TKR Surprised and a bit confuse...from looking around, that makes me normal - I guess!

Maybe what you’re doing at PT is maintaining your pain level. I stopped going to PT at 8 weeks and just did ADLs and the stretches I liked. Sometimes we have to slow down and give our knee more relaxed healing time, in order to progress forward.
It’s important to realize that your entire body is realigning itself to deal with your new knees. Your pre-surgery body alignment happened gradually over many years. Then suddenly your two new knees put the bones and joints in their proper place, but the soft tissue was still as it was before surgery. It takes a significant amount of time for all the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to adjust to the new alignment. This is what you’re experiencing and it can require some patience to no longer feel those little twinges of pain when standing or walking. Remember, the recovery period for a “normal” joint replacement is a year or more.

Therapy is fine and can help, but only if whatever exercises or massages are provided do not cause you significant pain either doing them or in the day or two following a session. Please be sure your therapist understands and agrees to this. Having some pain when rising from a seated position and walking distances are the last things to come back (along with going down stairs for some people).

Good luck with your new therapy sessions and please let us know how things go.
Thank you for the words of encouragement. Yes - I, too, hope that the new PT sessions will help. This right knee is just different from my left knee surgery and recovery. I think the biggest factor is that shortly after the first surgery, I was able to ride my bike each day the weather permitted. This time around, the knee has to wait for the riding season to arrive. I think once the end of March and April arrive, I will be getting a lot more exercise in and believe that will make a huge difference. In the meantime, I trust that my therapist and his sessions will go along way in helping me get through this inconvenience. Positive outlook on things help, but I was not really expecting more PT. I just have to get it done and restart the full recovery! Roger

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