Knee Infection* Total Knee Revision due to infection

Aww, I am so sorry, Annie, to read that this news brought you to tears. It's understandable, but nonetheless heartbreaking that you're still enduring this battle. Thankfully Dr H impressed you with his knowledge and capability so hopefully you're comfortable and trust his recommendation of Dr Bostrom, whom I sure you'll be in capable hands with. I have honestly only ever heard good things about HSS.

Please know we're here for support when you're in need, Annie. I wish you comfort, peace of mind and all the best as you plan your next steps, meeting with Dr Bostrom. Please let us know how it goes for you.
Until next time, take good care. :console2:
Annie, I’m so sorry to hear you may be facing another revision. But I totally agree with your decision to have any needed surgery done at HSS. Hopefully you’ll get to see this new surgeon very soon. We’re here for you!
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Do any of you know the likelihood of amputation after a failed totat knee revision, I am so afraid of losing my leg. I am in pretty good health, however, coping with a revision and I am so concerned that I might lose my leg, do any of you know about this likelihodd?
@Annie3791 The short answer to your question is that amputation is highly unlikely.

As you can see I moved your post to your original thread so that we can see the history in one place. I sounds like you are taking all the right steps to getting this revision done. You also have an infectious disease doctor involved in your case.

Have you followed up with HSS?
Yes Jaycy, I am following up with HSS and working to get an appointment with Dr Mathias Bostrom. Getting all of my records to him, has been difficult. As of today they have all of them and will assess my case. I am waiting anxiously to hear from them in a couple of days. If I don't hear from them, I will call them.
I am so worried that a second revision would not work with my knee, that has already had 6 surgeries and will possibly be facing new surgeries for a 2nd revision. How much can one knee take? That's why I am afraid, my knee will not hold up.
How much can one knee take?
Yes, that is a lot of surgery. But at HSS you will be in the best of hands. Please don't let your imagination run wild - hard I know. Focus on getting the appointment you need and then make a list of your questions and concerns.

Please keep us updated! And do call that surgeon's office. If they now have your information you should be able to move forward with a date for the meeting.
To get a repeat infection is my greatest fear! l had the 2 stage revision surgery for infection in April with the 2nd part done the end of June. lt was a horrible coarse. I don't know if l could go through all that again. l was given a hinged knee replacement, l understand that the tubes go half way down and up inside my leg bones. Not sure if they can even be removed, if l developed another infection! My greatest fear Good Luck to you!
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Thankyou for your replies and support. I must say I've been experiencing a lot of depression over this. In addition to all of this, my wife and I split in October 2022, I didn't see it coming. So in addition to dealing with my infected knee, I've been in the process of selling our house, splitting up our stuff and moving to a new home in Florida. Luckily I come from a big family who has been wonderful to me, but at the same time, when I am alone I just want to cry. Its hard to deal with all of these issues at the same time. But I'll keep you all posted.
Thank you so much for all of your kind support.
So sorry that you are having to deal with all of this at once, @Annie3791

I'm glad you have family support to help you through. But, you should consider getting professional help to deal with your depression because it can actually reduce your body's ability to heal. Even a short course of medication can make a huge difference. (I've been there and can attest to how much it helped me.)

We are here for you. Please keep us posted on your recovery.
I am day #24 of my Step 1 revision surgery.The OS went in and took out all the replacement hardware from 2017. My infection in my left knee was painful and pretty bad. I have antibiotic spacers in the knee and have a PICC line and I get IV antibiotics for at least 6 weeks through the PICC line, then if all looks good I switch to oral antibiotics for another 6 weeks. The OS will aspirate the knee again before agreeing to do the replacement surgery again. All the infection ( Strep Gallyotis) has to be gone. I will then go in for knee placement surgery. I live in the Chicago area and can’t speak highly enough about the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute.
It’s a long and arduous journey and I empathize with anyone who is on this road.
get IV antibiotics for at least 6 weeks through the PICC line, then if all looks good I switch to oral antibiotics for another 6 weeks
Sorry to hear of all you are going through and wishing you have a good recovery.
IV antibiotics are tough on the system. I had 4 days of IV antibiotics last week for what turned out to be Strep A septicaemia ( thankfully no sign so far that it has spread to my knee) and now home on oral antibiotics. Antibiotics make you pretty sick and washed out.
Are you taking any probiotic?
Someone here suggested it for me.
I have bought some probiotic tablets and also some sauerkraut and live yoghurt.
Looked at the kimchi but remembered I didn't much like it last time I tried it!
Probiotics probably are a good idea as the good gut flora will be pretty wiped out.
Great idea! The IV antibiotics have been tough on my gut! Off to Amazon ( website) I go. Thank you!
Hope it helps and keeps you healthy through what sounds like an arduous regime. I just know from past experience with antibiotics that I am prone to get thrush if I take them for any length of time.
I have never heard of your type of Strep before. My Strep A infection recently was pretty vicious, but my infectious disease consultant said it rarely affects joints. Mainly because it is so sudden and severe that it gets treated quickly. Just have to hope that he is right.
Hope all goes well for you.
Be careful with the vancomycin IV , l was on it as well for the same reason as you , the drug injured my kidneys , they got better a little after finishing the vanco but now l got diagnosed with CKD and was just referred to a nephrologist !
Our surgeon wanted us to get two second opinions. We had a remote 2nd opinion from Dr. Bostrom who felt that fusion or amputation would have been the likely best course as our surgeon was leaning. Had another opinion from Dr. Patrick Meere at NYU who spent close to an hour with us on the phone and because of that opinion and our surgeon decided to attempt a revision and although currently reinfected and draining still walking with the leg.
Hi Everyone, I have not posted for a while. Right now I am 2 weeks from my 2nd TKR surgery.
On the advice of staff and people from this support group, I went to the Hospital for Special Surgery for medical treatment for my second knee infection. Thank God you suggested I go there. What a difference from my local medical group!
I would highly recommend that for any of you who are having complications from knee replacement to go the Hospital for Special Surgery. They specialize with complicated cases.
After fighting an infected knee replacement for 3 years, I truly believe that I will be rid of the infection.
Thank you to this group who have given me such terrific guidance!
What good news that you have finally found good medical care! Will your next TKR be the revision of your right new or a new surgery on your left? What is the exact date of it? I will add the information to your signature for you.
On July 19, 2023 I had my third knee in my right knee. The first new right knee was 2017, 2021 right prothesis was infected with MSSA, 2021 first right knee revision, in 2022 right knee reinfected, 2023 March 13, 2013, removed infected right knee and got a spacer, On July 19, 2023 new revised knee implant.
It’s amazing how good HSS is. Thanks so much for suggesting I go there. I really believe I’m going to do very good.
I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your wonderful info. It’s been life saving for me.
You've been through so much, Annie! It is wonderful to read of your confidence in HSS. They are ranked number one in the country for the last 13 yrs, per my understanding. I believe you'll be in the best of hands there with wonderful care.

You have such a positive attitude leading up to surgery which is so encouraging. Wishing you only the best, an uneventful surgery and perfect healing this time around. I am hopeful you will share your journey with us and I am certain many will follow with interest. A great rest of the week to you!
Please notice that we have merged your newest thread with your original recovery thread. Having your recovery information contained in one place will make it easier for you to reflect back on. It is also helpful for those stopping by to be able to review your history before advising or commenting. Please post any updates, questions or concerns about your recovery here.

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