THR Recovery: dealing with your recovery time.


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Apr 15, 2008
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The morbid word....Recovery, or rehabilitation.

When someone gets a surgery or has a accident in which requires surgery or a long recovery....they know, without a doubt there will be a long rehabilitation process.

The hardest part about rehab is thinking that you have to rehab. There is many times in which you feel lazy or down on yourself because the tremendous pressure you endure on the recovery. This is a bad thing, there is a time you do worry, it is life...regardless of who you are, everyone worries about such a major stepping stone in life which is surgery. But do not worry to the point in which you lose sleep, when you lose sleep, you lose control of your body, your brain reacts and shuts down the Drive that you need in order to be as happy as one can be when they are going through a time some would call "Hell".

In most cases, a surgery is a good thing...In others it might not be, I am only 20 and I have already had 3 unsuccessful surgeries that only caused more problems.

Now, dealing with your recovery time...I found this works the best.

1. Occupy your time, do NOT get bored, when you get bored you contemplate things in your head, usually bad outcomes or hurt thoughts. This leaves a big mark on the mental aspect of recovering, and could hurt you in the future process of rehabilitation.

2. Never quit on yourself. I am young, but I have eyes...I always see people who go through a serious manner like they had just been shot in the heart. "Oh, it is useless". There is a realization that going through anything that is difficult is very hard on someone. If you have a sense in which you wish it would all go away, your brain is triggered and it tries to compress the feelings you would have that would push you to recover quicker. As i have said before, the mental aspect is majority in rehabilitation.

And the last point I will make, is probably the most important.

4. Even in pain, in recovery, in the part of your life where you think nothing could be the fact that you are able, and you are alive. Enjoy every single minute you can do something you may have not been able to do before. Jump at the fact that you can walk again. Praise the fact that you can finally get in and out of a vehicle without having to manoeuvre your body 20 times over. Cherish the fact that no matter how bad a situation can be, you know with your mind and soul that you will overcome anything.

The recovery does not happen by the snap of your fingers. You are the recovery and you determine how it will go. I wish everyone the best of luck in their recovery, or a loved one's recovery. Since it is the only thing holding you back from making your life a greater, funnier, more exciting experience.


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