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Jane, I am sooo happy to hear how good you sound. YAY on the back pain going away - you must be feeling like a new woman! I love to read your updates so please keep 'em coming!
Jane I just don't think paracetamol is enough so early out. Sure it works when you are not moving around. But once you are mobile you need a bit more. Glad you are trying something more. Remember - it's only a short time for the meds. You'll be on your way soon!
Hi Tykey

Unfortunately I can't access the link :)

Looking forward to seeing it :)
Yes thank you, Tykey, someone lent me that book last year. It's very, very funny. (Sandy, it's called 'Travels with Boogie, 500 mile walkies'.) Sadly, like your dog, our lovely Susie is also too old to do the walk now, and she'll be an even older lady in 2014, so the idea is that John and she support me at each end and somewhere in the middle, and that my friends come and join me for as short or long bits that they want to do, so I won't be battling alone.
Hi dearest Jane

That sound wonderful, I must look around for it.

I so wish I could come over and do a part of the walk with you. I haven't researched it yet, but does it go near Bristol, the city of my birth and southern Wales where my Dad came from?

Got to run, alarm just went off.. 5:45 am

Sending lots of love and big big hugs 
YoooooHooooo Jane,

What fabulous news, I'm thrilled you are doing so well!

Yummy cheddar cheese and marmite sandwiches....see there I go more food conversation yummy!

You are going to rebound so quickly now, great news about your back too that must be such a great relief.

Sending lots of love!!

Mm, thanks for your confidence in me. Not doing quite as well as I would have liked. If I didn't have the first THR by which to measure my progress, I'd probably be quite happy. But this time isn't half so easy a ride (Dorothy, if you read this, take note, everyone tells you no two hips are ever the same and it's certainly true in my case). We had the grandchildren here yesterday and it was really too early for me in my recuperation. I had to go and lie down after lunch, when normally I'd be down on the floor playing with them.

OK here goes for progress report Day 8:

Pain - nil, since I swapped to co-codamol, and I'm taking the full dose. I generally wake up around 2.30 am and take the last one then. The 'winch handle' pain hasn't happened at all since my last report.

Sleep - fine. I was all prepared to be awake half the night, but I usually only wake up the once and then go back to sleep. Having turfed hubby out of the marital bed for the duration, I use his half to arrange all my range of activities on: mobile phone, MP3 player, Kindle, diary, tapestry, knitting. Because of the swelling, I'm mostly sleeping with my bad leg up on 3 pillows, with another under my thigh. I have tried lying on my good side once or twice, the logic being that a) I have not been given any restrictions and b) when changing my dressing in the hospital the nurses rolled me over into precisely this position. I put a pillow under my bottom leg (the 'good' one), another between my legs, and another alongside my right side to prevent me rolling all the way over. But actually most of the time I'm sleeping on my back. I think the co-codamol is making me a bit sleepier than usual anyway. But there's another aid to sleep that I use: chamomile tea, using whole organic chamomile flowers rather than the teabags which taste to me like just sweepings off the floor! Anyway, a couple of nights ago I'm all snuggled up sipping away at my tea, and I drift off to sleep with the mug in my hand. The next thing I know there's this lovely warm water dripping through the duvet and trickling into my dreams, then I wake up squelching in a pool of chamomile tea! So I can testify to its efficacy as a sleep-inducer. Just don't do it in bed!

Swelling and bruising - I didn't experience this the first time around and it's really bothering me. My leg and foot are all swollen, mostly it collects above the knee and in the ankle. I spend most of the day with the leg elevated and use ice, but as soon as I sit in a normal position it comes back again. We went to the nurse practitioner at our local surgery today to have the dressing changed. She said the swelling was soft, not hard, so it was OK and would eventually go. In fact I have lost half of the 8lbs that I put on in hospital, so I guess it is going down. In the meantime I have a question about icing. Where do you put it? I've tried putting the frozen peas on the thigh above the knee and on the ankle. My wound is on the side, so it's quite difficult to keep the peas in contact with it, unless I'm supposed to strap them to me. Any suggestions? You all talk about icing, but not how to do it, so I'm at a bit of a loss (or thick).

Talking of ice, we woke up to snow today, and it's been snowing all day. A total shock after that wonderful weather we've been having. Skipping my walk today as it's lethal out there. Even going to the surgery was a slippery ordeal.

Sandy, check out The path doesn't go through Bristol or S Wales (I didn't know your dad was Welsh!) though as you know I'm doing it to raise money for what used to be the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. It starts in Somerset and finishes in Dorset. Of course you can come and join me, but I may be finished before you retire, unless I wait till 2015...

Sarah, no true Marmite lover would adulterate ithat ambrosial stuff with cheddar cheese - no, no, no!! However, there is an artisan baker in Shrewsbury who makes what my friend tells me is a delicious Marmite and cheese sourdough bread. Shall I get him to send you some?

Love, Jane
Jane, thanks for the reminder about the "no two hips are the same". I remember someone in my hospital PT group asking questions about her knee replacement--"I didn't feel this bad with my first one ..." and the PT's compared the surgeries to pregnancies--indeed, no two are the same.

The swelling --yuck! My thigh swelled a lot when I had mine done. It would go up and down depending on the day or hour. I used the gel ice pack things that would mold around my leg. I iced just the incision area because that was the most tender place. That worked well for me. I just stuck the ice pack between my butt/leg and the side of the chair I was sitting in, or wedged it in while I was in bed. Worked pretty well that way.

I'm SO pleased you aren't having any pain! Wow! I had significant post op pain with muscle spasms of the leg and also pain near the incision, but deeper inside where they cut and then sutured the muscles and fascia back together every time I moved my leg to the side to get out of bed or whatever. I still get pulling and twinges there when I do my external rotation exercises. It needs to be strectched out more. No pain after surgery would be a wonderful thing and I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I definitely felt the "slice and dice pain" and I doubt I'll be so fortunate as you are next time either. Woohoo for you!!!!!!!!

I'm a good one to talk, lol, but do try to be patient with yourself and your recovery. You sound like you are doing absolutely wonderful!!!

Jane, congrats on getting hip #2 done! You sound like you are doing very well.

Like Dorothy, I mainly iced the area around the incision. Perhaps you can try wrapping a large towel around your thigh to help keep the frozen peas in place?
More confirmation no two ops are alike. Lots of rest Jane! Sounds like you over did things a bit for so early out.

Take care - you're doing great!
Hi Jane great to hear you're home and done, whoop whoop! Do you think you might be better with a gel ice pack rather than the peas? It's slimmer and flatter and can be wedged down the side of your trousers and knickers to hold it in place if you want to use it when standing! I got mine from my osteopath in Shrewsbury and then a couple of weeks ago got one from the vet for a dog recovering from a cruciate repair. Take it easy girl, that coastal path will be waiting for you when you're ready!
Love and hugs
Anne xxx
Hi Jane

Just checking in with you.. I hope the swelling is going down.. It will :)

I heard about the snow over there... We too are having unseasonable weather 30 C today... we slept a lot today and now John is watching a boy flick... Too loud for me, I have had to shut all the doors to block the noise, but the walls are vibrating. - true... :)

I checked out the walk.. Sounds fantastic.. A good goal to aim for honey... But in the meantime, slow and steady. The good hip is taking th weight of the new one.

I guess you will soon move into that period of staying at home like the Prof likes... I haven't got out of that stage really! Weekends, I just want to be home and do nothing!

Sending you healing vibes from OZ and lots of hugs and love xoxoxoxox
Hello, as ever thank you so much for the support and advice. You must think I'm very dim asking about where to apply the ice. But I never used it last time, not having had any swelling, so this was new to me. I've now worked out how to do it. I wear woolly tights to keep my legs warm, then a quite tight woollen tunic on top. I can then position the peas between the tights and the tunic in such a way that they can't move - but then neither can I! That's the worst thing, I find: if I don't move at least every half hour, things get very tight and stiff. Trouble is, if I'm watching something gripping on the telly, like 'Homeland', it's hard to remember this. Maybe use a kitchen timer?

Anne, good to hear from you. How strange to think that I might bump into you in Shrewsbury one of these days but not know what you look like! A gel ice pack sounds like a good idea, but now I've sorted the peas I think I'm OK (wouldn't want to eat them now, though, they've been defrosted and refrozen that many times!)

I didn't get on with the co-codamol. They made me very sleepy, so I discontinued them after a couple of days and went back to the paracetamol. Still no pain so I guess it's OK. The swelling has gone down and the bruise seems to have faded. My weight has gone down to only 1-2lbs above normal, so that would indicate that there's not too much fluid still being held in there. I do have muscle aches, which I don 't remember from last time. I'm hopeless on the names of the muscles, am familiar with the piriformis which made itself known to me, and that is giving me occasional twinges. Otherwise it's the muscles going up and down the thigh, principally on the outer and front surfaces, one of which must be the quadriceps, I guess. I'm sure that all this is normal, just annoying.

I'm functioning OK around the house. Showering is not a problem as I have a waterproof dressing and took my first shower in the hospital so felt confident about it. I'm now back doing the cooking, though dear hubby makes me sit down while he washes the dishes. I've ditched the second crutch and feel more stable, strangely enough, with just one. We had the snow quite badly here, and in fact it's still lying on the hills as I speak. John went up there with the dog this morning and fell into a drift! But it's fine down here in the valley so I resumed my walks yesterday, with two crutches. Felt a couple of popping/clicking sensations at the end of the walk which scared me somewhat, so I rested and iced for an hour afterwards.

Otherwise not much to report. Slowly does it.

Have a very happy Easter, everyone.
Jane, you are just so impressive with your recovery!!! You are amazing!! Just don't get too carried away ... I say that because I did and it wasn't pretty. Took me a week to bounce back from the fatigue crash I had. Just concerned about you :)

About the pop or click sensation. I felt my prosthesis kind of move slightly in the socket when I lifted my leg off and on for about the first 2 to 3 weeks. It was really weird feeling but it went away as the muscles healed and strengthened. It wasn't a total surprise because the handout my surgeon gave prior to surgery talked a little about that happening and that it was normal, don't worry, and all that.

Glad you are feeling so well.


My face tended to do this... :hate-shocked:... when I felt that clicking early on. I will not repeat the words that I utterred. But it made sense then and even more NOW that it is gone that the muscle need to tighten back up to hold that ball in the socket tightly with no "slack". AND THNAK YOU for reminding me of that stressor because I have not taken the time to appreciate that I have not noticed it in weeks (shame on me for not "stopping to smell the roses").

Snow, eh? I do hope I've seen the last for this season...

I did find that when going for a longer walk outdoors that the TWO crutches seemed to keep me more symetrical...and better balanced.... I barely touched with them eventually but I felt cockeyed on long walks with just one.

Be well,

Jane you're a BLOOMING MARVEL!!! I'm so full of admiration of your positive attitude and good humour you're a paragon!
I love the SW coastal path, I've done a large part of the Cornish section which thinking about it I'd love to do again .....and why not??
Sometimes I still get a ... well not exactly a clicking but the feeling of it inside, in my case I know it's internal scar tissue now, it's alarming but normal as I'm sure you know and it goes away eventually.
Your story of the Camomile tea soaking reminds me of the time my darling missus brought me a cuppa up in the morning when I'd not really surfaced entirely but instead of being sensible and putting it down I held it as it was comfortingly warm on a cold morning ...... as was that feeling that spread around my abdomen as the tea tipped gently over!!:th_heehee: I very nearly didn't get another cuppa in bed EVER but I played the wounded soldier routine and now I'm more careful, I do reciprocate by the way and I usually bring toast as well .... I just love toast crumbs in bed!!:hysterical:

Keep it up babe your a legend!!

Charlie xxx
Hello Jane,

I'm glad you got the icing part sorted out, very creative I might add with the frozen pease.

Ohhhh the marmite bread sounds good (brig grin) I like marmite on toast, and yes with butter too hehehehehe me and my carb, salt addictions "sigh"

You sound like your doing really well, and yes you have the bestest sense of humor! The snow part sounds icky then again good timing being inside you can watch from the window and not have to deal with it hopefully it will be melted by the time your ready to walk outside.

Wishing you a lovely Easter Weekend!

Lots of love,


Charlie.....Cornish Pasties and clotted cream hahahaha! I lived in Newquay when I was young and silly hehehehehe!
Hi Jane
I am just reading your threat. Have not been on the Bonesmart side too much lately. You are doing so awesome. Both hips done within such a short time. I have enough with one hip's recovery. I hope your recovery won't be too long this time.
I checked out the walk you want to do. Sounds very interesting. You will stay in hotels and have them pre-registered or as you arrive? I walked last May part of the St James Way or also known as Camino de Santiago in Spain. There I stayed mostly in hostels. It was a great hike.
I met an elderly gentleman on the way who had two new knees and he said his hips were starting to give out. He had walked the whole 800 KM.
Take care and use ice and rest.
Wow Bea...

Both you and Jane are such inspirations to all of us - thank you xoxoxoxox
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