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Annie N

Dec 31, 2013
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My personal story is long and convoluted, this current repair has been dragging on since delayed diagnosis at Kingston Hospital since March 2023 [I've broken this ankle a few times including last July when it did not fully heal.

My left foot arthritis is advanced and really quite sudden, but the admin at Kingston hospital has gone out of the window. I went to Mr Halliwell, based in Guildford, for a second opinion to ensure that I did the right thing. He reconstructed my left foot in 2010 when I was let down with a failed op for a tendon failure at St Helier Hospital. He did a brilliant job and his advice made me feel much better about this long recovery, so I'm booked with him for this for 20th November. I'm also booked with Kingston Hospital, but they just keep delaying and forgetting me, and it needs doing urgently. I'm really not looking forward to three months in plaster and non weight-bearing again [especially as I will be using the new knee from last July to support me] but at least I know what I'm facing this time & have the equipment, and of course it's winter so roll on a better 2024.
@Annie N I have experience with Kingston Hospital admin and yes, it is a nightmare! At least you trust your surgeon. That's great.

My suggestion is to get your surgeon's medical secretary involved. I found they can give suggestions for how to work around the problems with the hospital. Not ideal I know. But needs must.

We will be with you all the way!
@Annie N Hello again! I’ve just replied to your message on my post.

What a coincidence. My surgery was booked for 23 November under Mr Gill, who I first saw at Kingston 2 years ago, but privately at the New Victoria. I was fortunate to get a cancellation at SWLEOC for an initial consultation and then surgery just a month later as part of SWLEOC’s fellowship programme.

i hope it all goes well for you. We can compare notes!
@Annie N I have experience with Kingston Hospital admin and yes, it is a nightmare! At least you trust your surgeon. That's great.

My suggestion is to get your surgeon's medical secretary involved. I found they can give suggestions for how to work around the problems with the hospital. Not ideal I know. But needs must.

We will be with you all the way!
Hi Jaycey, it's got worse on that front. I've a 3 years old knee replacement that was fitted incorrectly by a Kingston surgeon, it's lose & needs repair or replacement. Told last November by the surgeon 4 or 5 months wait. One year on Sweleoc have just scheduled surgery for a week after my foot fusion, when they found out about the fusion would not keep me in the list for next year but discharged me & told me to start again after I've recovered as the surgeon is just mopping up his list, having left Kingston hospital. No I cannot even see him anyway before or afterwards as they don't have space for a clinic for him. Possibly the foot issue is a result of the surgery error so astounding. I can feel a complaint coming on.
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@Annie N that’s appalling. Who was your knee surgeon? I’m curious because my first TKR still isn’t great.
Yes appalling sums it up well, funny how a decision like that can be made by an administrator surgeon is something that's possibly not I should raise in open forum until I've got to the bottom of this
I got it moved to the 28th, so this happened late afternoon, back in the room at 7.30pm. Amazing anaesthetist who actually listened to me and avoided opiates, so no sickness at all. Spinal block & local anaesthetic infusion. Block has worn off, so I'm up but the infusion is still working.
Surgeon said I've got strong bones so it's likely to be a good success. He also told me he'd looked at the scans again & the joint was woefully destroyed & it really needed doing asap. Glad to be on the other side of this now & getting better.
Earlier the physio had me walking up and down demonstrating the knee crutch, she's not seen the latest version, it's the talk of the staff.....
Are you back on you feet in a boot yet?
That’s great news Annie. How nice to have someone who listens. I refused opiates as well. They make me feel so ill I’d rather suffer pain (to a degree I suppose) I’m glad the knee crutch is working out. Mr Gill at Kingston told me people got on well with them but I had my doubts. How does this version differ?

The air cast boot was fitted today. The surgeon was very pleased with how the bones were fusing so happy for me to begin to weight bear. It feels very odd though at the moment and seems bizarre that after a pain free recovery so far I’m now doing something that’s giving me pain although it’s what I expected. It’s a very different pain to before the op.

Good luck with your recovery.
Day 2 back on the painkillers as it's really very sore, leaving later today once I've done the stairs with the physio on my knee crutch. Because I didn't have loads during the op I'm tolerating tramadol better than usual. Now here's a thing I'm allowed touch weight bearing & have been given a cast shoe monster great back slab but cut away at the front to work with my crutch. Less than 10% weight but that's balance & will be a bit more when I'm out of the backslab in 2 weeks. He's clearly very confident in his work.
My advice is make sure that boot is very closely fitted & take it off to ice in the evening, you will heal better if you keep the swelling down
@Annie N Just catching up with your thread. Welcome to the other side. Get PT involved in showing the correct way to partial weight bear. Slow and steady.

I look forward to following your progress!
@Annie N Hope you’re home now and in less pain.

I was told it was ok to use the foot for balance only and that seems to be the advice now, the theory being that it doesn’t do the bones any good to be totally non weight bearing. It does make life a little easier. I haven’t tackled stairs yet as ours are quite narrow and there’s a gap in the banister due to a window and the dogleg turn.
Back home indeed but the pain came back with me! The knee crutch is a godsend, managed to put together a simple supper standing on it & headed upstairs on it for bed. I have a free hand so can carry some things but my balance is a bit off presently. Of course I need to keep the foot elevated in the main, 90% of the time is the instruction for the next 2 weeks. Looking forward to all of this passing & really looking forward to having a new foot functioning foot in the spring.
Oh dear, sorry you’re in a lot of pain. I’ve been fortunate in that respect. I was very strict with elevating my foot above my heart and only moving minimally so just the odd twinge and no swelling.

I was lucky that my husband took on all cooking and household duties which made life easier and maybe your surgery was more involved than mine? Mr Y said my bones were quite soft so he did have concerns about healing so it was a relief that he said I could come out of plaster.

The only thing I’m not sure of is whether I can put any weight on the foot when it’s out of the cast which is why I’m using the scooter at night if I need to get up.
Copy of surgeon's letter to my GP has arrived & appointment for 1st cast change, 10 days from surgery. It seems now the plan is 6 weeks cast & 4 weeks boot. I've been looking at 20th February before I was free of support but it could be 2 weeks early if I'm lucky. That's a very confident surgeon. Today is day 5 so only 5 more days in this monster backslab with my foot up all the time with any luck. The pain is finally receding along with a lot of the swelling, although my toes still moan a bit from time to time. All this good news about my new foot has been tinged by terrible sadness on this journey. Over the past three weeks we had both of our beautiful Burmese cats knocked down & killed by passing delivery drivers (very quiet road) one of these tragedies happened whilst I was in hospital, & on the day I was due originally for surgery we had my husband's pride & joy car stolen from our driveway by professional thieves (they used a back door to the key management system a new technique apparently). Himself has taken all of this very badly & has sunk into a depression of blame. Here's hoping this good news might brighten him slightly.
So sorry to hear about your cats and the car. Was it a Merc? Several have gone missing in this area. They say they’re getting in through the headlights now, disabling Merc’s ability to trace and shipping them abroad immediately. Your surgeon’s plan seems the same as my original plan but at the 6 week check he decided I was ok to switch to a boot then with a further review at 12 weeks.

I hope your husband is in a better frame of mind now.
Yes it was a Merc, 8 stolen from our area in a week, same issue, no publicity & we had no idea, otherwise we would have had an immobilizer fitted. Emergency vet caused us massive grief today with muddle and outright misinformation about their bill. Today has possibly been our worst. It can only get better, thank heavens for insurance
Did you put a post on Nextdoor? I remember reading one that popped up on my news feed. Fingers crossed that things start to improve for you.
Yes you may have seen our warning to others, since then loads more have gone missing. We are in Worcester Park. We need a new V5 to send to the insurance company so they would pay out, guess what DVLA sent us over for a motorbike & not our car! Getting a bit off topic, someone will be along soon to tell me to stop that! I'm thinking up a letter to send to Kingston hospital to find out why I was so delayed that I was forced to go private.
We’re Old Malden. I hope DVLA send the correct form asap.Good luck with the letter. These strikes over Christmas and New Year aren’t going to shorten any queues are they? I know so many friends, including my brother who had this operation, whose doctors have sent them to have their surgery at a private hospital as a NHS patient but I never get that offer. I was told at first they couldn’t refer me to SWLEOC until I said SWLEOC had confirmed I could. I must find out why.

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