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Jul 30, 2015
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Well, I finally had surgery to replace my right shoulder on Monday(9/11/2023). All went well. Checked into hospital at 5:00AM and was home by 1:15 PM and I live an hour and a half from hospital! I had an anatomical replacement and thankfully there was no rotator cuff involvement. Today I go for my first PT visit. The nerve block I was given lasted a little over 24 hours and then the pain set in, but it is manageable. Wish me luck!
Welcome to the other side @etndeadhead ! Easy does it at PT. It is needed post TSR. But it's very early days for you.

Great that your pain is managed! Please let us know how PT goes.
It's been one week since the surgery and I am doing really well. My pain has been minimal. I did have a bit of a scare yesterday when my sling got tangled up in my polar ice brace. I released the waist strap on my sling while sitting in my recliner and when I went to take the ice brace off of my shoulder it pulled my sling out to side away from my body. I felt some pain in the shoulder joint, but hopefully there is no damage. Also, I my bicep is swollen on the inside of my arm. It's like a ball. I called the OS office and they it is normal. Anyone else familiar with this? Anyway, so far,so good!
Awww.. that had to be a nasty surprise when you pulled your sling outward like that. It's been almost 4 weeks post op so I bet you are just fine.
That swelling on the inside of your bicep area, you can probably move some of that fluid by massaging your lymph nodes that are located in your affected armpit. It's true! They are there and I'm guessing they are full and not able to release. I'm not certain you are able to slip your hand into that area without upsetting your shoulder but if you can, take some big, slow breaths in and out to help activate lymph nodes in your body's core then massage those axillary (armpit) nodes and I bet some of that swelling with slip away. As you massage, use a motion that is directed towards your chest. You can use more than a gentle pressure but not a deep pressure, either. I would err towards too gentle before too deep.
I hope this helps you.

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