THR Terrible muscle pains

I am so sorry to hear about your eye and just when you are able to drive:( I hope its just temporary. I also did vitamin E oil on the scar and it felt good although it felt better when the PT did it cause she got in deeper than I dared to. But she told me to do it right before bed to make sure the scar tissue doesn't thicken up. I hope you feel better soon @YogaLesley
Thanks for the tip, I have just ordered some vitamin E oil online arriving Saturday. Actually the orthopedic p/t did recommend massaging the scar but didn't mention vitamin E oil. I have another checkup in 6 weeks and she has referred me to the local physio clinic as I have now had both hips done. This is quite a big deal in the uk as most people don't get NHS physio after THRs. Maybe because I live in Wales and we have a Labour government! My friend in England is very jealous as he has had no advice, info or suggestions and is still struggling on both crutches at 3 months. I am sending him my exercise charts! Very simple exercises but his muscles sound very weak after some years of limping pre-op. I think I am fortunate I kept at my yoga practice almost up until the first op and then in between as soon as I could. I am sure it has helped with overall strength and fitness and recovery. Also various homeopathic remedies have helped.
I’m sorry to hear about your eye, Lesley, I certainly hope it improves for you. It’s unfortunate you couldn’t get an emergency appointment any sooner. Aside from your eye, it seems you made some improvements over the last couple weeks which is good to hear. I hope the next month and remainder of Summer finds you healthy and enjoying steady progress. Stay in touch and let us know how you’re doing. :)
Hello again everyone. More good news in that since my eye injection, my vision has gradually improved a lot. Still blurry but not distorted as before so liveable with. I am walking fairly well, a couple of miles a day or more with usually just one stick, and no sticks around house etc.
scar and sides and backs of thighs behind scar still pretty sore and sensitive. I think last surgeon said it was 'nerves waking up!' I use the vitamin E oil and again, it is liveable with. Weather here in UK is beautiful, not too hot here in Wales, though London and the South East are melting! Sadly, it sometimes makes me feel worse emotionally but life is up and down and I have decided the answer is 'to-do' lists so I have things to keep me busy when I am really blue and lonely. I still have some stiffness in my new joint so need to start doing more specific exercises I think. Anyway, that's all to report just now.
Great news! I had a detachment 2 years ago that was scary but turned out to be fine. Glad to hear you are doing well!
Wonderful news, Lesley! Thankfully your eyesight has improved and you’re enjoying nice walks in the beautiful weather. It sounds as though you’re slowly and successfully transitioning away from assistive devices. Its encouraging to read that you’re finding your way through grief with your “to do” lists, even if activity only temporarily gives you peace, hopefully those stretches of tranquility will grow as time passes. It’s really nice to hear from you and since its a special day tomorrow, I will wish you a Happy Two Month Anniversary now. Sending a hug and best wishes always. Take good care!
I have been doing a lot more work outside painting fences and generally trying to do some of the practical gatden stuff Michael was so good at maintaining whilst I lounged around with a Gin and tonic and a good book! Also walking without sticks and attempting the simple physio range of movement exercises I was given. But I have noticed, and did from early on, but more so now, that my new left hip is quite painful going up stairs, stiff and doesn't have the range of movement it had before the operation! I didn't experience anything like this with the right hip, though I did have different, nerve pains at night. I am worried at this pain. I know I may have been doing a lot more than last time, but this stiffness deep in the joint doesn't feel good. I haven't heard about the promised physio referral and tried ringing hospital today and waiting for them to get back to me. Any thoughts anyone?
I should have added that generally walking and movement is ok but sitting for any length of time makes it a lot worse. Also uncomfortable at night lying in bed.
However the good old ice packs do help at night!
Aawwwe, first of all, I caught up with your thread and so relieved for you (about your eye). How frightening, especially with the delay in getting an appointment.

You probably want to scream when we all keep saying this, but!! You are still very early on in your healing journey.
I've had both hips replaced and like to be active too, yet still cringed when I read your report about painting fences and garden work. Your Right hip isn't even a full year old yet, then there's Lefty who is just turning 2 months!!
This is the most difficult part of the recovery, needing to practice patience and accepting you are unable to do things you'd love to do. Try to think of it as preserving the health of your new hips. They will give you many, many years of good activities after fully healed. :flwrysmile:
I have been doing a lot more work outside painting fences
ooh that sounds kind of like alot! Unless you are standing up mostly but I imagine you are also bending down some? I am also glad to hear your eye is all ok! What a relief. I went to the eye doctor yesterday too for a check up and was told I have some cataract going on in the right eye and might need to have it operated on in a year or so before it gets worse. Sigh...
I suppose part of me is aware I may be pushing myself too hard but I have kind of lost perspective of what is reasonable to do or not. But everything just looked so sad and neglected I had to get on and do it!! But thanks for the reminders especially @CricketHip. I also on one level know that Michael would never have let me do any of this stuff at this stage, but on some level I am saying well what do you expect me to do now you are gone?! My inner angry sad rebel :tantrum2::tantrum:!!
I understand and am sending you a ((hug)).
It seemed to be a pattern with me, too. Things that I probably wouldn't have even thought about doing, became a 'must do it now' crisis when I was laid up with something.

My inner angry sad rebel :tantrum2::tantrum:!!
So relatable and true. I am so sorry.

Just hang in there for a couple more months, things do get better. It's a year long journey, no matter what needs to be done. Try enjoying the outdoors if you can find shade. I spent a lot of time on my covered side porch. It became a real haven that didn't feel as constricting.
I totally understand. A neglected house and garden just adds to one's bad mood while recovering. Maybe you culd get a teenager in your area to do some of the clean up while you supervise? Its a win win-it gets done and you haven't done anything to hurt yourself in the process. Sending you hugs anyway:friends:
Thanks for all your comments. I have tried to take things easier but things just seem to be getting worse - both hip joints seem so sore deep inside and feel like they are on fire inside. My new left hip's outer thigh is also quite hot although not red. I just have felt so stiff the last few days as well, generally and in the left buttock especially climbing stairs, just doesn't feel right, didn't have it with the other hip. Worried there may be something wrong. I have rung the hospital and left messages but no reply so far! Any advice? It feels like an inflammation flare up but unfortunately I have run out of ibuprofen although do have naproxen I could take (not keen!) so am just taking paracetamol (tylenol).
So nice to see your avatar, Lesley…pretty in the sunshine!
I am sorry you’re experiencing symptoms that have you worried. It sounds like you may have landed in the ODIC (Over Did It Club) wondering if that’s a possibility? Or, the opposite, has there been a lot of inactivity lately? That’s what I think of when I hear stiffness. Because no two recoveries are alike, I wonder if any discomfort that crops up that you don't recall from your first THR, has you more concerned than necessary? It’s good you have a call into the hospital and hopefully you hear back soon.
My new left hip's outer thigh is also quite hot although not red.
Hot, or more of a warmth than the general surrounding area?
There is increased blood flow to the area to aid in the healing process. This can cause increased warmth for several months.This is not to be
confused with an incision that is hot to the touch, accompanied by fever, unusual or increased pain, bleeding or discharge. Those symptoms would be reasons to check in with your surgeon’s office.

May today be better than yesterday. Stay in touch and let us know what you hear from the hospital. Hopefully it’s reassuring.
Well, still haven't heard back from the hospital but I have my 12 week checkup on Tuesday 9th August. I am in so much nerve pain, not only from left most recent hip but also the right one which is now 10 months old and was doing quite well until recently. The pain is like a burning soreness, as if I had just fallen and grazed all the skin, on the outside and now back of the thighs below the scars. I regularly use the vitamin E oil and various creams, sometimes ibuprofen gel, which helps a little but not much. It is worse lying down at night so I am not sleeping very well and just feel exhausted. Ice packs help but obviously not in the day. I am just taking paracetamol 3/4 times a day and recently 1 naproxen at night, or ibuprofen. A nurse friend thought I should try the amitriptyline again which I took for several months for the first hip and seemed to help, but not sure if I should. Did anyone else have this kind of pain after so long? It ialso increasingly difficult to climb stairs with my left buttock and hip joint aching. I feel very disheartened as if it will never get any better.

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