THR Terrible muscle pains

All I saw was I was out dancing:loll:I hope it was fun and got your mind off the pain a bit. I'm going to a wedding this weekend in Toronto (never been to Canada). I don't know why I thought driving might be fun. Not looking forward to 9 hours in the car:hissy:.

I am thinking that the walking plus the exercises are too much as Layla said. Try to do one or the other. I have definitely scaled back the walking a bit and just doing some videos on line. I think its too much for me to do both. I hope you feel better soon. Keep us updated!
That sensation has worn off now but maybe those months of unevenness have something to do with current pain?
It could contribute to it I think. And maybe also the dancing! But it is so good to have fun, no? As @Snoopy55 suggested, maybe cut back a bit and see how it goes? I usually take a few rest days after I have done a bit more than usual, and I feel it helps me avoid going into the ODIC!
Hi YogaLesley!
I just had hip replacement 17 hours ago and same lower leg pain as you have. Dr had to fix dysplasia and lengthen my left leg about 1cm. Have lots of pain in that lower leg feels like shin splints entire let. Have to get up with therapy this morning and walk 100 feet so I can go home! From what I’m reading our leg pains will eventually disappear., I hope so. I cried last night the deep bone aching hurt so bad..
I just got back from a week in West Cork, Ireland where I celebrated my birthday with a good friend. I was driving for about 7 hours yesterday (with a couple of stops and ferry back to Wales) and am in a lot of discomfort (hell, pain!!!:thud::groan:) so do take it easy @Snoopy55! I think I am going to use my sticks again for a while, really think physio was wrong to tell me not to use them at all so soon. I just did what felt right with the other hip and it turned out OK! Still thinking some manipulation, osteopath or chiropractor may help.
@YogaLesley I found it surprising that even a few months out from surgery that I could still experience so much discomfort if I pushed the hip past whatever its current level of activities was. That will eventually even out as everything continues to heal. Rest, ice, and elevation were my mantra for a very long time. You know your body best and it's okay to try different approaches to assist you through your recovery. Like you said: do what you feel is right and find what works.
@YogaLesley I came back from the wedding in Canada and it took us 11 hours to drive back OMG. I was driving for about 3 hours of it though and laying in the back seat most of the time so I can imagine how uncomfortable you must have been after all that driving. I think you should absolutely do whatever YOU feel is right for your body. I definitely feel that physio is not necessary for the hip as so many here have said. I think one does need to strengthen the muscles around the hip though but do what makes you feel good and stay away from things that bring you pain. Hugs from DC.
Gosh it's been a long time since I posted! I have been to the Chiropractor (McTimoney style) twice now. Think it may have helped a bit but both hips can still feel very sore - last night (after lifting garden pots - seems to be my downfall!) I felt like I had been kicked on both hips! And when I am walking any distance my left buttock and top of thigh can hurt. But a lot of the time I don't notice too much. I have restarted running my yoga classes and am very pleased that I now have so much more range of movement! Doesn't seem to be anything that I can't do now that I could before, and also can do a lot more than in the last few years! I still have a lot of nerve pain and soreness around both scars but take 10mg of Amitryptiline at night which lets me sleep. If I could just get this SI problem sorted all would be well! Life is not too bad, I have developed a reasonable social life and am going to my sister's for Christmas - around the anniversary of us both losing our beloved men, which will be tough but will be good to be together. Hope everyone else is recovering or keeping well. Time is indeed the great healer.
Hi @YogaLesley :mcoffee:

I had issues with my SI joint also, before and after BTHR.
At 6 months out, tightness/stiffess was still a daily thing after rest.
I'm glad you are getting some help from your chiropractor.

I believe tight hip flexors were adding to my SI issues as they pull on the SI joint, pelvis, and lower back causing irritation. Asking an already tight muscle to perform more work may make it unhappy and become more painful, so gentle exercises are best.

I found it really important to do gentle stretches every morning even before I got out of bed.
Pelvic tiits helped....
but one of my most helpful was scrooching to the very side of the bed, bending knee of inside leg...and in a slow controlled manner letting the affected leg hang off the side.
Most of my issues improved over the course of the first 12-14 mos.

Time indeed is the healer and I'm glad you and your friend will be there for each other for Christmas.
Hope your holidays are sweet.
Lifting can cause odd pains for me, I guess it always will. But then again I'm dumb and lift and carry things I really shouldn't. Then in the evenings I get to sit there and try to determine if it's just muscle pain or if I've screwed the implant. Then by the next day I'm ready to do dumb things again.
With as many of us with THR's and TKR's there really should be a Yoga class designed for us. Stretching is where it's at and it always seems to be the cure for all of the pains and stiffness.
Life is not too bad, I have developed a reasonable social life and am going to my sister's for Christmas - around the anniversary of us both losing our beloved men, which will be tough but will be good to be together.
Warms my heart to read this, Lesley, knowing how rough your year has been. I'm glad you and sis have one another and hope you're able to find peace and joy this holiday season.
I am sorry I have not posted more. It would have been Michael's birthday last Saturday 17th and I went to the coast in Devon where we used to go often, to scatter his ashes as was his wish. I even waded in! The anniversary of his death has also just passed and I feel a calmness - he is free in the ocean which he loved and I know I can never lose him. My hip issues have largely taken a back seat lately - I started getting very bad pain in my hands and arms, not sure if arthritis or carpal tunnel and it almost totally took my attention of my left hip! That seems to be subsiding now hopefully. Time has passed and I haven't done too much in the way of specific exercises from physio, although I have been running my yoga classes. The left hip is still more sore than the right when I drop the knee to the side or when I walk any significant distance but it is better than it was so I am hoping time will help it get even better. I have been practising coming to standing from kneeling on one leg at a time. Right one is easy, don't even need hands, left one was agony a month or so ago but now just feels like an effort rather than painful so I guess the physio may be right in saying those muscles, largely the glutes, need strengthening.

So my hips no longer really dominate my life, although I am aware of the left one more. But it is a relief it is at least over and hopefully will only get better. For those in early recovery I can only say, patience my friends, patience! Be kind to yourselves and know, this too will pass.

I would like to stay thank you to everyone on Bone Smart for all your kindness and support through this difficult year - I really don't know what I would have done without you all at times. I wish you all a peaceful and restful, relatively pain-free Christmas and New Year. Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda as we say in Wales! (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year).:plugging-in-xmas-tree-smiley-emoticon::merry-xmas-smiley-emoticon:
Aww, such a lovely post, Lesley. So thoughtful and kind. It's nice to hear from you once again.
I cant't believe its been a year already since you lost your beloved, Michael.
The anniversary of his death has also just passed and I feel a calmness - he is free in the ocean which he loved and I know I can never lose him.
I do sense a peace about you through your post and am happy your days are feeling brighter. I hope your sister is doing well also and has the same sense of calm you're feeling.

Thankfully the pain in your hands and arms has passed. Hopefully it doesn't return. Such good news to read you've returned to teaching Yoga and feel that your hips are no longer dominating your life. That's the goal we all desire. I wish you a beautiful holiday season and many blessings in the New Year!

I read your update with happiness. That is a very lovely sentiment about your husband's ashes.

Your hip will continue to improve but am sorry to hear about the arms and hand pain. You say it is receding and hopefully to never return!

Wishing you a blessed holiday season.
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What a wonderful update! I love that your dear husband's mortal remains are now part of the part of the earth that he loved. Rest In Peace.
The muscle aches and pains should eventually subside with time. mine took a while to fade but did along with the hip being most of my waking thoughts.

May you truly have the peace and joy of the season surround you now and into the New Year. Blessings.
Hello Everyone, Can't believe it is almost 4 months since I posted. It has been a challenging year healthwise with a bad cough virus and then a cold, and then early in February I tripped on a paving stone and hurt my knee ligament and they thought I had broken my wrist and put it in a cast, although it turned out not to be broken in the end! It has taken almost 2 months to recover from that - then I got Covid again! Visited a friend and slipped in his kitchen and fell heavily on my right hip! Fortunately, nothing broken or dislocated but very sore. And just recently the nerve pains around the scars of both operations, and sacroiliac pain seem to have come back with a vengeance. The tops of my thighs are still so sore and tender - sometimes it feels as if they have just been cut open, even though scars have healed and there is no redness. 18 months since the right one and almost 11 months since the left - can't understand why there is still so much nerve pain. I was taking amitryptiline for a long time which kept the pain at bay but I started getting palpitations so have come off it and now only take paracetamol occasionally. I have also done a fair bit of heavy lifting recently which I suppose may not have helped matters. But I wondered if anyone else has experienced similar nerve/soreness problems after so long? My friend who had his done a year ago doesn't seem to have had any of these nerve, soreness type problems (mind you, he isn't nearly as active as I am, still walks with a stick and limps because he now has problems with his knees!). I hope everyone else is doing OK.
Wow, you really went down the rabbit hole! You poor thing. My first thought is whether the nerve pain increased after Covid? Or have you had it consistently all along?
Maybe it's time to talk to your surgical team again or at least your family practitioner? I seem to recall that your surgical team wasn't too helpful.
What a difficult time you've had!! I'm so sorry.
If it were me, I'd set up an appointment with a medical professional to have them review your case. It seems like with everything you have going on it would be helpful to share the updated information about how you are feeling. If you weren't satisfied with your original surgeon, perhaps you could find a different person to see for this.

Most likely it is a combination of things that having Covid multiple times exacerbated, but there may also be some other things going on that you could get some treatment for. I think it's so hard when you find yourself second guessing everything and dealing with what feels like a moving target. It's hard to keep your spirits up. Hope you get some answers. Hang in there.
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I have had a very long recovery as well but the pains are finally decreasing. I had an anterior thr 2/22 but amazingly no falls with the leg length discrepancy using custom made orthotics. I have excellent pt follow up -thank goodness- as medical care has been difficult. What has also helped me is being very very active in artistic pursuits .. ie singing groups .These involve movement and I’ve come to the conclusion that when the whole self is involved .. mind body and spirit, healing comes more readily. But recovery has been long and I was previously in good shape as I am now as well. Am I wondering if a full medical review as well as an independent review by a sports medics (ie non surgeon) might also help
I had anterior surgery on my left side in 2020, and right Jan 2023 and have had nerve pain (I think it's the femoral nerve) and I take gabapentin every night. It's a very low dose (200 mg) and relieves the nerve pain. I tried not taking any meds, and my thigh was hyper sensitive and felt like I had a severe sunburn. So back on it and doing great. It also helps me sleep.
I hope you find some answers and feel better soon!
Hello Lesley,
I am sorry to read of the illnesses you've dealt with. You've had way more than your share and on top of it all the wrist injury and fall on your hip! I too am feeling you may want to touch base with your surgeon or Primary Care Physician for some advice. The year certainly hasn't been off to a good start. I hope the following three quarters of 2023 are way better. Hugs and Best Wishes. :console2:

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