went in the past for my back and it really didn't help me but I need to do something. There's even one in OS office but yet it wasn't even mentioned to me by OS. Ito have a real problem with pain meds and I can look into accupuncture. (The funny thing is my little Yorkie has bad knees and the doctor in the vet group she goes to does acupuncture and it seems to help her a lot).

Again thanks a lot. I'm ready to try anything right now!
Before going for acupuncture for your tendinitis, have you thought of asking a chiropractor to help? Mine is able to help with things that a PT gave up on.
Ditto, @Celle!

@newlybionic I wasn't suggesting you take time off sick. I know you can't do that. My question was is your manager aware of your struggles and doing everything/anything she can to make life a little easier for you? There's a lot can be done in order to enable a person to stay at work whilst managing a difficult condition. That's the role of a good manager. And what about Occupational Health? As an OH person myself, I spend a considerable amount of my time trying to work out with employees and managers how to adjust a struggling colleague's working pattern and duties so they can do their work and still cope with their condition.
I just saw i was mentioned here. Yes, i went to a different OS out of town. Mine was 2.5 hours away and was a really good OS revision specialist. I sat in the waiting area when i had my first visit and listened to people talk about how great he was, how hard it was to get in to see him, how he has a packed schedule because he was in demand. I was very very lucky. I had my revision within 6 weeks of my second visit due to a cancellation. My wife is a nurse practitioner and was a nurse before that, so i understand your work schedule and demands. If you are a RN you can get some breaks while you run the LPN's. My recovery was really fast. i am currently at where i was at at about 2-3 months last time. The essential thing is to be very determined to make your TKR work no matter what. I ice mine all night sometimes, really i just fall asleep and forget to take it off. it is one of those machines with a pump. But my knee loves me in the morning. it keeps the knee cold but not freezing, so no chance of frost bite or anything. I also found that you have to stay on your med track for times to take your pain meds. I am on only asprin and tramodol now, so it's easy to manage.
I have off tomorrow Thansgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving to all!! I also am off until Monday. I'm going to make some phone calls to a chiropractor. Do I need to look for a chiro that practices some area of treatment or is it any chiropractor?

@Josephine My manager knows about my surgery and that I'm having some problems right now. I'm in training to be the only nurse in the building for 16 patients for hemodialysis. There is one tech per every 4 patients. I do all assessments, meds and I am the supervisor for all the staff and all medical care. Even my boss while being the administrative director is under me for all medical decisions. I need to learn all the tech activities, nurse duties, facility upkeep and care of all the dialysate. I am going to try to work every other day next week. I'm hoping that doing that and also finding a chiro it will help. Thank you for all your help.

@wberry i only take Tylenol occasionally at this point. I have some tramadol but since it is a controlled substance I don't want any in my bloodstream if god forbid a mistake was ever made. Unfortunately I'm the only nurse. No LPNs for me!! I even have to keep track of when techs use the bathroom!

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