THR TomT in recovery

Ibuprofen was my go to prior to hip replacements but I have alot of reasons I decided to avoid NSAIDS
Amazingly, Tylenol worked well if taken in appropriate strength doses...after my surgery.
@TomT glad you're not going to drive to the store! In a pinch, you could sign up for Instacart-- they shop and deliver.

I am a fan of ibuprofen too. It was the only thing that came remotely near kicking the pre-op pain's rear. I take tylenol for the small joints now (doesn't help the inflammation much), but am just as concerned for my liver as I was for my kidneys. Can't win fer losin'!

A point about your walker-- I learned that one walks inside the walker, not behind it. I adjusted mine so that it was at a comfortable height for my slightly bent arms. I practised with it pre-op, too, so that I could walk confidently, erect, and head-up and only occasionally run into a door frame. :heehee: My floor was not going to suddenly develop potholes!
Mojo333, Zauberflote

Lol yes thankfully you guys talked me out if the drive. I ended getting a call from the doctor office they said it usually takes up to 6 weeks to be cleared for driving. I'm glad I'm not the only one that prefers ibuprofen, I have tried Tylenol through out my life and it never seem to bust out the inflammation in my body the way ibuprofen would. When I got home from the hospital and all the meds the hospital had me wore off. The hydrocodone they prescribed wasn't really giving me relief. I took 800 milligrams of ibuprofen and not only was my pain gone my fever as well. Today I'm gonna try using Tylenol only to see how it fairs. This morning I did wake up with pain it seems at night I keep moving my leg around and rolling into my side.

On my PT results, I'm now getting around well with a cane only. My wife said my walking is looking really good today.
I'm now getting around well with a cane only. My wife said my walking is looking really good today.

Awesome! Remember heel-toe, heel-toe...really does help with a limp if you’re still experiencing one. You’re doing great, Tom!
Enjoy the weekend. :SUNsmile:
Thank you Layla is does help alot I was just telling my wife how it almost feels like it did before the surgery today. A few more weeks from now I maybe able to walk how I did before the surgery when I had my shoe lift. I always had a rather big limp with out my shoes cause of the LLD
TomT, curious did you have the anterior or posterior replacement. I had anterior and this method allows the surgeon to replace hip without cutting any muscles, where they do have to cut muscles with posterior approach. Both procedures end up with similar results , but it’s claimed the anterior approach results in less discomfort early on. This is true on my part as I had very little pain from about day 3 on.
My good friend had posterior and had more pain for first few weeks, but now 3 weeks out he is feeling great. Just letting you know their are different routes everyone takes in recovery process, but results are worth it. Just don’t try and do too much early on and you should be fine
Hello Softtail
I had the anterior approach done to me. I think it's a bit different when they have to stretch you out a bit due to large LLD. Most of the pain I felt was in the muscles specially near my knee, I had a lot burning near that area. However the last two days I've experienced a huge recovery. Today I got out of bed and had to hold back my walking speed and remind myself I recently had major surgery because my legs felt ready to go. I just finished doing my morning PT with a cane only at this rate I may show up to my follow with the surgeon walking unaided. Well I'll still bring my cane but at least that's how I'm feeling this morning. I hope you're all having a nice weekend.
Hello all,

I just wanted to check in and let you know how my recovery is going. I'm a few days away from my two week check up with the surgeon. I'm feeling stronger every day, yesterday I went for a brief walk outside and today I woke feeling stronger. I did about 5 laps in the parking lot today and got a sweat going, not because I'm working so hard but because it's very hot in Texas. Now I'm going to wash up and sit on some ice as you guys often hilariously show me with emotticons. I had a quick question, will I have my bandage removed during the check up? And will I have to be x-rayed again? My sister has to drive me and they won't let her and my wife go in so I'm worried about them having to wait a long time outside
@TomT They will most likely remove the dressing and if you have stitches or staples those will be removed. The surgeon will check for range of motion. An x-ray is probably not needed at 2 weeks out. If you have another appointment at 6 or 8 weeks they may x-ray to check for bone growth around the implant.

Your sister and wife might want to go a wait somewhere with air conditioning if it's that hot now!
Thank you Jacey, I don't have stitches or staples they used some other method. I'm interested to see what the wound looks likes because I have very little bruising compared to what I've seen in the " show me your scar thread" actually I can't see a bruise at all around the bandage. Hopefully they won't try to move my leg side ways when they test the flexibility, I'll admit I have concentrated on that particular PT exercise, I've mainly working on walking
Hi Tom,

Sounds like it's time for Prunes and Prune Juice to get things moving again.
Something stopped my BM's for several days in a row a couple of times.
It's no fun.

TomT - at my 7 day check-up (next one at 6 weeks), they PULLED the bandages (Mediplex?) off both legs (small bandage on other leg, due to using a robot). Seriously, the lady who pulled it off, didn't hold the skin and gently separate. I jumped in to help, and that eased the pain. I just have a glue closure (?), so didn't have anything else that had to be removed.

I did have x-rays taken at this appointment, and overall I would say the appointment was between 30 - 45 minutes. I hope there is some shade or an underground parking lot where your sister and wife can wait.
Nicklepede, Pink Peony

Hello Nick, thankfully I finally got over that issue. Wow Pink Peony I wonder why your bandage came off so much sooner than mine. There isn't really covered parking hopefully my appointment will be quick like yours.

In my case they told me I could take it off as soon as needed. It was there only for the edges to not catch. Plus, I developed an allergic reaction (severe itching) to the surgical tape, so I ripped that sucker off 8 or 10 days in. This time I got glue, and was allowed to take off the big bandaid that covered it the next day to shower. They just say to not scrub it but gently wash it with your hand and pat it dry.

The dressing is more important if you have oozing/bleeding, I believe, and to stop you from messing with your stitches, like a dog with a cone of shame. :p I constantly want to scratch mine because they heal and they itch.
I don't have stitches or staples they used some other method.
Glue - better yet! It is actually a form of super glue that is now used frequently to close major surgery wounds. So much easier in recovery. Not itchy stitches and a very clean closing. They will just remove the dressing and assess the surgical wound.
I never had any real bruising with both of my hips either. I was quite happy about that. I hope your appointment is quick so no one melts in the Texas heat.
@TomT I had my first visit at 2 weeks, and it had xrays, checking incision, brief discussion of how was I doing and what to look for in the next few months. However! I waited FOREVER! I hope your entourage will just drive around in the chilled car waiting for you.
I had superglue with steristrips, and over that a special bandage that stuck much longer than I wanted it to. I also was getting a little itchy/bubbly around the edges. The superglue is nasty because it mummifies the scab under there, and you really can't pull it you don't know that you've got a handsome pink scar there.
Hope it all goes well!
Hello Zauberflote

I just called the hospital and they told me they will allow them to wait in the first floor waiting room that's nice at least. I feel like my experience has been very similar to yours because you had a short leg like me and had to experience it being lengthened. This morning I was feeling so good when I woke up I accidentally stretched my leg too hard and felt a bit of pain. I'm icing my leg and took some of the hydrocodone they prescribed me. Hopefully I'll be able to continue my PT and get this bandage off tomorrow.

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