THR SurreyGirls's 2nd THR Journey

Thank you for your kind words @SurreyGirl

I so understand about that feeling of your brain not working properly, I'm so easily distracted at the moment and am finding it really difficult to concentrate on a TV show or a book for very long.

Being of a certain age and finally qualifying for my pension a few weeks ago, I am really pleased that I don't have the worry of a return to work. It really can't be easy having that extra stress at a time when you should be concentrating on the healing process.

Did your surgeon give you an indication of when you can return to driving ?
Hi! Not yet . I guess when I see him 9th October I should know. The thought of using my right leg doing an emergency braking stop is not appealing atm..
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I'm seeing my surgeon on the 11th October for my 6 week check so I will be interested to hear what he says about driving then. I have an automatic so it's my right leg doing all the work, which of course is my operated side. Pre op I use to swivel my leg a lot between the two pedals, which most probably isn't a good idea to do too soon post op :chinstroke:
I am not as far along as both of you- close to 3 weeks now. I swivel as well. I am also a right hippie. Please keep posting about driving because it helps! I want to know the successful strategies. It’s like the trash bag/ bin liner for pivoting into the car it helps so much but no one told me I was lucky enough to read it somewhere.
What a shame! The sauce was quite simple based on chicken stock, mushrooms, paprika and pink peppercorns and cream.

I hadn’t eaten much that day knowing this meal was coming!

At my neighbours today for a light lunch and so an easy meal
Of pies from our local market tonight.
Have to say I looked at that plate of food before reading the text and thought it was some sort of sweet / chocolate delicacy :chinstroke: :heehee:
Well he has the night off tonight as Steak pies from our local market. Plus brocolli and sweetcorn..

I’ve started to help out with dishwasher loading and unloading and general washing up. Wiling down surfaces - cleaning the shower room etc. still sleeping on my back as turning in my side still hard. I’m Just into week 7 and can bend down a bit.

I can now put my shoes on myself - fortunately I have long arms- but am still not bothering with socks as yet. .

Appalling weather today so will put headphones on and do basic walking in the kitchen and some gentle exercises. After I get back from my neighbours lunch party!
Thanks! Neighbours were great. Met sone new people an drank too much wine and sat down for too long. Now in bed with ice pack!

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