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I think I was a bit enthusiastic earlier this week, not feeling quite so positive today. Maybe a touch of the ODICs. Hey ho. Just to remind me of the wriggly line to recovery. I have had quite a busy day sorting out years of accumulated junk so although I haven’t walked far, I have managed to get on with things. Now for a bit of R and R. A film? A book? A nap? Hard to decide.
Do you all have Netflix in the UK @Gloucestergal65? My son made me watch All Quiet on the Western Front with him (I hate war movies generally), and it’s SO good (so gutting, so devastating, so oddly relevant despite being about WWI). If you’re in the mood for a saga, I highly recommend. (Watch it in German with English subtitles for best effect.) The music, cinematography, and sound design are STUNNING… I watched hours of sound and composition BTS videos after I watched the film, because they were so artfully done I just wanted to hear more.

On the flip side, my 17 YO also made me watch The Hangover last night (I also hate bro movies), and 20 min in I had to admit I was wrong. It’s SO DAMNED FUNNY. (This was on HBO for us, not sure what you all have access to.) A couple of recommends for an evening of R&R!
@LaKarune I do have Netflix, i also took out a subscription to MUBI (4 months for £4). I did look at All Quiet on the Western Front but I haven’t quite managed to watch it yet. A bit heavy going, I’m more in need of light entertainment so maybe I’ll give The Hangover a go.
Just finished Queen Charlotte on Netflix. If you enjoyed Bridgerton you will enjoy it.
Shows how Charlotte became Queen, plus goes back and forth with characters from Bridgerton series.
I love the clothes.
Five and a half months post op. 17 days after my incident with the shower door and my heel/ankle has finally stopped oozing today and yesterday. I’ve been missing pool time at Hydrotherapy and Aqua Aerobics so hopefully I’ll get back to them soon.
The sun is shining and my son returns home from Vietnam for a two week holiday today so I’ve been busy clearing space for him after we emptied the attic into his room!
Still averaging 1.5 miles a day and went on a country walk Monday evening in rougher, hillier ground which was fine. Now that the weather is so lovely I need to do more walking in green spaces. My neighbourhood has been/ is fine and I often see my neighbours and stop for a chat but nature is calling.
Still using a stick or two when out because the limp is still there. Still a sort of muscular discomfort around the new hip but not pain as such.
And the numb fingertip has moved and the numbness is now in the side of the finger at the first joint. Weird.
Hello GG,
Thankfully your heel / ankle is improving! I hope you have a wonderful time creating new memories with your son while he's home.

Glad to read you're still using a cane as long as you're limping. Don't forget heel-toe walking.
This involves striking the ground with your heel first, then rolling through your heel to your toe, and pushing out of the step with your toe. It takes a concentrated effort, but you'll notice a difference. :yes:

Have great rest of the week!
My walking asymmetry.
At least it is finally starting to show some improvement. @MissFanny


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You found it! My daughter had to dig, too. Mine popped up on my homepage the other day or I may have never noticed it.

HUGE improvement in your walking asymmetry! That is fantastic. Congratulations! :wowspring:
I'm over a year post op and some days my asymmetry is a little high, especially when I first get up. Going for MRI on back tomorrow, let's see what else can possibly be breaking down??? LOL! :heehee:
Feeling very tired today and consequently a bit down. I don’t know how long the energy drain lasts but I would have thought by now that would have passed. At nearly six months post op.
I hope you feel rested and energized soon. I think lethargy is one of the worst parts of this recovery. I am used to being the energizer bunny. Oh wait, energizer bunny may not mean anything to a Brit. Not sure if you have the same commercials as we do. :heehee:
Have started to experiment with sleeping positions again. Always a recovery position sleeper on either side before surgery. I tried side sleeping on non operated leg with a pillow between my legs and woke up with an aching shoulder. I tried the same on the operated side and it is too tender. Maybe the firm mattress that I like is partly responsible. So back to the back sleeping and occasional backache. Luckily I don’t have any trouble getting a full eight hours or more these days. A bit concerned about the need for a nap as well but hey ho, at least I can if I need to.
Hope all you other bone smarties are getting on ok. It’s going to be a long haul I think.

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