Bilateral TKR Today is the day..... Chibigirl

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Jun 10, 2013
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I didn't get much sleep last is the day I get my new knees. I had to be at the hospital at 5:45 AM. I am here sitting here waiting
I wanted to start this thread so I can hopefully say something on here today after surgery. We shall see how it goes!
I just can't believe that I am almost here on this side! Soon no more pain but I know I have a lot of recovery to do. I got positive thoughts.
See ya when I get into recovery.
Good luck and positive thoughts and prayers your way. I am trying to get more involved here once I can log on via laptop. I look forward to reading your recovery posts. Stay strong.
:angel: We will be here for you! Keep you in our thoughts all day!
Thank you all so much. I really appreciate all the help I am getting on this wonderful forum!
I am sitting here at the hospital. I have 15 more minutes for them to take me upstairs to start prepping me. Boy do I hate IVs. Yuck!
Ok Chibigirl! The Duval Crawl it is! I'm in! You will be back here before I am today......I am still lazing around in bed. I.dont have to leave for the hospital until 11:30 this morning. I can't believe this day is finally here after at least 3 or 4 years of pain and limping around! I will be back to check on you later tonight.

Chibigirl, you need to tag yourself as a BTKR. Try to edit you profile. There was a drop down menu! You have earned the title, so use it
June 19:
Didn't get much sleep last night. Nurse told be that I had 51 mg of
Morphine in 11 hours. No wonder I am exhausted and my stomach not feeling good. They took the catherated out

I am hoping this makes sense.
ChibiGirl, welcome to the other side. You are so brave to have both done at once. :yay: please remember to use the Bonesmart mantra, rest, elevate and ice. Don't allow anyone or anything to hurt you. Slow and easy really is the way to go. Take care and ill be watching for your post. Good luck :angel:
Thanks Chickie!

Well one day after surgery, they took away the morphine and only have me on Percocet. Nurses has been busy so trying to get my medicine is hard to do. I had my PT today, consisted of walking over to my sink and to brush my teeh. And then had me walk just to the room's doorway. Then back to bed. I have two buckets with ice water going through the cuffs.
I finally got something to eat at lunch today. Last night and this morning I was sick io my stomach.
Tonight I should be having salmon and Brocilli.
I am also going to have PT this afternoon.
So far so good.....I can lift my left leg up about 3 inches. My right is a little harder.
I was practicing all last night exercising.

How are you doing Lumpy?
:) :puppysmooze: Chibigirl... You are doing wonderfully. Rest, re :SUNsmile: lax, sleep, do not worry about doing too much right now. Plenty of time for that later. I will keep you in my prayers. Let the body do its thing...Rest and that is an order!
Your friend with two new :SUNsmile: knees,
We are definitely at the same place.....and pace. Aren't you glad we are at this stage of the game?

Good morning......I am hoping everyone is doing as good as me. Well yesterday I told them that I didn't want to use the bedpan anymore. So they gave me a high toilet seat. This will make me get up often. Actually I have been getting up every hour. Just this past hour...I could almost stand up by a myself. I have been on the CPM machine....alteration every two hours. While my other leg is not in the machine I wiggle it and move it around. So far they gave me two pints of blood. I feel so much better.
I had the doctor increase my Percocet to 3 everything 4 hours. Yesterday was my first day of PT....and today I will have two sessions.
I am going great......can't complain. How is Lymphy doing?
Limpy is still a bit Limpy, but doing great too! The only blood I received was my own recirculated from loss during surgery. I did not need the pint I donated as my numbers were good......go figure! So we are day 2 post op.....I will have my bandages changed today and I am definitely sorer at least at 5:00 this morning. I have been walking to and from the bathroom since yesterday. I could not stand the bed pan as it most definitely spills some way or other on the bed. I have the cold machines, but because I have cotton and ace bandages wrapped around my legs, the cold machine won't really penetrate it. I am currently icing 24/7. Will switch to machine when bandages are off later today. I do not have com machine, just the compression machine at the moment. Today I will have ot and PT. I am hoping for a shower which should happen. The only meal I have held down was lat nights supper which consisted of: chicken tortilla soup, grilled cheese and lime green jello for dessert. I had 3 ginger ales yesterday to help with nausea. Good luck day 2
Lmuphy.....don't forget my surgery was a 7:15 am.
You are 7 hours behind me.
After PT yesterday my quads were hurting really bad. Don't know if it was PT or late getting my drugs.

Today I got spunk. I just have to be careful not to over do it. My hubby made some coffee and brought it over to the hospital. :)

I was nausead all the way til noon. It was the morphine that did it

Keep in touch.
I just got my bandages off. Not too bad!
Well, they got me up using a walker.
Walked half the Wing. It felt good but I have to learn to walk correctly.
Congrats on being done with the surgery. Are they giving you anything for the nausea?
How are you feeling now Chibigirl! I am hurting pretty good. Must have done too much today! Took 2 Norcos and am icing and in bed now!
Thursday...just three days bilateral total knee. I got up and did my PT twice. I walked around
Twice trying to get my form straight.
I got a sleeping pill Thursday evening and i decided to get you to go to they potty. My recommendation. Don't get Up! I fell done. Which gusts. They are going to discharge me today. Can't wait

How Arr u doing lymphynomores?

Can't wait TO go home.
Hello ChibiGirl...just found your thread...and wanted to welcome you to the other side!! Sounds like you are doing fantastic...and just what you should be doing just a few days after BTKR. Take it easy...take it slow. You'll find those baby knees of yours can be real stinkers. They will feel good enough to go go go...then later on in the evening they'll be crying because you overdid it. So follow Bonesmart advice..Rest/Elevate/Ice/Meds and for the first few weeks you'll find that your biggest complaint is that you're bored of sitting/laying around. But that's that bone on bone pain...and you'll be up in no time! :egypdance:
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