THR Tarajeane has a new hip

Hi Tarajeane. I dont really remember having the groin pain as much upon standing unassisted...but definitely getting up and down and in and out of car for up to three months. Lessening from month one to three.
Doing great but after sitting or laying down and then getting up to walk my hip feels stiff and a little pain but goes away after 4-5 steps. Anyone else?

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Same thing, my hip is stiff after sitting or laying, I will be 6 weeks tomorrow. I’m doing good too, just occasional pains here n there. Walking more without cane but having a hard time getting rid of the limp. I would assume the soreness is normal at this point. Remember how it was 3 weeks ago, it’s really amazing how quickly it gets better.
@Tarajeane I have the exact same groin pain. It's going from sitting to standing, I feel it when I lift my leg straight, and I still have a lot of problems when I go from bent knees on my side to laying my leg out straight on my back. I have problems with my thigh muscles spasming, kindof like a charley horse but in the full of my thigh. The PT says she's seen it before and that in time it will go away. And I am stiffest in the morning as well. Moving seems to be better than being stationary.

In my research, even on these boards, It's possible it has to do with the Iliopsoas Tendon. It goes right over the acetabular cup and is involved in "dancer's hip". I have felt it slip off (without pain) when I swung my leg slightly around over the tub edge. I believe it's what popped off that night I had the full on hip spasm and was GREATLY painful.

I have found not sitting in my recliner has helped. Instead I lay more flat on my couch allowing my hip to not sit in flexion. Work last week was so long and I know that all the sitting, even though I alternate sitting and standing really inflamed it. I spent the weekend on the couch with ice packs.

I have started walking without my cane too, I have noticed it got worse when I went from walker to cane and then cane to unassisted. I'm giving myself a full 12 weeks to see this get better. It's hard. I'm not a patient person.
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@Chaotic do you have have full range of motion? I’m not even close

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@Tarajeane not at all! I am too worried I am going to hurt whatever is causing the groin pain more if I try. I'm trying to take is slowly. I can bend and pick paper off the ground, but I seem to balance (sometimes hold on to something) and take my time before attempting any action.
Neither do I @Tarajeane!! Had to get my poor husband to cut my toenails today!! Luckily we have been together for over 30 years!! Still the restriction feels more tight muscles than the concrete blocks my hips felt like before surgery! I also get the stiffness after lying, sleeping or sitting too long, suppose its getting the balance right of movement/walking & rest.
@Tarajeane and @Marvin L, those transitional pains are to be expected. Still so early in our recovery! I'm have that pain and stiffness for a while when I first wake up. It gets better for me as the day goes on.
The infamous first "stutter steps" ...especially up in first getting up.
All normal and may stick about for a while...DID for me.
Very common so keep the faith @Tarajeane
All temporary.
:hi: Happy Monday and Happy Two Month Anniversary!
I hope you're doing well. We haven't heard from you in several weeks. Please leave an update next time you stop by. We'd love to read about your progress.
Warm wishes for a great week!
:hi: Happy Monday and Happy Two Month Anniversary!
I hope you're doing well. We haven't heard from you in several weeks. Please leave an update next time you stop by. We'd love to read about your progress.
Warm wishes for a great week!

Hi! Feeling pretty good. Still working on my ROM and doing PT 2X a week. Still having a little soreness but overall feeling pretty amazing:) Hope everyone is doing great:)

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Great news! Thanks for updating @Tarajeane
Still lots of healing to happen and time for all to improve.
May it only get better.
Enjoy the Summer! :SUNsmile:
Hi everyone, I’m about three months out and still having some inner groin tightness and discomfort. I also can’t bend to tie my shoelaces or bring the surgery leg up to my stomach. Any feedback will help

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I’m 5 months out & still can’t do my shoes or bring leg right up... it all takes time & we WILL get there in the end.

I’m taking ‘no pain’ and worrying less as I know from my 1st one that recovery really takes up to a year and beyond! x

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I’m 3 months out and I can barely tie my shoes. Can’t do socks, I tried this morning and now my groin hurts. I just want to do the basics and not hurt anymore. I’m very stiff when I wake up but it gets better when I start moving.
Hello @Tarajeane :wave:
At three months out you have many months of healing to go. It can take a full year, even longer for some to make a complete recovery. Most likely the activities you question will become easier with the passage of time. As you can see, others who've had surgery around the same time as you and even earlier, still have the same struggles.

I always keep in mind something my OS's PA told me. She said our prosthetic will never match our natural God given hip. Another comment I heard here once was someone mentioning that if they're only ever 95% better, it will be good enough. Give it time, it's still early.
I hope you have a nice Labor Day weekend!
Stopping by to say :hi:
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
I hope you're having a great week as you continue the journey.
Stay in touch and enjoy the weekend!
Hi! Thanks for stopping in:) Doing ok, still working on ROM and the annoying stiff,pain after sitting to walking the first few steps. Also working on my walk. I still fell like my leg moves out in a circular type motion. Any feedback will help:)

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Hello again, @Tarajeane
Hmm, not sure about that one. Have you considered a few PT sessions to work on gait alone?
You could try concentrating (with each step) on heel-toe walking also and see if that helps at all. Let your heel hit the ground first followed by toes. It takes a concentrated effort but I believe you'll notice a difference. Give it a try. You're still rather early into recovery in the whole scheme of things. Lots of time ahead to notice improvement.
Thanks for updating and enjoy the weekend!
I’m in the same boat, ROM is not that good, can barely tie shoes, about 2 inches away from socks. Remain patient, it will come.

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