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Aug 5, 2023
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I am a fifth grade science, teacher, and I am wondering what is a realistic amount of time to plan being off of work since I am around children all day. I live alone and don’t have family near to help. I’m concerned about being able to do this on my own.
@Iteach Welcome to BoneSmart! What surgery are you having done? Joint replacement - regular or reverse? Or rotator cuff repair or something else? Each type of surgery has different recovery times and processes. Do you have a date for your surgery scheduled already? And which shoulder is getting the surgery? Do let us know and we will create a signature for you with that information.

You should be able to get along OK by yourself after surgery ... though it is helpful to have someone with you if possible. Could you have a friend or relative come be with you for a while? I had my cousin with me for one shoulder and brother and SIL with me for the other. Each came a day or two before surgery and provided transportation on day of surgery and was with me for about a week afterwards. The hospital will insist that you have a responsible adult drive you home from surgery - no taxi or Uber allowed!

For many types of shoulder surgery you will be in a special sling with padded bolster holding shoulder in the position specified by the surgeon. Those are not too uncomfortable but they are awkward! Do practice now doing things one handed as movement of the affected shoulder and arm will be limited right after surgery.

As for how long to plan for recuperation ... every one is different and each surgery is different too. Usually it is recommended you allow 8-12 weeks after surgery before returning to work - especially physically demanding work.

Shoulder surgery does also require physical therapy to get the shoulder back into full range of motion and strength. And most surgeons have patients wait until about 4-6 weeks after surgery to start a PT regiment. And it can take 6-8 months of PT to get things back to normal - again that varies from person to person.

Do let us know how you are getting along, ask any other questions you may have, and feel free to read threads here in pre op and over in shoulder recovery.

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