Knee Infection* The Story of My Knees Part 1

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Re: The Story of My Knees

Hope you feel better! Happy Easter. It is nice to hear about your faith in God, now we think that we are recommended by you. Now I will tell God, "hey, I am Sonja's friend, take care of mom, and all bonesmarties" :th_heehee:
Re: The Story of My Knees

Glad your feeling better Sonja. I use pedialyte when I get that kind of flu. It helps a lot. I had that stuff last month. Got my best flexion yet after that a 127! Wouldn't recommend that for swelling though. That is really awesome about your flexion. Your doing so well. God is good!!!

LTKR 12/06/2010
Re: The Story of My Knees

Hello, Pilar! It is so nice to hear from you!

Don't worry, God is already taking care of your Mom and you both! :biggrin:

Happy Easter to you also, and how is your Mom doing?

Thank you for always thinking of me and checking in to see how I am doing! The BoneSmart family is the best and I couldn't imagine not having all of you in my life!:wink1:

Take care my friend!

Re: The Story of My Knees

Hi Donna,

God is Good! To think that I just squatted down without even thinking about it is amazing to me! (Getting back up without using my hands was pretty amazing also.:th_heehee:)

Katie my killer PT has worked me slowly but steadily up to these terrific points that I am reaching! When I hear horror stories about PT's I just cringe. Katie knows my limitations, but she also knows what I can do. She is terrific!

Thanks for the info on the pedalyte! I will have to get some if this horrible stuff comes back to get me again. Right now I am feeling much better!:biggrin:

Re: The Story of My Knees

Thank you so much Diane! PT with Killer Katie is getting easier all of the time even though she is upping the intensity!:yahoo:

Happy Easter to you also and I hope things are going well for you!:biggrin:
Re: The Story of My Knees

Sonja, I am totally amazed at all you are able to do. You are one determined lady and I have no doubt that you are going to be just fine!!! Your "squat" story is something else!!!
Re: The Story of My Knees

Jamie, God is using me in such amazing ways! I am no longer worried about if I have enough ROM, or anything like that! I know that I have plenty when I can squat and have my butt very close to my feet!:th_heehee: Katie was so impressed! (I think that translates into more exercises):th_heehee:

I have learned one thing about myself during this whole ordeal; I can't do anything without God, but once I surrender to his will I am able to do almost anything and I enjoy life so much more! :yahoo:

Happy Easter Jamie!:prayer1:
Re: The Story of My Knees

Stopping by to see how you are doing. Happy to hear your feeling better :biggrin:
When you were writing to me I was writing to you!:biggrin:

Yes, I am feeling better, and I hope you get to feeling better too! I can tell you stress from a lot of areas, made me very sick for a long time and now I am so much better! I am praying for you about your situation with you and your husband! I have been praying about our marriage and it has gotten better. Not perfect, but better!:wink1:

Re: The Story of My Knees one has a "perfect" marriage. Sometimes "better" is really, really good.
Re: The Story of My Knees

I knew that when I was typing about the "perfect" marriage myth. I must say that Pat and I had a long talk and he asked me if I wanted to relocate. He told me he wouldn't get upset either way, so I told him that I didn't want my Mom to be without either my sister or I. My sister is 5 1/2 hours away, and I would have been 9 hours away in Oklahoma.
We are buying a second, smaller house in the town where he works so he can crash there when he is too tired to come home. That is acceptable to me as I can always drive over there.
We are getting it cheap, it is a HUD home but it is very nice. The previous owners took the appliances, but we are buying a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with double garage for 85,000. We will have the carpets pulled, new flooring put in, and painting done and it will be ready.:biggrin:
Re: The Story of My Knees

Hi RestAssured! I've been going through most of your thread and it's amazing how much you have improved! Yeah for you! Keep up the good work! Happy Easter to you! Do you know if there is a room for the people that can't sleep? I went to bed at Midnight and up at 2:30.
Re: The Story of My Knees

Hey Sonja, hope you are enjoying the "buying a home" therapy. For us its been a fairly stressful process, losing one chain of buyers just before Christmas and now so close to moving I can touch it - 11th May our completion date providing nothing happens before then! Your new place sounds great, and great value, because of the problem here with the banks and the interest rates being so low, we have decided to buy a second home and let it which will give us a better income than leaving the money in an account paying the very best rate here of 3.05% which is so poor and the monthly return is abysmal.

You seem to have solved your problem with your mum, and its great that you are going to be able to be closer to her. My son is literally 3 roads away from where we are going to live, and he can't wait to have us closer to him.

Good luck Sonja, following your progress all the way, and keep us posted of when you move etc. Your knees sound amazing now, God bless you (oh I forgot he already has). Long may it continue:ccheers:
Re: The Story of My Knees

Hi Govslug! I am so glad you have had a chance to read most of my thread! My healing has been nothing short of a miracle from God! As 3 OS doctors (1 being a world renowned revisionist) have said, "there is no way for MRSA to simply leave a metal prosthesis! It will have to be replaced!" Well the Greatest Physician of all had other plans and healed me instead!:yes 4: He said "I am going to continue to follow your case!" :th_heehee: He is a little shocked right now.

Happy Easter to you also!

The Social Room might be buzzing for the non-sleepers!:wink1: I'm am a late owl, and then sometimes like last night I was getting over the last of the flu, so I had to have something to do between trips to the restroom!:biggrin:
Re: The Story of My Knees

The smaller second house sounds like an excellent compromise, Sonja. Good for you guys for working that out.
Re: The Story of My Knees

Hi Sonja...I am jealous of you....a full! I have been following your story and I think you should be the Poster Person for TKR. You have been through so much and have such a wonderful attitude. The second house sounds great, better than moving. For two years my hubby worked in Maryland and we live in NJ so I found him a room with a private bath to rent on Craigslist. It all worked great...left on Monday AM and home on Friday. Great idea to buy a nice second home so he can stay over. :thumb:
Re: The Story of My Knees

Awww shucks!:blush:

Thank you so much for your kind words Jersychick! God has blessed me and I am so greatful for what He has done!
I feel great and I went to work out today (on my own):hate-shocked: doing squats! Katie would have been so impressed! :hysterical: I rode the bike and did other stuff, but I always give her a hard time about doing the squats!:snork:

Yes, the second house is going to work out quite nicely! We are going to fix up the "new" house, and then we are going to move all of the furniture out of our big house and finally get all of the renovations done that Pat has been promising since we got married! My swim spa will even installed after 5 years!:biggrin:

Life is great! I am feeling great again and ready to get back to PT!
Re: The Story of My Knees

Sounds great Sonja, but can I please ask what a swim spa is please. It sounds as though it could be a big help in recuperating the knees, and if getting your new home enables you to get this installed then you must be very happy.

Good luck in your new venture, and post piccies of your swim spa when it is ready.
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