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Jun 11, 2013
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You may have seen members call another member or member of staff to a thread. This exactly like tagging someone in Twitter. Just put an @ before the member's user name like so: @SFgal

When you post the reply the name will turn into a link:

If someone tags you, a red number will appear beside the alert icon (bell symbol in the dark blue toolbar at the top of your screen). Click on the bell and you will see a list of alerts. If you have a large number of alerts that have not been reviewed, this drop down menu may show only the most recent ones.

Alert List.png

If you want to see more than the most recent alerts, click on the “Show all...” option at the end of the list of alerts. You will see an expanded list of alerts like the example below.

Show all alerts.png

Clicking on the thread title either in the drop down list or expanded list of alerts will take you to the thread itself on the forum.

Use of Multiple Tags in a Post

Members sometimes believe they need to use multiple tags as shown in the example below to draw other members to their thread more easily. This is not necessary as a member's BoneSmart friends normally are watching the thread anyway and will read it promptly without tags.

bad tagging.jpg

One of the problems with multiple tags at the beginning of a post is that it makes it very difficult for people viewing the forum on mobile devices to access the post as their screen is completely filled with tags and they must scroll down to read the post. Even the use of two or three tags at the start of a post can cause problems.

Therefore, we ask that you not use multiple tags at the start of a post. When moderators encounter them, they will be removed or edited by removing the "@" sign. You may not be notified of the edits unless it's a recurring problem.

Tags are designed to key another member to a specific item in your post you want them to read (as opposed to a general comment or update). The appropriate way to make use of many tags is like this:

good tagging.jpg

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