THR SurreyGirls's 2nd THR Journey

Thanks. It was! I wish I could afford a few more sessions but they are expensive but in my case money well spent. This is very directed physio and I’m careful not to overdo it.
Greetings from the Sunny Caribbean!
I spent last week in a very rustic hotel in the rainforest. Super place but trip hazards everywhere and the restaurant located in a tree house. Used my Leki and was fine. I took great care.
This week I am at a more usual type resort so am walking everywhere using railings when needed. My posture is much better without the stick.

Back straight
Can stand up in small heels at parties rather than sitting down all the time
I danced for an hour but used my trusty icepack the next day
The 32 concrete steps down to our unit are fine
I can get in and out if the jacuzzi easily
I did aqua aerobics yesterday fir the first time in 6 months.

Knee a bit swollen today and I am still having trouble doing a whole night sleeping on my side but progress after 5 months has been great.

Lovely to give such positive feedback.

Last time I was 6 months out from the op before coming out here so progress has definitely been faster this time.

Everyone I know here is impressed and saying I look much younger (the weight loss probably helped too)..

Moral of the story - take the recovery easy and don’t overdo the physio.

I Wish I had listened to Bonesmart the first time around.

Thanks everyone… xx
This IS positive feedback! You're doing really well, SurreyGirl.
Restaurant in a tree house in a rain forest...what a unique experience. It sounds like fun!
Happy to read the update on your progress and know that you're traveling and enjoying life. After all that's what it's all about. Take good care and safe travels home!
Greetings right back to you SurreyGirl
from a cold and frosty Devon.
have the best time.
Sounds heavenly seeing it's 14 icy degrees here! We had combo of snow & rain then deep freeze.
On the bright side we will be on St John USVI 2 weeks from today!
Enjoy your stay!
Now at a place with 92 steep steps to the beach. Small villa has a shared pool right outside so no excuses not to do my pool therapy.

I stopped using my stick once out of the rainforest and my posture has improved . Surprise surprise!

Last week I took part in Aqua Aerobics and had fun.

I did pack my icepack and am glad I did. Hip plays up a bit when stretched so the ice calms it down.
New villa this week has a huge bath and I can, with care, get in and out of it. This means I can now use the bath when back home. Only took 5 months!

I am hoping to try hobiecat sailing today for the first time in six months. Fingers crossed! A nice fit guy from Watersports is going to look after me. I know him well so am looking for are to a catch up.

Weather has been rainier than usual but it’s still nice and warm.


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Well I’m back.
Great holiday and Harry the Hip behaved well. Managed the two long flights too.

After the rainforest week I left my Leki in the suitcase and walked everywhere without it. Im
Sure my posture improved…

Now back in the cold and damp
And feel I have regressed a bit. Sitting at a computer a lot of the time doesn’t help. I did a lot of swimming in holiday which helped plus walking.

6 months out now from
The op and I still have an issue re sleeping on my non-op side. The right leg is still stiff and a bit achy. It just doesn’t feel comfortable.. any advice and is this “normal” six months out?

@SurreyGirl It is still very normal for that hip to feel stiff and achy even if you're not laying on it. If you don't put pillows between your knees now when side-lying, you might want to try that to see if it helps. It took a while before I didn't have any issues with my op hip no matter what position I slept in. I always took it as a reminder that things were still knitting themselves together. You're halfway through that recovery that can take up to a year or more to complete. Almost there! Just a little more patience...

I've enjoyed catching up on your thread and your adventures. They sound wonderful and I'm so glad your hip behaved and allowed you to enjoy them. Best wishes going forward. Keep us in the loop.
Thanks very much. That really helps. Will go back to the pillow method tonight and see if it helps. I will let you know after I trial it for a few days…

Thanks again!
Will go back to the pillow method tonight and see if it helps.
I'm betting it will help. I still use the pillow between legs while side sleeping. I am so used to it, I find it uncomfortable not to use it. Glad you made it home safely, SurreyGirl, and enjoyed your holiday.
A great rest of the week to you!
Hi and thanks for all the advice re side sleeping and hip stiffness.

I have gone back to sleeping with a pillow between my legs and it is helping. If my right hip comes too far over the stiffness starts up. I’m going back for a few pool physio sessions soon so will do some work re stretching that area and seeing if I can improve it. All ongoing. Now back at work I am taking the lift to the 2nd floor and trying to walk the rest to the 4th floor. Some days better than others but it all helps!
Pillow still helping and stiffness easing slightly but still annoying. Some zaps with the scar so I guess things are still healing deep down.

@Hip4life I hope your op went well. Good to know our 5 year old hips are doing ok.

I even found myself frog kicking in the pool last week..

Managed too- heavy a shopping trolley yesterday and feeling it today!
Hi Surrey girl. I'm 15 months in after left THR. So glad I was offered a Nuffield hospital by the NHS as I've heard a lot of bad experiences with the NHS. My only complaint about the Nuffield was that they sent me home after 2 days when I would have liked to have stayed for a month :heehee: Seriously the NHS are not the best but they try to give you the best possible experience.

I've just returned to see the NHS physio who started me on the path to surgery. My problem was I still can't walk without a limp and I needed to check it out. She told me that I don't limp but I have a knee/hip roll due to my lack of muscle and my left leg is around 1cm shorter than my right one. She said that a heel wedge in my left shoe would help which I've tried and it does help. Regarding my muscles I'll just have to be patient as they were a mess before surgery so are going to take a log of work to fix. Anyone else had this problem?
@Jenntee Hi there. Nearly fifteen months out too and also with a bit of a waddle. No pain, I just can’t stop the slight hitch. I think mine might also be related to long term muscle weakness although I haven’t yet been to see anyone about it.
Sounds like you're getting back to life and doing well, SurreyGirl.
Thanks for continuing to provide updates, it's always nice to hear from you,
Have a great week!
Hope are you doing, SurreyGirl?
Hopefully stronger with each passing month. Il'l bet you're excited for Spring / Summer 2024 with two good hips.
Have a great rest of the week!
Hi Layla!

Lots happening here. More on this next week. Harry the Hip is reacting well . I still get very stiff side sleeping but the pillow between leg ms helps. Still some pain at the top part of the scar which is tender.

Back to aqua aerobics and going to try pool Pilates next as I watched it from the comfort of the club’s jacuzzi and it looked very zen.

But all good. 8 months out still some room for improvement but mainly managing without a stick and working on my balance and posture. .

Thanks for checking up on me :)
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