TKR The Knees and Me - staged

Forgetting the walker is a wonderful sign! Your DH put it perfectly. Yep, you're in the Doing Time stage.

Ice cream and something trashy sound like a great plan!
LOL, @rubyyarn, ain't that the truth! Following this line of thought, I wonder what our *crime* was? Just curious; hah!
I guess during those first weeks when we feel we've made a BIG mistake...and we are in time-out. We can contemplate our sins, but we still have to do the time.

Frankly, given the chance, I would not go back to the way it was. I have the chance to walk again and I will do as much time as it takes :walking:
Well said Ruby, you will walk again. In the not too distant future! As for now, just do the time, pull out that shiny box of patience. You're a day closer to walking pain free than you were yesterday, sometimes I had to look no further than one day at a time.
Knee #2, Day 14

Yesterday I noticed for a little while that I wasn't hurting. Of course I was all nested up with pillows, an ice bag, and some Percocet, but that background pain had retreated. I was able to walk with more ease when I gave that a try.

And today I've been using the cane rather than the walker. A corner? Maybe?

DH recently scored a bunch of Perry Mason novels on ebay and I've been working my way through those. Distraction is good :ok:

Staples come out Wednesday and I can't wait! Those suckers itch!
Knee #2, Day 15

Apparently BoneSmart was out of commission for a while this morning. While I was looking for it, I ran across a site called Topix where this character was trashing BoneSmart up one side and down the other. I didn't want to join a site specifically to let this dude have it, but oooooh :tantrum2: Seems you can't go anywhere on the internet without running into trolls.

Anyway I have found BoneSmart to be helpful and supportive. I am so glad to have found it.

Today the knee is even better. I don't need the walker inside anymore. I'll take it with me to my appointment tomorrow, though, just in case. Goodbye staples!
We know all about Topix. It's full of trolls. Avoid it like the plague.
Woot Woot Ruby! Good luck tomorrow with the staple removal and congrats on partially ditching the walker! You are excelling at recovery with this 2nd knee. :yay:
I found Topix about a year ago. All it took was one time. They called us on BoneSmart a bunch of fat, old, lazy women. That was enough for me! Let all the macho men go over there and suffer. They will wish they checked us out first!

Ruby kicking that walker to the curb at home is a big step. I hope those staples come out easily!

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