Bilateral THR Sue's double hip replacement

This is an interesting article, VSlowLife. Thanks for posting it. We do welcome member links to recent scientific material. There is so much out there, it's difficult for the BoneSmart staff to spend the kind of time it takes to research it all.

This is particularly interesting to me as I am a believer of good gut health being the key to many things that help us live a healthier life. It will be interesting to see where this goes. And.....I'm like you....little teeny-tiny knee implants for mice? It never crossed my mind!
Hello and a Happy Saturday, Sue! :)
I hope things are calming down and falling into place for you.
I'm in awe of bilaterals, I know I wouldn't have the courage if offered the opportunity. There are many great bilateral recovery stories on the forum to peruse, if you haven't already. Let us know how you're doing if you have time.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for checking in Layla.

5 weeks out now. Actually spent the weekend very concerned about one side. The bottom part of the incision, which is now open to the air due to my, possibly ill advised, removal of the (very discoloured) steri strips, seems red, inflamed and warm. No discharge and the wound seems closed, though a bit messy with scabs etc. The leg seems a little stiff and saddle bag swelling is more apparent on that side. No fever. Other side, no issues.

I'll call the surgeon and see if he wants to see me, or if I should go to my local NP. Praying this doesn't indicate the prosthesis is infected, though one could argue an early infection might be better than a later one.

It's the emotional side of all this that has been tough--all the rest, pretty easy, so far.
Good Morning,
I'm sorry you're worried, so many things can cause anxiety early on. I think you're wise to get it checked and pray you'll receive reassurance all is well. No leaking or oozing and no fever are good signs, you haven't mentioned you're experiencing either.

Please stay in touch and let us know what you hear today.
Wishing you comfort, peace of mind and healing.
Congrats on your double. I’m just now on day 7 and all is going ok so far. Long road ahead but each day is progress
Had nurse check out incision and she thought all was well. She checked for any 'hardness' along the wound and said that the fact that it was all 'squishy' meant no infection. That, and the fact there was no oozing, discharge, fever either. She also mentioned that the wounds are likely to feel warm to the touch for up to six months. So I guess it's really 'hot' that we should be concerned with rather than 'warm'. While there I requested an SSRI (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), which I hope I'll only need for a short while while I try and calm myself down.

I see my surgeon next Monday. I've now ditched the cane when out and managed six steps unaided at the doctor's office. My husband says that my gait now looks normal, so I guess I'm doing OK.
So glad you got reassurance and that all seems to be on track.
Hard to know what is normal as there will be temporary niggles that come and go through this recovery process.
It IS definitely a process.
Early days, my friend, and all temporary.
Keep the faith!
Hi @Whitmore
Thankfully you received reassurance over your concerns. Congrats on the steps you're taking unaided and your improved gait. All encouraging!
Wishing you a good week and all the best at your appointment next Monday.
Stay in touch!
Happy Two Month Anniversary and a Happy Thanksgiving too!
Hope you're doing well.
:) :-) (:Happy Thanksgiving, Both at Once pal.
Things are likely still adjusting and those mornings can feel often like starting over until the kinks get worked out.
Hope you are staying patient as all is temporary and it will keep getting easier.
Keep the faith!:angel:
Approaching the 11 week mark and hit a bump in the road--with a molar with a 3 year old root canal.

Thought I'd have it checked out as it's never been 'right', even after the RCT had just been done. My dentist referred me to an endodontist as he thought he saw evidence of infection. The endodontist had a machine that could take internal images of the tooth which revealed a crack and some infection in the bone between the roots. She felt that this had been going on for a long time. I actually think it might have pre-dated the RCT, as the sensitivity was the same pre and post procedure. Anyway, she advised the tooth could not be saved and referred me back to the regular dentist.

However, he can't do the extraction because of the crack and I have to go to an oral surgeon. (Upside-- I'll get the IV sedation! )

My orthopedist was OK with the extraction, but doesn't know about the need for an oral surgeon-have just left him a message to make sure OK. I will pre-load with the 2 grams of amoxicillin. I imagine, but don't know, that the oral surgeon will prescribe antibiotics after the procedure.

The issue of an implant came up. Apparently, if I choose to, the oral surgeon will put in a bone graft in preparation for the implant. I have no idea if this is a good idea, or if it adds an extra level of risk.

Again, left a message for my orthopedist to see if it does or not.

All this is scheduled for Monday, so If anyone has gone through something similar and could pass on the advice they were given it would be much appreciated! Just hope the OS office gets back to me soon....
@Whitmore Gosh, you have had some hurdles along the way! Luckily nothing horrible but still nerve wracking for you. I'm sorry you've had to worry like that.
I'm sorry to read above about your upcoming extraction. I had a failed RCT, too. I was very sad about losing a tooth that I had put so much time and money into. I am not sure about the pro's and con's of an implant so soon after THR's, it will be interesting to hear what your OS tells you about that.
Hopefully you've heard something by now or will by tomorrow morning and I would suggest calling the office again if you haven't heard, sometimes the memo's get buried under paperwork and would hate for you to not hear back.
Other than the tooth, hopefully you are walking easier and beginning to regain your strength and stamina?
Well, I hope Monday goes easily for you and you can relax and continue to heal. :flwrysmile:
Thanks! Yes, hip recovery has been excellent. Mostly I forget about them. Yoga, elliptical etc, not a problem. I've tried jogging(i was a runner until a couple of years ago), just to see if I could get out of the way of a bus, and that still feels totally weird, so obviously some muscles are not fully back. Will need to be extra cautious crossing roads, and avoiding lively alligators when I'm in Florida!

Orthopedist got back to me. No difference between this being done by an oral surgeon or a dentist in his book, but again advised loading with the ABX. Left the decision re the bone grafting up to the surgeon. I assume the implant bit of this would come much later, at more like the 6 month post surgery mark, once the bone is integrated and strong, so should be OK, but will ask the oral surgeon about timeframes.

I'm scheduled to travel to London the following Sunday for 3 weeks for Xmas, and am now second guessing the decision to go ahead with this or leave it till when I get back. The tooth is no worse that it's been in a while and doesn't hurt unless I press the sides, and even then, it just sensitivity. I did go through the roof when the endodontist squirted something icy on it though. Neither the endodontist or the dentist is being helpful when it comes to advice--neither will commit as to whether this should be treated as an emergency or not. Guess everyone is trying to cover themselves, but it's hard to make an informed decision!
If it were me, given the infection, I'd err on the side of caution. I'd keep the appointment on Monday rather than wait an additional three weeks.

There is an infection.
There is sensitivity / pain.
While neither your endodontist or dentist are guiding you in one direction, or another, they're not confirming that you're not at any risk in waiting.
Does your Orthopedic Surgeon see any urgency in treating this, or does he feel it's okay for you to ignore it for an additional three weeks?
Thanks, Layla.

Yes, you are probably right that I should get it taken care of ASAP. The surgeon has been incredibly accommodating fitting me in at short notice, and it would be bad form to change plans. And it would be more like a four week wait, so potentially risky. Just hope I'll be in reasonable shape for a 9 hour overnight flight next Sunday--it'll be a whole new version of me flying back from the one that came in August!
Good luck on Monday! I'll bet you'll be doing well enough by your flight to London next Sunday. Safe travels..and best wishes for an enjoyable holiday!
Well, the oral surgery seems to have gone ok, though gum not closed over bone graft yet, so won't feel totally out of the woods infection wise till then....

Had a real scare today. My son was dropping my daughter and her baby off at the airport in the SUV which has the baby seat, and I had an errand to run, so took out my sports car for the first time since surgery(Audi TT). All seemed just fine until I got out once back home and started walking into the house. Very pronounced interior clicking(not audible) over the outside of the 'ball' part of my right hip(the widest part). I could feel parts moving, but there was no pain. Had my husband place his hand over the joint and he could feel the movement too. It seems more pronounced immediately after I get up from sitting, then settles down a bit, but still can be felt now at all times when I move and somehow the joint feels 'looser'. No difference in range of motion.

Called the orthopedist in a panic and spoke to the nurse who is having me see the doctor on Thursday. I'm praying that this is soft tissue related and that some PT can resolve it, rather than a partial dislocation or some kind of more serious failure. Been hoping that 2020 would not be another year dominated by doctor's visits!

Can anyone else relate to what I'm describing and possibly shed some light on what might be going on?

On a lighter note, this site has been so supportive and helpful--thanks, everybody, especially the moderators. Hope everyone has a healthy and happy 2020!

Hello @Whitmore
Thanks for updating. I hope the exposed bone is soon closed over by gum tissue, one less thing to be concerned about.

Following is an article on Noise Issues -

Wishing you comfort peace of mind as you await your appt in two days.
Most of these things turn out to be non-threatening, please hold onto that thought.

Wishing you all the best in 2020. Happy New Year!
Hello everybody:

Hope you are all well and looking forward to a better 2021.

I had a bilateral hip replacement back in September 2019 in Naples, Florida, and made a pretty good recovery in the 6 months immediately afterwards.

I've been in London for the last 10 months, isolating, but am now back in Florida. When I first went to the UK, things went fairly well and I was going up and down stairs, very steep hills and walking unlimited distances. My hair started falling out in Feb. but I attributed that to the stress of the surgery and alarm around the Covid situation. I even started jogging over the summer. Now all these gains have been lost apart from being able to walk. Stairs are now difficult and my knees and back are hurting a lot--to the point that I don't want to bend down. I think my knees may be swollen. I have very limited movement in my lower back and cannot touch my toes. My hands and feet are swollen and painful, with bony nodules. The one place where there is no pain is my hips!

Now that I'm back in the States, I can get some blood work done and go and see a doctor, which I plan to do. If nothing is revealed, I'm thinking I should get an allergy test done, since I have a known allergy to nickel. I told my orthopedist before the replacement surgery of this allergy and thought I was getting metal free implants, but it turns out they have cobalt and chromium somewhere in them, which could be causing problems, I suppose, though my blood levels for both metals are low.

Searching this forum I see reference to the Orthopedic Analysis lab in Chicago, but they were made back in 2017. Can anyone who's had this type of testing let me know if they used this lab. or some other one?

Best regards.


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