THR SurreyGirls's 2nd THR Journey

They are! I am lucky…

Weather iffy today so I put a radio play on and walked around the garden listening to headphones. Clocked up 75 mins mixture of grass and concrete. Icepack on now and paracetemol due at 6pm so let’s see how this goes…

I am wearing a track in the grass…
How many weeks are you on @SurreyGirl ? You seem to be doing great with the walking! I’m worried I’m barely out the house and still only at the pottering stage.
Just started week 7… some days are good, some not so much. I still have quite a bit of swelling around the scar.
some days are good, some not so much
Very true! In fact, we have a little illustration of how this recovery usually goes:


We are here for support whenever it's needed.
Thanks Admin Staff. Good to know..

I Went to our local new country park today. Weather was good. Decided if I could get from one End to the other I would treat myself to an icecream and a coffee. The icecream was sadly full of UPF stuff but the coffee was excellent.

Shattered after about 1 hour 10 mins walking plus 20 min break for coffee and icecream but what idiot decided to surround the cafe tables with bark chillings and the approach to the cafe booth with gravel. Arrrgh!

The paths are all hard sand so not brilliant for crutches either. People with prams also having issues..

I asked my husband to pick me up from the park entrance as was too tired to do the final 15 mins home.

Now resting in bed. Muscles all fine, just feel a bit achy as per normal but scar burning so icing up. It’s difficult to know what is needed re exercising and what is overdoing it.

Nice day though and I met some nice people too.


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Beautiful park! I would need solid pavement. Sorry about the ice cream- at least the coffee was good!

I am REALLY feeling it today. Very achy and tired .. Guess I finally joined the OCD club. Would kill for a nice warm bath but that is not happening for a while yet.

Tried sleeping in my non op side and managed half an hour before giving up but it’s coming.

Todays weather not promising so today will be gentle stretching and strengthening and LOTS of icing. Probably going to Bingewatch Picard Series 3 over the next 3 days. Amazing what I find on the internet when I finally get forced Leisure time.

We had a Bighams Lasagne yesterday to which I added extra parmesan and nutmeg. Nice for us both not to cook and it was delicious. Had some red wine with it and not an ounce of guilt.

We have one ready meal a week and eat out once a week which is a treat and often an excuse to catch up with friends. I get cabin fever otherwise!

Tonight I’m back to cooking. Tonight’s menu is “Duck with Black bean sauce and bitter melon”. Hubby cooking the duck part as he does it better than me.

But boy I am tired this morning. Scar not so stingy though which is good ..
Sounds as if you are doing well, just dial down the ODIC a bit and you'll be fine! Enjoy the rest!!
An hour walking is quite a lot! So rest up today.

Re your scar - I saw my PT yesterday who said mine was ready for some TLC. Especially over the lumpy bits. To massage with a plain carrier oil daily and circular motions over the bumps to break up adhesions. She did a bit on my end ‘nobbly’ bit and even a short session she said made it less hardened underneath.
Quite a few on sale although I could not find the style I have!

Thank you so much for the link on Clairebella's thread, I missed it the other day but have since checked it out. I've never heard of this company but was quite impressed with their sizing as I have quite large feet - long and narrow, so am always having trouble finding shoes that fit. Such a shame that they don't have your boots anymore though as they are so cute !
Ah! If you have long narrow feet check out James Ingliss shoes and this company

Narrow Fit Shoes

Sadly the prices have gone up but the sales are always worth looking at. Note they are American sizes so an 8AA uk size is 10AA American.
I am going to have to find the other shoe link. Currently one foot is still very much swollen unfortunately but a girl can still enjoy shoe and boot window shopping. I am wondering how many shoes and boots have my bad “hip walking patterns “ ingrained in them.

@SurreyGirl I still have the other side to do. I am trying to walk heel to toe, straight not other side is doing the bad hip walk. Any tips along those lines would be appreciated.
Happy Friday!
Hi Hippie Chick. Pre this op I did concentrate on heel to toe walking without a stick For short durations using small steps and concentrating on keeping my back straight and core engaged. I also did some of the post op exercises like heel slides, knee bending etc to “train” the muscles what to expect post op. After 10 mins walking without my Leki my bad hip would sieze up but I persevered. I’m convinced this helped me this time around.

I did a bit of walking yesterday around the garden which is grassed and uneven (!) and then went out to dinner with friends. Bought a cushion with me to sit on and the chair was the right height. Was there for 3 hours and had a great time. Sadly I forgot my evening dose of paracetemol and half way through dinner the hip and scar started hurting. I got up and walked around a bit. In the car afterwards the scar was really stinging. I iced it as soon as I got home.
I’m going back to the practise nurse on Monday just to get some reassurance. I showed them a picture of the scar when making the appt and they are seeing me quickly. NHS at its best!
Thank you for the extra info re narrow feet shoe suppliers, I have no idea what fitting I am, I just know that my feet slide through open toed sandals. 'Narrow fit shoes' website actually supplies a measuring aid to help find out your width but unfortunately I'm going to have to wait until I'm more flexible to use that but it will be nice to know eventually what width I should be aiming for.
@SurreyGirl I am going to follow that. Anything that will make the next one possibly easier! Scar stinging is not fun.

@Esmeralda Keene or Keen sandals are very supportive and run narrow. Toe loops are also helpful. My foot size changed after my first pregnancy and I went from a narrow 7.5 to a 9 medium. I look at my swollen feet and think not again.
Well this time my feet have gone Back to a “normal” AA fitting. This is great as last time I got plantar f from eating flat shoes too much. This time having a slight heel will help.
Grrrgh! I have just received a letter saying my Consultants appt is put back from 9th to 23 October. There is no way my Uni will agree to another sign off. I am happy after 8 weeks to go back to a phased return provided I can work from home. Guess I will need to convince OH. I’m nowhere near driving yet… it is in their interests to help me get this right as I have to be physically present in November.

I wrote to HR and my Manager 2 weeks ago re discussing a phased return and was told someone would get back to me. No one did. :/(

At least I have done everything by the book!

Sadly the cover I have been getting has been less than adequate so the more “serious “ side of my job is piling up as noone is taking it on. This will cause me some stress on my return.

Guess I will write to them tomorrow with a copy of the new letter and explain the situation.

Any advice gratefully received.

Sorry to moan!

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