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When I’m walking, especially downhill but not exclusively, my knee isn’t moving smoothly.
I experienced this as well. It went away eventually, but I can't really tell you when. The only thing I did was to concentrate on walking with a fluid heel-toe motion.

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Thanks @benne68. I guess I should have just asked if anyone else experienced the same - I know there’s no real timeline for much of this recuperation since it’s so individual.
Hi….I had a left knee revision June 8, 2022, original implant was put in too loose. I cannot walk for more than 20 min, painful walking, also I still cannot sit comfortably for very long, still move from chair to chair at home. My exercise is swimming and recumbent bike at the gym 4 or 5 days a week. My knee is very stiff and my lower leg is painful..I was told by my surgeon that recovery would take longer and be more painful than the original surgery, (12/9/19) and he was right. I am trying every day to be positive
How are you doing?
Hi @grey j, that all sounds very familiar. I still use the cane if I walk for much distance or around a lot of people. Walking is going much better than it was but still painful at times. I have the limp that I can’t get rid of. I can walk some without limping but it comes back when I’m tired or my knee is hurting. It gets stiff if it’s in the same position for very long - sitting, lying down, standing. I’m honestly not doing much exercise except for ADLs which is enough most days. My flexion and extension haven’t gotten much better for awhile. My surgeon told me the same - longer, more painful recovery. I’m just glad it’s getting better, even if it’s slow going. It never got better after the last surgery! I stay positive as much as possible, the negative thoughts don’t help me or anyone. That doesn’t mean I’m never discouraged or have a bad day now and then, though.

I hope things continue to improve for you! We’ll get there. I’m expecting it to take a year or longer for full recovery. It sure would be nice if I’m wrong and it doesn’t take that long!
It has been awhile so here’s an update…I am walking almost exclusively without the cane now! Yay! I keep it by the bed for morning as my knee is stiff and painful for the first minute or so that I walk. After that, I’m walking without it (and much of the time without a limp).

I had a great PT appointment yesterday with a breakthrough that helped me walk better. My PT gave feedback that allowed me to stop a bad habit that was causing the limp. It still comes back if I’m very tired or my knee is hurting. However, I had been walking a short period of time normally and then started limping again. Now it’s opposite. There is still a lot of work to do but I feel so much better about everything now.

I’m five months out and I think it’s time to concentrate on building the muscles back up. Until now, I’ve been concentrating on function. Any advice on how to approach this? My PT has had me doing exercises for muscle building for awhile but I haven’t been doing any of them at home as I felt my knee and leg just weren’t ready. Should I continue to be cautious or am I far enough out from surgery that I should start to push myself?

Thanks in advance for any feedback or advice. I hope you are all continuing to improve and moving toward total recovery!
Should I continue to be cautious or am I far enough out from surgery that I should start to push myself?
Don't ever push - it's counterproductive. Take the slow and steady approach. Yes, do the strengthening exercises if they are not painful. Ease into anything new and build up slowly. Works every time!
@Jaycey thanks! I tend to go all or nothing so I wanted to know the smartest approach.
Hi all, it has been awhile! I’m walking on my own exclusively now. Things are going very well. I still have a long way to go in terms of muscle tone but the pain has improved beyond what I expected. I only have pain associated with stiffness or weather these days. I hope you’re all having lots of progress!
So glad to hear you're doing well! That stiffness/tightness after sitting (or doing anything too long) is so irritating, but I'll take it over pain any day.
Hi everyone, I have questions regarding rom and end range movement. I’m gradually getting more range of motion but I still can’t raise my leg all the way to horizontal when I’m sitting. I think this has to do with muscle strength. I also still have a noticeable lag if I have my leg straight out with support and the support is removed. Let me explain a little further. If I’m sitting and push my leg up with my other foot then move my foot, I can’t hold my surgical leg straight. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, did it improve over time? I’d appreciate any feedback and/or pointers on things to do to improve this. Thanks!
It sounds like a muscle strength issue if there is no pain. Do you have any back or hip issues on that side that might also explain it though? I have lumbar disc issues, worse on the surgical side roots and it would pull on my back a bit with this exercise.
For glute/ leg strength I do a 20 minute daily class that my Pilates teacher ( who is truly excellent) has put on YouTube free. If you put Katja pilates glutes into YouTube it will come up. It is a routine for post knee injury and I find it really helpful. She has a load of free videos on YouTube.
@EalingGran thanks! I do have a bit of an issue on the surgical side in my lower back/hip. It is painful when I try to get the leg fully straight but I think it’s muscular pain. I’ll check out the Pilates video you referenced.
Curious if anyone else has had issues with end range extension. I posted a question about it but only got one response. I’m wondering if this is likely to resolve with time or if I’ll just have to live with not being able to straighten my leg all the way. It has to do with being able to straighten it with muscle strength, not just getting it flat as in 0 degrees. Any input appreciated.
My extension came in slower than my bend, too. What helped me the most was to walk with a longer stride than was normal for me, with a heel-to-toe stride. This stretches out those huge muscles. This doesn't stretch them out quickly, but it does by using our own body weight to do it.
@sistersinhim I have good extension in general. However, I can’t extend to straight with my own muscle strength. I have a lag of at least 5 degrees. I’ll try to explain; if I sit with my legs bent at 90 and extend my leg, I can’t get to flat. I can only get to around 5-10 degrees. My leg just won’t go there. If I sit on the floor and extend my leg, I get to around 2 degrees, almost flat. I can push down on it and get it to 0 degrees. I’m just curious why I can’t straighten it with my muscles. This is hard to explain so I hope that makes sense.
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Oh, sorry, I was confused. What does your OS think about it? It's very possible as your quads strengthen that your leg will pull up all the way. Is this causing you any problems or are you doing OK otherwise?
@sistersinhim I’m doing well otherwise, much better than I expected based on my last surgery! I don’t remember what my OS said about it, not sure I remembered to ask. I won’t see him again for months. My PT said it may get better or there may always be a lag, hard to say. It is better than it was a few months ago so I’m hopeful. I was hoping maybe sometime here has had this issue and could give me insight. I’m trying very hard to be grateful for what I have and not worry about what I don’t!
I think since it is improving that there is hope that it will continue to improve even more!
Hi All, I’m going to ask the question again - has anyone dealt with inability to straighten the leg all the way using your own muscles? I have a lag that I can’t overcome and I’m wondering if anyone has figured out how to get rid of said lag. I’ll try to post a picture to help explain. Babysitting the grands, excuse their mess:heehee:


As you can see, the left leg is straight but I can’t straighten the right one all the way. I walk okay, no limp, but I think I would walk even better if I could straighten my leg all the way.

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