Knee Infection* TKR Infection 2 Years Out

We had our new knees about the same time and I am about where you are. I also have clunking and crunching and kneecap pain. I also hope to one day be able to walk around. I try to focus on the little progressions, like less pain. Hang in there!
I have been dealing with an infection on my knee for about 2 weeks now. I am on Keflex 500 mgs 4 times a day now since Sunday. Doctor saw me in the hospital yesterday. Blood work cam back ok so they sent me home. When I got home it opened up. What a mess. I am in contact with the surgeon each day, sending pictures. I just saw him on Thursday for a 4 mo. check and he did not put me on antibiotics at that time, when it was not as bad. It is painful, but feels better now that it is open. I have to keep it covered in gauze; it it draining some during the day and night. I am 2 attaching photos; one yesterday before it opened and the second is after. Anyone ever see anything like this and know what could have caused it? My incision was completely healed and looked great. This is actually above the incision. I see the surgeon on Friday, but I am still quite worried especially now that i is opened. If you loook carefully at the second picture, you can see there is a hole. Thank you for any help.


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That looks like something is wrong. Do you have an infection specialist? I'm glad you're seeing your doctor on Friday. Please let us know what he says. We are here for you.
@sistersinhim Yes, I know something is wrong but no one is telling me what. Like I said, yesterday, at the doctor's request, I traveled into Manhattan, (I live on Long Island, where his office is), to see him because he was there doing surgery. I had my surgery at that hospital. I saw 2 doctors there, my surgeon never saw me. He told me to be there at 11:00 specifically , between surgeries. This is the same doctor who did not come to see me after the surgery either that day or the next. I am getting quite fed up with him. If I do not feel at ease on Friday, I will go see an infection/wound specialist. I actually went to my local emergency room on Sunday night because I was so worried. After waiting 5 hours, the doctor there said they wouldn't treat me because I had surgery on that knee 4.5 months ago.
I have no fever and the knee is not compromised or swollen.
I would make sure someone takes this seriously. Maybe call your GP tomorrow for advice? It may just be a simple sore, but you want to be sure. I don’t know all that much about a sore like this, so I did report your post with the photos so it would be seen quicker by other staff members, who have more experience with such things than I do.
I do know thw
Hi. I had my LTKR on Oct. 13th, 2020. I have had a very rough road with pain and swelling. I had the knee aspirated a couple of weeks ago.
I’ve taken this quote from your very first post of this thread. In the beginning of your thread we talked a lot about the PT you were having when you first joined. Is that what your rough road and pain was? Why was your knee aspirated? If you’ve already written about this, please refresh my memory.
@TKRsharon .... is the area that opened up where you had done the massage on what you thought was a hematoma? You definitely deserve some attention from your surgeon and answers as to what is going on and what his treatment plan is. If he's not inclined to bring in an infection specialist, be assertive or just engage one yourself. That's the best way to ensure that you are on top of whatever is going on. Try not to worry. I know that's much easier said than done. Even if it is an infection, quick response by people who deal with them all the time will ensure that you'll come though it okay.

I didn't see a mention that anyone took a swab of the drainage fluid. Was that done either at the ER or in your surgeon's office? It may be something you need to insist on for your own peace of mind.
@Jockette Yes, I had the knee aspirated early in my recovery. There was a lot of swelling. It took me a while to realize that the pain and swelling was caused by very rough PT. I had taken a break from the PT and then found someone else and went to him for a while. I was basically seen by his assistant, who was not a PTA. I do some exercises at home and walk each day. I have not gone to PT for a while as I feel there were no goals set and my main issue was gait which I am working on by myself. I have been doing well. ROM is great and extension is 0. Pain and swelling are minimal. I ice and elevate when I need to. I take Tylenol extra strength when needed.

This thing on my leg just appeared. I initially thought it was because I was massaging a small lump I felt under the skin - it was not anything you could see on the outside. Like I said, the knee had been completely healed and the scar was beautiful. The doctor at the hospital said I did not cause it to happen. It just seems like a coincidence. I developed what looked like 3 small blood blisters. Two of them started to get better and then the one in the picture started to grow.

Like I said, I saw doctors at the hospital for orthopedic surgery yesterday. Since blood work was very good, they did not perform any procedure, they sent me home with instruction to see the OS Friday. It opened up when I got home. What came out was a bit lighter than blood, but not puss. I called the surgeon immediately. he told me to put gauze on it, and wrap it with a bandage. I sent him a picture of it this am and will do so again tomorrow am. I am very concerned. Thank you for passing this along. I will call my GP in the morning too.
@Jockette - there was no swab taken as it has not opened and the doctors at the hospital decided not to touch it and drain it. They did do a lot of blood work. They were impressed that the knee is not swollen or compromised.
I’m glad they did a lot of blood work. I would think if there’s a problem, it will show up in those tests.
@Jockette - I thought maybe what I was feeling was scar tissue. I have a terrible habit of picking, pocking and prodding anything. It was most likely nothing at all.
Scar tissue gets blamed for a lot of things that it isn’t. I don’t really think you can feel “scar tissue” from the outside.

When do they expect to get the results back from the bloodwork?
@Jockette Yes, the doctor said the blood work good news - the infection is not systemic. I am still so worried. I think I already said that I am on 500 mgs of Keflex every 6 hours, since Sunday. I am just worried as I know not all antibiotics work on all infections. I just looked at it and it looks a bit better. Its just looks deep and raw. No puss, but a light pink discharge , probably from rubbing. It only hurts when I walk, and it rubs.
Sorry for taking so much of your time, but like I said, I am so concerned.
Thank you so much
While I don't presume to answer for Jockette @TKRsharon, if we were worried about you taking up our time, we wouldn't be part of the BoneSmart staff. We are here to provide advise and support for anyone that needs it, and depending upon your recovery you might need more or less support. We WANT to be able to support you, so you never need to worry about asking too many questions or taking up too much of anyone's time. :flwrysmile:
You are not taking “so much of our time,” as @FCBayern said, this is what we’re here for. :console2:

I would be concerned, too. Call your GP tomorrow and ask for an infectious disease doctor to look at it and advise you. Better safe than sorry.
I agree with the advice you've already had.
Although the photos look nasty, it does look as though this is only a superficial infection and not likely to have affected the knee replacement itself.

I'm glad you're taking antibiotics, but I second the advice to get an infectious diseases doctor involved in your treatment.
Thank you @Celle - I sent pictures to the surgeon this morning. I also suggested I see a specialist. He said he will see it on Friday and see. It does not have pus, which is good, I guess. I guess the fact that my blood does not show sign of infection is good. Antibiotics are wreaking havoc with my gut, but that's ok as long as they are doing their job. I am taking a probiotic, but so much for that. I have not slept in 2 nights and today I was up, showered, hair washed and blown and dressed at 4;30 am.
Thank you everyone for your support.

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