TKR Surprised and a bit confuse...from looking around, that makes me normal - I guess!

I wish to thank everyone for the words of encouragement and for the information about your own recoveries. So much of it crosses over between cases. The most encouraging thing to happen to me...and thanks to all of you guys for pointing out what should have been obvious to me, but was not --- NSAID (Ibuprofen) overload!
I stopped taking my Celebrex and Ibuprofen in combination (Celebrex in A.M., and Ibuprofen throughout the day), and feel much, much better. My nervous stomach issue (which was a very big issue for me) appears to have dissipated and hopefully will not return! Thank you much!!!!

In hindsight, the overload was making me experience a nervous stomach by the end of the day, and caused me to become very anxious...which fed into my lack of understanding (brain fog?), and what felt like depression.

So very thankful for this forum/website and you folks who have been there. You all deserve a pat on the back!

A number of people have mentioned the sleeping problem. One thing that I found over the years is that if I have things going on in my life either with myself or with other people when I lay in bed at night, that’s all I can think about, and it keeps me awake. What I found as a solution is on my phone watching half hour comedy shows. I propped the phone right up next to my head but not too close and I find that after about five minutes I’m fast asleep. I tend to watch, shows that I have watched in the past, so I don’t feel like I really have to tune into them. It just keeps my brain thinking about something other than my current problems. Please note don’t try this was scary shows! I have watched the office, Seinfeld, park and rec etc. anyway that’s what I’m planning on doing when I have my surgery October 2!
Have arrived at the point where I need to schedule TKR for my right knee. The pain, upon lifting myself up and putting weight on both knees after a period of inactivity, is horrible. I have to take "baby steps" for about three to five minutes before my knees can handle walking around the house. After waking up in the morning and taking my first steps is always interesting! Over the past few weeks, I noticed that a lot of my pain in my bad knee seems to be located behind muscles, tendons, etc., on the back side.

So, bottom line for me: Looking forward to surgery during the first week in October...about four months shy of a full year of recovery for my left knee. My bone doctor was initially firm about waiting for a full year to pass, but I think he realizes the pain in my bad knee allows him justify moving the next surgery up....yippy!

Looks like I will be going through my first when you are going through your second. Here’s hoping both of us have a positive experience and a great outcome. My surgery is October 2. When is yours?
Here’s hoping both of us have a positive experience and a great outcome. My surgery is October 2. When is yours?
Such kind wishes from you to socman!
It looks like socman is having his surgery on October 10th, so just days after you! You can follow one another's recovery.

A helpful hint is to look for surgery dates of each member right underneath their post to the left. You'll see mine, June 27th, right below. Most all of us have them noted, a few slip through the cracks, but not many. :wink:
I wish you lots of comfort as you wait out the next month until your surgery.

:wave:Hi @socman
Hopefully your enjoying a pleasant holiday weekend! :)'s going to be a very busy month.

I have started pre-surgery screen last week and have three more appointments at the hospital. That is, until last Friday rolled around. I had an EKG with a follow-up Echocardiogram. The "echo" showed plague on one of my heart values. I then had a Calcium CT screening which show irregular numbers on two of my four heart arteries. Now, I have a pharmacological stress test this coming week...then, who knows? An angiogram may be in my very near future!

It's enough to drive a person nuts! The next three weeks may be one heck of a journey with my knee surgery on October 10th, along with all the pre-surgical checks and now the heart thing. Due to my knee surgery, the heart surgeon wants my testing done "stat"...I expect a call from scheduling first thing tomorrow morning.

Just for kicks, I am getting my flu and RSV shots tomorrow at my pharmacy. When it rains, it does seem to pour!

Oh sheesh!!!! Fingers crossed your testing shows that the new issues are managable conservatively with meds and all systems go for your knee!!! Hang in there!
I am sure this feels a bit unsettling. Discovering these irregularities may be a blessing in disguise. With this awareness you will receive any necessary treatment and still get a new knee. Hopefully all goes according to schedule and you'll soon be on the road to recovery.
Best Wishes for all!
Finding these heart problems before they cause any real damage is a very good thing. You can 'nip this in the bud' and put that worry behind you. The next three weeks will fly by and soon you'll have a brand-new knee!
Finally, got through the pre-surgery testing phase and had size x-rays taken. Met with my surgeon and looks like all is ready. Heart doctor started me on statin (Lipitor) which has been a touch rough with some minor side effects like pain in my muscles and some joints (ughh). All of my cholesterol readings are in the green with not a single problem, but apparently that doesn't make a difference in some patients. I am beginning to think that cholesterol may not be the evil thing here....perhaps insulin resistance is really the culprit here!?!? This will give me some things to read about during recovery...along with all the binge watching I can tolerate!

I am so ready for this next surgery. A week to go. Have to stop taking my pain medications this Friday. I am sure that will make life just a tad bit more difficult, but the prize sits there are the end of all this.

Setting up and preparing my home starting this Monday. The final week will be made a bit more stressful with 100 college papers to read and grade from two online courses...then a few weeks with NO assignments coming in - planned it that way!

Got a new base for my adjustable bed which will allow the foot area to be raised a significant amount higher which will be great for my knee - will not be making that mistake again! Elevation and ice - soon to be two of my best friends...along with Tramadol.

Well, the next time I post, it will be post-opt time. Will let you guys know how (well) it all went.

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@socman Sounds like you are good to go!
Heart doctor started me on statin (Lipitor) which has been a touch rough with some minor side effects like pain in my muscles and some joints (ughh).
Ask your heart doc about Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). I take the same statin and 200mg of CoQ10 daily and now don't have the muscle and joint pain. It was my colleagues here at BoneSmart that told me about CoQ10.
Thank you. I will check this out since the muscle pain is more nagging than super painful. It did keep me up one night....the knee needing surgery and the Lipitor seem to work in concert at times! Again, thanks, Roger
Best Wishes tomorrow, socman!
We'll be watching for an update and hope to see one, once you're feeling up to it.
Wishing you a large measure of comfort now, and in your recovery!
Had my second tkr surgery two weeks ago, today. Healing. Engaged in PT each week X 3. Had one bleeding incident which the blood thinner did not help! Sitting around left me with some kind of sore on my buttocks. Seeing Primary this week about that and for general post-surgery check-up.

Removed wound bandage last week - looked clean, uniform, and should not be an issue when staples from out tomorrow. Expected and experiencing the typical litany of recovery issues. Looking forward to week six which was a turn around point for me during my first TKR surgical experience.

Take care,

Looking forward to week six which was a turn around point for me during my first TKR surgical experience.
Just remember that no two knees are the same in their recovery. Your last knee had 10 more months to deteriorate, plus extra duty while your first one healed. This means it was probably in worse shape than the first one, causing your doctor to do more work inside that knee. This might mean a slower recovery. Or it could heal even quicker since you know what to expect and have learned from that first knee experience.
Good luck with your post surgery check up this week, Roger. Also with the staple removal which should be quick and painless. I hope any recovery issues are mild and fleeting. All the best as you continue healing!

Into my third week of recovery from second TKR surgery. More swelling this time around which makes trying to get ROM kind of frustrating. Less painful during third week. Today was the least painful when I went to stretch, e.g., heel to buttocks, and other exercises. PT is tough, but managing. Once again, I have those darn muscle contractions where my entire knee/leg area stiffens up for a few seconds and then releases. When I have them, the contractions/spasms come about every 15 second, or so.

The one thing I would change is I would never get a two-knee block procedure...took me an additional day just to walk - had noddle knee for almost three days! Never again...of course, I only have two knees so I guess that is a moot points! Scar is healing OK...kind of "lumpy" this time around. Can walk around house without walker or cane at this point...carefully, that is.

One whacky thing was I was in the hospital for three days and never served one meal. Guess no one knew I was in the room. Last day a woman came up from the kitchen and asked if I had any plates, etc., that needed to go back to the kitchen. Just smiled and said "no". I could have said something, but since I could not walk, I did not wish to use a pain meds and no food kind of insured that that would not happen. I was OK with the situation due to the desire to not have to worry about it.

Doing OK. Will be glad when week six rolls around! I think that is a big turn-around point in the healing process.

Take care,

One whacky thing was I was in the hospital for three days and never served one meal.
I can't get beyond this...did a friend or family member bring you food? I think the surgery site should know about this for future patients. I am so sorry! I see your reason for ignoring this, but nonetheless unbelievable that it occurred.
Well, you're back at home, thriving, and hopefully eating well these days, Happy Saturday! Thanks for taking the time to update.
The nurses brought me three small Jello packs during the three days. I was really OK with it, but just waited to see if the kitchen would finally catch on. I told the nurses that I did not want food...bedpan and all. They followed my wishes, or I am sure that they would have said something. I found out after the fact that patients are to now call in their orders Funny, no one told me that. The last time I was in, a person came to my room and took my orders. I eventually found the menu (as I was packing up to leave), but they did not provide the number one was to call.....comedy of errors, if I say so myself!

Coming along fine. Second time so one knows (kind of) what to expect. Lots more stretching this time. More icing. More elevation. Muscles are finally allowing me to stretch without too much discomfort. ROM is 100 and flat is 7...not very good, yet.


Well, good thing you were okay without meals. Many don't have much of an appetite post op. I never lost mine.
I think I woke up hungry, lol. It is interesting the wide range of accounts you read here. At my surgery site, I had to submit a dinner and a breakfast selection from a Panera menu, a week before my surgery.

Glad you're doing well. While your range of motion is currently limited, it will naturally increase as the swelling subsides and the pain eases. Give it time. I hope you have a nice weekend!

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