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TKR on Dec 28th

Discussion in 'Knee Replacement Pre-Op Area' started by missyfit13, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. missyfit13

    missyfit13 new member
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    Dec 6, 2017
    United States United States
    Hi everyone,

    I'm 73, female, and going in for TKR on December 28th. I belong to Kaiser and they have an enhanced recovery program. That means if I pass all the tests after surgery, I will be sent home same day (in at 6:00am and out by 4:00pm). I'm a bit nervous about coming home the same day because my husband will be helping me and his health is not super great.

    My main concern is getting to the bathroom at night for the first night. I will not use a commode because my little dog and big dog sleep in our room and I'm afraid they may topple it. Also I will have trouble emptying it and won't ask hubby to do that. So I've decided to use Depends at night for a short while till I get comfortable. My bathroom is attached to the bedroom, not too far, but it is small. I have a high toilet, and wonder if I should still borrow my son's toilet riser he used when he had hip replacement. I also thought I should invest in some handles that go around the sides of the toilet to help me get up and down. Thoughts?

    I have a recliner that is powered. The leg rises separate from the back so I can sit upright and raise the leg, but the therapist says recliners are not good because the heel can go past the end of the leg rise. Any input on that? I have a camp chair that is straight backed and I have a chair cushion that brings the seat up. I can use that and a stool or ottoman also. I hate to invest in furniture I will have no use for later. So sorry this is long. Looking forward to your input.


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