Reverse Shoulder Replacement Tip of shoulder sharp pain lifting arm


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Mar 15, 2023
Durango, Colorado
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Hello everybody
My laptop has been down so I have not been able to post until now
Today is my sixth day since my surgery and all has gone very well
I had a reverse total shoulder replacement on my right arm, my primary arm.
I am slowly getting used to using my left arm for everything and so far its been okay.
I had him wearing the Breg slingshot 3
I have been using the Nice1 ice machine which has been absolutely incredible.
When the company sent the tech over with it to set it up and they added a pint of water and a little bit of alcohol and sealed it since then until I turn it in I will never have to add anything.
When you turn it on it has a checklist that tells you that everything is okay water as there hoses connected then you set how cold you want from 1-5 I have been doing 3 and 4 then you said what compression you want everywhere from off low medium or high I been doing medium compression pending set constant or intermittent I been using intermittent so it compresses and releases then you can set your time you can do a manual or preset like 20 minutes 1 time 20 minutes of rest time 20:40 30:30 and more.
Once you confirm your selections you select Start and it begins then you dim the display as it is very bright
I have been doing the elephant trunk hangs and that is about it on my shoulder.
Showers have been good and sleep has been good
No pain other than if I move it wrong.
My first checkup is next Monday the 22nd which is my postop checkup.
Family and friends have been by to make sure I do not do something I should not be doing and i have been following the instructions to the T.
I will be posting more now that I got my laptop working and let everyone know how it is going.
Have a great day!
What a wonderful update and so good to see this.
Sounds like everything is going well for you. Shoulder replacements sound so intimidating but I know several people who were pleasantly surprised with their recoveries and hope you continue to do well with yours also.

That ice machine sounds super, especially the slight compressions.
Congratulations on your brand new shoulder!
Welcome to the other side @Markieamark ! Sounds like you are already headed in the right direction with this recovery. Well done!

Please keep us updated!
Family and friends have been by to make sure I do not do something I should not be doing and i have been following the instructions to the T.
Glad to hear you have a posse to help you with your recovery. Keep things slow and steady!
Boy am i jealous!
Your equipment alone tells me you have a progressive sports med clinic that is used to athletes. I thought my surgeon was that way but maybe not. He is one of the docs for olympic team but he is more conservative than i expected.There was not a good cooling recommendation. In other words he works in a smaller VT hospital and i am guessing the crappy ice pack they gave me has to do with saving dollars.Next time i have surgery i am flying out to your place!! haha great news for you that things are going so well!!
I am having what I'm wondering if its related but swollen feet and legs.
I have messaged my Dr. and am waiting for a reply.
Big bruise in lower calf just showed up as well
@Markieamark I'll be interested to see what your surgeon says about swollen legs and feet plus bruise. Sure does not sound like something that should happen with a shoulder replacement. Hip or knee - yes; shoulder - ummm don't know why that would happen. Unless it was from you just being in one position for the length of time it took to do the surgery.
They want to wait overnight and see how it goes. might have been cause i sat so much after surgery and now i actually feel better. I have ben wearing compression socks and it has helped.
I will post in the AM as to how it is doing.
As per the bruising, they state that is normal. I put some Arnica gel on it to help.

Hope all is well! Early days for you. Slow and steady!
I had my total reverse rotator cuff surgery on May 10th and all has been good until last week - not sure what I did and PT's not sure but I have a sharp pain when trying to lift my arm in front of me right on the tip of my left shoulder. When I do PT and they fully relax my arm and stretch, there's no pain but if I try to lift it hurts.
Going back in today for PT and will have them really look at it and see if I need to see the Dr. on this - not getting any better after 5 days.

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