THR SurreyGirls's 2nd THR Journey

I had my first ever physio in a pool today. Went back to the “Hotel for Hippies” and everyone was v friendly. I left my stick in my car!
Various carers stopped by to say hello whilst I was sitting in the lounge waiting for the session. Matron came to see me too to ask how my scar was getting on!

The pool was lovely and warm. Most of the excercises were ones I had done on dry before. The physio was very pleased with my progress as she had last seen me early October… we discussed my local club pool and excercising there but she advised me against swimming with fins as yet and said to wait a few weeks before trying…

when I got home I was v tired so rested up with some ice and drank
Lots of hip is complaining a bit.

I was surprised at how tiring just 30 minutes of pool physio was - plus a horrible drive home of stop start driving which didn’t help…

But I enjoyed the physio so will go again in a few weeks…
@SurreyGirl you're definitely coming along well. Sounds like you've had a lot on your plate so can imagine you're exhausted. I have to agree that while pool physio can be heavenly it can also knock the wind out of your sails. I loved it but always had to remind myself to take it easy and not overdo which can happen quickly.
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Thanks both.

I refused cups of tea before the session but happily sat in the lounge afterwards with a pot of tea and a biscuit chatting to the Carers and also one chap whom I had met in August who was back supporting his friend.
That break gave me the pause I needed before getting in the car, which was just as well.

Another day of driving today but then that is it for the week. Hairdressers tomorrow! First time in nearly 4 months. It all helps!
All sounds wonderful other than drive home!
Has anyone gone to salt caves? We have several here where you can go and sit in Himalayan salt cave. I know salt is also a good soother, my GF & her husband went and they loved it, we might try it just for the overall experience.
Have not experienced it but think it sounds great! Let us know what it’s like.
I did! The colour is gorgeous and I walked from the carpark and back again with hardly any use of the stick. Real
Progress… the pool physio helped loosen up a few things do I am going to continue with that on my own with another physio session in a few weeks time..


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Lovely! Please share what you are doing in the pool physio- I have not worked up the nerve to get in the pool yet.
I would be interested too! I managed the pool twice this week and walked, did heel raises and some stretches in the water.
Lots of abduction exercise including one that involved a side step going across the pool with a mini lunge and then another side step. Heel raises whilst hanging on to a bar. A ballet type barre exercise involving stretching leg out behind. A seated exercise raising knee to chest and a seated cycle exercise. At the time it seemed easy. The next day I felt it but the day after, less stiffness and more movement. That combined with pool and landing walking incorporating stairs is enough.

Most of the time my hip feels normal. The scar tissue still playing up a bit but the twice daily massage with bio oil is working.

I went to an 80th birthday party last night and it was mainly seated . The chair was low and uncomfortable but I managed and thought how far I had come compared to mid August. I also wore shoes with a small heel for 3 hours and no issues walking. Compared to my last recovery this has been much better.

I still can’t cross my leg over the other one to put socks on and am not forcing it.
Driving still tricky as is getting in and out of the car. Hopefully more flexibility will help.

All this will come however and I’m now concentrating on knocking off the next stone in weight to take pressure off my knees :)
Thanks for sharing this! When I get out of my low car, I will put my hands on the seat and still gently push. I am able to get out with less space between cars now. I have to move about before walking for long car rides- over an hour. Yesterday I went Christmas shopping with my son. His university is still on fall break so the store crowds were small. We had brunch as well. Getting up from the booth was challenging due to the high seat back and low seat. It is getting easier! Tomorrow is my first day back at work so I am trying to avoid the Sunday scaries!
Hey hey! I loved reading about your pool session and wish that had been offered in my area.
When will you return to do another session?
Isn't it crazy how much easier things are in the water? Then you have to adapt again when you leave the pool.
But it doesn't sound like you overdid anything.
Isn't it great to have both hips done and well into the recovery with the second one?
I am having a bit more therapy in two weeks time but will try and do some pool stuff on my own. One of the best exercises is going from sitting to standing from my fairly low bed. I was at a restaurant this lunchtime and the owner commented how easily I got up from my admittedly fairly high chair and started walking towards him in one movement. I didn’t even think about it.. it’s those small things that mark the recovery. I only gave to drive once or twice this week which is good!
@Hippie Chick i still have my disabled spot so am trying to hang onto this to avoid twisting as much as possible. I know full well from my last op how overdoing it and twisting set me back.

I’m still taking paracetemol when I need it but no longer on a regular basis so all good.
I have been doing the sit and pivot for so long I cannot remember how one normally does it. I am not there yet so no worries there. I still need a parking permit as computer systems were down when I went. I will need to conserve all energy for work. These outings have been great practice but I was able to rest as needed both during and after. I am hoping I will only need occasional paracetamol working.
Hi Hippie Chick. That is about the stage I am at. It was easier this week as WFH sone days so didn’t need to drive.

I am going to a wine tasting tonight with friends and will be on my feet most of the time.. I’m mentally telling myself only to stay for one hour and not overdo the standing but we shall see! Handbag over arm and a Leki stick and I should manage although wondering if a crutch would give me more support and possibly the offer of a seat!

Watch this space!

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