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Ankle Talonaviculnar Fusion

Had my physio follow up today and was told I’m a star pupil! I’ll take that :happydance:
He was very pleased with progress and movement, told me to continue with the exercises, incorporate some more general exercising, keep increasing what I’m doing gradually and he’ll see me again in a couple of months.
Does he knows about the aquaphysio? He's clearly leaving you to your devices to sort yourself out. You must have come on well since you were struggling a month or so back, these repairs normally take a while to settle, so that's excellent. How is your strength & balance?
My first physio next week, I should be ready by then to take best advantage of it. I'm still using a crutch outside, mainly so I'm not walking too slowly. First & last thing I'm still wobbly but it's definitely improving every day.
I forgot to mention the aquaphysio :heehee: Like you it’s improving on a daily basis. He was happy with the improvement in balance and strength. I can manage about 30 seconds on the right foot now. The foot’s still feeling strange when I first start to move on it but soon settles and feels quite comfortable. I’m still keeping to short walks with no aids at present but haven’t been out much this week with my cold and the wet weather.

I’ll be interested to hear what your physio recommends. Good luck!
Out of the blue I had a call from my surgeon yesterday asking how I was getting on. That’s not something we usually get on the NHS so I was really surprised, but how nice of him.

He wanted to know how the pain and swelling was. I still have some of each and the pain varies according to where it is and what I’ve been doing; the swelling soon goes down once I put my feet up and both are so much better than before. I thought it was just the foot adjusting to it’s new position after the fusion and he agreed.

Back to the gym next week. I’ve booked into Pilates and Aqua aerobics for my first sessions. My not so great left knee/leg is playing up again.…… does it ever end?
That's interesting, you don't have a follow up booked or was that call it? Did you original day you were part of a study programme?
It's around 2 months since you've been removed from cast now?
He's expecting that you still have pain & swelling to manage & interested in how that's going?
You've basically got a new foot, so maybe settling it in is aggravating all your other joints will have to settle with your new way of walking. That's happening to me as well presently. I'm wondering did you discuss that?
I'm around 6 weeks behind you & definitely improving but indeed still have plenty of settling down to go, frustrating isn't it but looking forward to the summer immensely!
My follow up is booked for 1st May. As far as I’m aware I’m not part of a study although he is involved with a couple of studies. I think the surgery was performed as part of his fellowship training that he conducts at Epsom so maybe that has some bearing.

I made him laugh when I said the physio was pleased with my progress. He said he wasn’t bothered what the physio thought; he wanted to know how I felt it was going and how I was getting on! I didn’t mention the other aches and pains or knee issues as they’re what I had before, ever since my LTKR, and the physio trying to sort my knee out thought the foot problems were contributing to it. I’m hoping the more I walk without aids might help but left groin pain has kicked in now and I used to get that before the foot became a problem. Next week I’ve appointments with the chiropodist/podiatrist and chiropractor plus the optician. Last week was the dentist - ain’t life grand?
'He said he wasn’t bothered what the physio thought; he wanted to know how I felt it was going and how I was getting on! '

That's hilarious - I like your man. He's right, of course. It only matters how you feel at the end of the day. Perhaps you need to be honest about everything if asked, it's all written down and if you fail to mention anything they don't learn.

I'd definitely say you are part of a study - he's writing your surgery up for his training portfolio at the least. You will have been picked as being a possible success story for this, I'd say.

'Next week I’ve appointments with the chiropodist/podiatrist and chiropractor plus the optician. Last week was the dentist - ain’t life grand?'

Catch up time - life cant go on hold forever - see you next week.
I’ve been doing well in the main but a couple of set backs. My ankle doesn’t like staying in one position too long. We had a 4 hour car journey followed by 2 long days sitting on hospital chairs visiting a very poorly relative last weekend and the ankle wasn’t happy.

Monday I did Pilates and Aqua Aerobics and it was fine as it was on a walk Tuesday but yesterday I went up to town to meet some friends and go to an exhibition. The ankle was fine all the time I was out but last night was really painful and not much better today. I’ve been resting it as I’m supposed to be going to a 60th birthday party this evening and hoping it will be ok.
Sorry to hear this.
Are you still taking painkillers Lynda?
It's a bit up & down for me as well, I could do without the swelling frankly but it's obviously a frustratingly long haul!
I did take painkillers Friday night and yesterday but I’m not usually taking any apart from when my back’s bad. I’m still getting quite a bit of swelling round the main ankle joint, just above my trainers where the crease in the ankle is. The foot gets a little puffy but not too bad.

I used ice and heat on and off yesterday and it feels a bit better. Luckily last night’s birthday celebration was a seated affair. You’re right about the frustratingly long haul! I find it very frustrating (although somewhat pleased) that it’s ok when I’m walking but plays up when I stop. I need to sort out what’s causing the groin pain on the other side when I’m walking though.
Maybe the groin issue is linked to your new walking position & just needs time? I think taking some simple anti inflammatory meds when you hit one of these patches might help still. Can you go back to the physio for guidance?
I'm with you about needing not to sit for too long, it's up to an hour to get the foot working properly after sleeping presently, I think every other day is reasonably good but if I do even a little too much the next day is troublesome.
Don't forget it's not going to be considered fixed for months yet. Sorry your didn't want to hear that did you?
Actually it’s quite reassuring to be reminded Ann. I think my mind has been focused on all being great at 6 months which is only 3 weeks away. I’m seeing the physio in April but I’ll mention it to my Pilates instructor tomorrow and my chiropractor when I see her just after Easter. She’s reassessing my alignment then so will be able to tell me if there’s a problem with the hip.

I can’t take anti inflammatories, they don’t agree with me, only Paracetemol does.
Hang in there! Sitting is harder for me, too. I have to move and bend my foot and pump my ankle during long periods of sitting. The fidgeting probably drives people up a wall!

It sounds like you are doing really well with exercise and staying active and socially engaged! Well done, you!
I think my mind has been focused on all being great at 6 months which is only 3 weeks away.
What, 6 months from op? Really? That's pretty optimistic, here's hoping.
I was told 6-9 months from boot removal! Surgeon said in a letter it will be better in the main by the autumn, that's actually 12 months from op, sad eh.
My brother was pain free and walking 7 miles at 6 months and he had 2 joints fused, but as Mr Y pointed out ‘men tend to do better as their bones are usually stronger). I was being a tad optimistic methinks but it was going so well and improving daily until the last 10 days.

it doesn’t seem that long since I was where you are now from your description whereas it had been settling in the morning by the time I’d walked from the bedroom to the bathroom until yesterday. It’s a bit better again this morning so fingers crossed!
Well it’s now 6 months after surgery and I thought it might be useful (or not!) to document how I am now.

More often than not my foot is pain free walking providing it’s not been too long off it. I’ve learnt not to do my all my foot exercises in the morning if I have a busy day ahead. Far better to do them in the evening then or spread them through the day. If I have a very busy day on my feet then I need to take it easier the day after or the foot protests.

I’m back at my Pilates and Aqua Aerobic classes and the gym.

I had been getting an ache on the outside of the ankle. My podiatrist said there was a very strong ligament there that was probably adjusting to the surgery and recommended massaging it gently, which I did, and that’s gone now.

I am getting some pain in the mid foot area that I suspect is where the next joint in the foot is adjusting. Mr Y showed me on the x-ray that joint now had more space between it due to the fusion and would gradually take on some of the movement of the talonavicular but to a lesser degree. I can feel that is where the pain is when I’m practising my foot rotation so it makes sense. I see my physio next week so will see what he says. My appointment with the surgeon has been put back to 4th June.

All in all I’m pleased with how it’s going and I can do so much more than I could before the surgery. I shouldn’t have waited so long!
Good news.
I'm circa 6 weeks behind you.
As a comparison - we are all different aren't we?
Pain in foot - like you it only aches on the outside and clearly due to strain when I've done too much. My main pain is in the opposite knee, my first indication of problems as I'm possibly limping a bit still. I've traced that to a ligament attatchment so should eventually settle. I still cannot believe I put up with so much pain and its now gone.
I walked 6 miles yesterday, but needed to sit due to being a bit knackered twice. My walking speed is now up from 2.4 MPH to 2.8MPH but only over less than a mile after which I have to walk slower.
I can stand, walk, lift stuff etc at the allotment now for up to 2 hours at a time, definately better than before the op.
I'm not doing any exercises, definately no rotation, I found all of that was making me worse. But I'm working on my balance by walking foward and backwards [its lumpy underfoot at the allotment] and up & downstairs, all of which has come on a lot in the past two weeks.
Being out and about in the day mean being more careful at night or vica versa. I think it will be properly fixed when I don't have to consider this any longer & can walk at 3mph without being done in quickly.
Feeling very thankful to be on the other side of this and improving.
Sounds like you’re doing well. I haven’t attempted anything like 6 miles yet but mainly because my left leg is still giving me grief and that kicks in much before the foot does. I’m debating whether to see anyone about it but not sure there’s much point.

it will be interesting to compare notes next week!
Groin pain in my experience can often be either the psoas or the quads being unhappy. Your physio or chiropractor likely can distinguish between them (as my massage therapist did).

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