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Jun 6, 2023
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What type of walker is recommended, wheels on front or no wheels? I realize that every person is different but how long is a walker typically needed after surgery.
@Chigirl Welcome to BoneSmart! For many people a walker is needed for only a few weeks. And some few don't use a walker at all. You can use crutches instead of a walker if you chose. If you do want to use a walker consider the floors in your home - would it be easier to get around with one with wheels or do you have many rugs that would require you to lift the walker over the edges? You might want to consider renting or borrowing a walker rather than purchasing one. When I had my hips replaced I borrowed a walker and some other equipment from the Senior Services Center near me. Many medical supply stores also have equipment for rent.

Which hip are you having replaced? We will make a signature for you when we have that information.

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Hello and Welcome! Thanks for joining us. We've created a signature for you, but to complete it, we'd like to add which hip will be replaced. The Right, or Left?
Not too long to wait now. I wish you comfort and hope you'll share your journey with us on the flip side.
Thank you so much for the welcome as I am very apprehensive about having this done and really need the support. But if I am ever going to be able to hike and travel again, this has to happen. We live in the Pisgah forest in Western North Carolina, and our mountains are calling me; so I must get better. Thanks for all you do.

It is my left hip.
My walker had wheels on the front and on the back I put tennis balls on the legs with my second THR. Between THR's I removed all of the carpet and installed flooring so I didn't want to drag the legs on my new floors. The tennis balls worked great and the walker was useful in recovery. Even when I was able to use a cane or walk in the house without it I kept the walker near the bed at night for bathroom runs if I needed it.
You live in a beautiful area but I can tell you from experience new hips don't like hills. I had to drive to flat ground to do my post-op walking.
Thanks for the info. We do have wood floors but they need to be replaced so I’m not worried about scratching them. So I did order a walker with wheels on the front. There are a couple of waterfall hikes near us that are flat hikes, but I think I will wait until I am post-op, post-op, before I attempt any hikes at all, and will just stay on our property for the time being. Thanks so much for the advice.
am very apprehensive about having this done and really need the support
That apprehension is completely normal. I think we all have "second thoughts" once the surgery is scheduled. I was so anxious that I almost cancelled the night before surgery. :heehee:

But, the surgery was life-changing. It took a while for complete recovery, but last summer (after having both a hip and a knee replacement) I was able to go hiking along a fjord in Norway!
Wow, a fjord in Norway. On our bucket list. My husbands maternal grandparents came from Norway. Always wanted to take a cruise there but its been one thing or another.
Welcome, @Chigirl
Surgery is stressful and I haven't ever had a major surgery until my bilateral hip replacement....
If it helps, I have never regetted it and am back to a healthy, happy life...
Hip pain is horrid...makes you feel why old before your time.
When I left the surgery center, they loaned me a walker I brought back at a follow up appointment when I no longer needed it. It was a front wheel walker and they advised against using one with 4 wheels. I had to lean on it hard with my second THR because of knee pain and they are a lot more stable for that. I bought a 4-wheel walker for $8 at a thrift store for when I was getting around better. With the first THR, I used the surgery center’s walker for about 3 weeks, then I switched to a cane and my 4-wheeled walker when I got tired. With the second, I switched to a cane at 2 weeks and barely used my 4-wheeled walker.

Good luck! Best decision I ever made was doing these surgeries!

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