THR SurreyGirls's 2nd THR Journey

Getting used to low toilet seats not easy and I managed to pull the door handle off the loo door at the restaurant last night as was pulling on it to help me get up… whoops! Not doing that again…

I am sorry but this had me laughing. Glad to hear things are going well and getting back to normal.
Another milestone! Shoes! Haven’t worn these for years but ankle swelling now gone so back to my AA narrow size!


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Blackberry pie? I'll be right over! More seriously, I hope they turn out delicious =D
You are welcome… I could t use the conservatory table to sit at as it has been commandeered by hubby and his keyboard so I had to resort to chopping fruit and making pastry standing up in the kitchen… and I realised that I can now stand up for periods of time with no pain. Again it’s the small things!

Sadly shoes were pinching a bit and I was hobbling a bit with them but nothing to do with the hip. I want to get used to walking again with shoes with a small heel rather than flatties… still a work in progress.. .

A rather tough week at work coming up but next goal is to finally get back to gentle swimming - maybe in two weeks…

Just approaching the end of my second week driving into work every day. It has been tricky as Thames Water seem to be digging up all of Surrey and the stop/start traffic and extra traffic lights has been horrendous.

Lift broke down yesterday and I could not open the doors using the button. I used my Leki stick and waggled it into the doors and got them open and got out. Fortunately was still on the second floor so no "Tom Cruise" Hippy Heroics necessary. I now have an extra four flights of stairs to negotiate each day as lift still not working but I keep telling myself it is doing me good!

One serious question. Parts of my scar are still numb and occasionally fire up and the area is still a bit swollen. I am . Massaging with Bio Oil which helps calm down the stinging. Last time I did not have the issue so am I expecting too much too soon? It looks as if it is healing nicely now. Thanks!
Hi Surrey Girl, Here's some info...hope it helps answer your question.

Why Is My Incision Area Numb And How Long Will It Last?

Small sensory nerve fibers are cut with the incision. These nerve fibers run from the inside to the outside of the hip and cutting them causes the hip to feel numb after surgery. It is a temporary sensation that normally resolves over a period of six months to one year post op.

While healing you may experience sensations of tingling, pins and needles, itching, burning and even the feeling of a minor electrical shock. These are usually good signs that the nerves are spontaneously firing through the regeneration process.

When Can I Safely Put Lotions And Creams On My Incision?

Sometimes the skin around your incision becomes dry and itchy while healing. Although it is okay to put lotion or cream on the surrounding skin if it is uncomfortable, you should not apply anything close to or on the stitches or incision without the approval of your surgeon. It normally takes four to six weeks for the incision to fully heal and close. You don't want to risk infection by applying a product near an open area before that time. Some of the more common creams and lotions used on a healed incision are Bio-Oil, Vitamin E Oil, E45 Cream, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion with Vitamin E, and Coconut Oil.

The one exception to the guidance in regard to applying products topically over your incision is a product called ACTIVE AntiMicrobial Hydrogel Spray. This product contains hypochlorous (HOCL), a compound made naturally by your body to promote healing. It can be applied to your incision at any point during recovery - it's a germ fighter as well as a healing and moisturizing agent. Discuss its use with your surgeon before using it. You will find a link at the top right of the page in a sidebar ad you can click on.

Happy Thursday! Have a great end to the week. :)
Ugh! Sorry you are having to deal with flights of steps- that sounds tiring! Hopefully you don’t have to use them frequently. Our lift has its moments. Our custodian has been trapped before. I always make sure to have my phone on me. Hope the lift and traffic issues resolve quickly!
Thanks Layla and HippieChick.

I was relieved to see that the healing time for the scar can be over 6 months complete with the symptoms. I was wondering!

Definitely overdid it this week and last with the constant driving but it could not be helped. Hopefully this week will be easier. Finally getting my hair done after 3 months too!
No.. same old boring classic style.

Last day of my course today and all the driving and extra steps due to broken lift now taking their toil. I have quite a lot of pain so back on some meds to help. Not Opiods though. Will ice and rest up over the weekend. Guess this is the first setback in the Squiggle of Recovery!
Quick question for the admin nurses on here.

What is a “hybrids hip?

My first hip replacement was described as partially cemented

This one has been described as hybrid. My surgeon knew I wanted to be pretty active after the op.,I think I have an old fashioned steel hip with plastic cup…

What is a “hybrids hip?
Hybrid hip replacements combine the use of a cemented femoral stem with an uncemented acetabular cup. The benefit of this is that it allows the use of more contemporary bearings such as ceramics.

Hope this helps explain...

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