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:mcoffee:Good Early Morning (here across the pond)

Hope you are doing well and the weather is good where you are.:SUNsmile:
We are in full summer mode in the southeast with the real feel temps in the mid-90's F.

Hope your Tuesday is sweet!
Tuesday is going well so far although the lovely weather we’ve been having seems to have disappeared. I was a bit nervous about how I would feel today after walking nearly 8000 steps yesterday and my last Hydrotherapy session (the last one sent me into the ODIC) but all’s well and my walking asymmetry is down to 70% this morning. I have an appointment with a Physio this morning with a view to starting her Pilates class - this is the assessment so she knows where I am. I’m hoping to go regularly to improve my overall strength and flexibility. My son has been home from Vietnam for a couple of weeks and we are having a family get together this afternoon to say Goodbye. He’s not even up yet (10:30am) having returned yesterday from a fun weekend with friends. I guess the next 48 hours are going to be a bit of a trial so he needs to get all the sleep that he can.
Physio for Pilates appointment went well and I’ve got to practise the five core parts of it as well as getting down onto my hands and knees and up again. I hadn’t tried that before today but I managed ok using the bed and a chest of drawers.
The Hydrotherapy has finished for the time being and I have felt great ever since.
Averaging 5000+ steps a day, 2.2 miles and my asymmetry is definitely in a downward trajectory generally although it spikes up again as I get tired.
Sleeping on the non OS with a pillow is fine but on the OS isn’t, yet. Still it’s good to feel the sense of being able to move about a bit more to get comfortable.
Next step is getting from kneeling on floor to sitting and back up again. Can’t quite work out the organisation for that but I do remember watching a video a while ago that might help me with that.
Onwards and upwards.
Hope everyone’s having a good day.
However, this evening I am having some small shooting pains in the heel of my foot on the non-operated side. The physio yesterday said my knees grumbling might be because they are taking more of the pressure while I’m still limping and I wonder if this heel thing is the same. Maybe early plantar fascitis.
I think maybe a couple of less energetic days are called for with shorter walks, not getting overtired and concentrating on walking properly rather than distance.
Any other advice welcome.
Yes, I agree with your idea of taking it easier for a few days. I so hope that it isn't the beginnings of plantar fasciitis.

Making certain that you're walking properly is a huge factor. I am too lazy to read back a few pages and to refresh my memory but are you using a walking aid? Cane?
Another thought is the Pilates, maybe it's causing some overstretching or some other pressure onto the left foot and leg? Just something to be aware of. I guess you will know if it pings again after your next session.

Happy resting! :elevate::swoon: <--- too dramatic but they gave me a giggle..

:bath:<---- maybe this one is better, if exiting a tub is doable.
@CricketHip Haven’t attempted a bath yet. Thank goodness for a walk-in shower. It wouldn’t have been the Pilates, it was only an introduction. And yes, I am still using a walking stick for a limp so I think it is overdoing the walking while my body isn’t yet fully in synch. I hope it sorts itself out with a couple of less strenuous days and maybe some swimming instead of walking. Love the gifs. I don’t seem to have access to them any more.
Can you smiley face at the top of the post @Gloucestergal65 ? Screenshot_20230607-175221.png
@Mojo333 - I was able to access the gifs through the smiley face at the top but now, although I can see it, it is grey and doesn’t work for some reason.
Checking on this for you....
Just come back from a short walk (0.64mile) using one stick and concentrating on heel toe walking. Asymmetry 70% - not brilliant but on its way down. Minor grumbling from heel but not as much as yesterday so I’m going to try this for a few days and see how it goes.
I think that's a good plan:walking: and I hope the weather is nice!

When you look at the row of icons, the first one is brackets [ ]
Maybe that one is highlighted in blue?
Click on it and see if it deselects and your others come back.
Walking asymmetry down to 60% yesterday and 12% today so the shorter concentrated walking is helping.
I read an article by a podiatrist saying the three show he/she would never wear - flip flops (I love flip flops although I haven’t been wearing them during my recovery), stilettos (that’s fine by me) and Skechers loafers (I love my Skechers loafers which I bought to recover in as I could put them on by myself). Now I’m wondering whether they are contributing to the plantar fascitis?:rotfl:
I actually love my Croc flops... wore them when I wasn't barefootin through Summer recovery... weird how some shoes don't seem to work now.
I say, whatever works...
I can now get down in the floor, get into a sitting position, lie down, roll over and repeat in reverse. The reverse is a bit tricky but the bed and the chest of drawers help. If only I could take them out with me.
First proper swim today (other than Hydrotherapy and Acqua Aerobics). Backstroke, front crawl, walking and cycling. Only twenty minutes, I forgot my goggles or I might have stayed longer.
I also booked a gym induction session.
Still averaging 2.2 miles walking a day 5000+ steps) but it’s hot here in the UK this afternoon so I have retreated indoors.
Asymmetry about 30% today. It seems to better when I walk with one stick rather than two.
All feeling very positive as I approach 6 months in two days time. :thankyou: Thanks for all the support.
Feeling shattered this evening. Ready for bed at 5:15! Maybe the swimming took more out of me than I thought. Also feeling some pins and needles around incision area for the first time in ages. Maybe I woke up some nerves this morning. Nothing a cold beer and an early night won’t fix.
Walking asymmetry 90% after a short gym session on the bike followed by Acqua Aerobics.
Walking asymmetry 0% after a short walk this evening.
I guess the difference between being tired and not.
Anyway, in the three years I’ve had this phone, it has never been 0% and I guess it means I wasn’t limping at all. Still using one stick though but it’s all going in the right direction. :spin:
@Gloucestergal65 no shame in still using a stick if it helps your gait. I used mine for quite some time as I had been limping for quite a while prior to surgery.

The swimming could have very well taken it out of you. Its so, so easy to overdo when in the water. It just feels so wonderful and any lingering aches and pains just seem to melt away. Unfortunately we also don't feel the signs that we're overdoing until after we get out. Have to say I've done that myself and had to lay back for a while. :swim:

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