Hip Infection* Sudden pain 2 1/2 years after hip revision

So jealous...sounds like my dream too.:roseshwr:
All the best to you @Whoknew
Just want to comment - that the Florida Keys are one of my favorite places to visit. I used to drive down there from Ft. Lauderdale, every year, when visiting my parents.

That's a nice place to heal!!
:wave: WhoKnew

Lovely to hear from you. You seem to be having quite an exciting time and it seems you made a good call on your lifestyle.

Please be careful in your new adventures.

Cat Blowing Kiss.gif Izzy xx
Long time since I’ve been here. Merry Christmas to all!

about 3 1/3weeks ago I went to stand up from the table and my right leg (that had been revised after having an antibiotic spacer in due to infection in my femur) just gave out on me. Sudden severe pain to the point I came up with some extremely colorful expletives! Pain mostly in groin but also front of thigh. About two weeks ago I went to local urgent care as in FL not by my OS and was told that no fractures and implant is in place.
Dr there felt I’d somehow irritated my him and to rest it, ice and elevate. Prescribed Voltaren 4x/day. Said if doesn’t resolve that I’d need an MRI.

Now still having pain to point that at times I can barely walk. No fever. Front part of thigh is numb and pain goes from groin to front of thigh. Can’t lay with that leg flat without substantial pain.

I do have a number of herniated discs in lumbar spine down and I don’t know if spine related (Back hurts too) or if my hip is messed up.

question after this long winded explanation is, is it possible for the hip to have popped out of the socket then popped in again tearing something?

Oh, dear, that sounds painful! Did you check in with your OS?

I'm sorry, I can't answer your question about popping in and out. Bit I'm sorry you are in pain.
Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve heard from you. I remember your sailing adventures and time in Florida.

I’m sorry to read that you’re dealing with pain. I‘m wondering if you’re referring to subluxation when you mention popping out and back into the socket? A subluxation is a partial dislocation. It occurs when the head of the femur is only partially displaced from its normal position in the hip socket. Unlike a dislocation, the head of the femur is not fully forced out of the socket.

Since you mentioned you’re dealing with substantial pain and finding it difficult to walk at times, you should probably speak with your surgeon again and consider the MRI he suggested. Hopefully it will lead to the origin of the pain and a plan to resolve it.
Wishing you comfort in the meantime.
Please keep us posted.
@Whoknew Welcome back to BoneSmart! Sorry it's due to pain!

I agree with Layla - sounds like subluxation. But the only way to get a more defined diagnosis is that MRI. There will be significant trauma to the surrounding soft tissues. But it would be wise to see if there is any other damage to the joint area.

Please keep us updated!
Sorry so long to reply. Have been traveling back to NY as my daughter is due to give birth within next two months. I ended up going to the FL branch of the Hospital for Special Surgery to see their hip specialist. He saw the x-ray urgent care had taken and said that looked ok but sent me to get bloodwork and MRI’s of my hip and back. My back has been messed up for years but last mri Before this current one showed a bunch of herniated discs so not sure if it’s my back, hip or what ‍♀️. Have an appointment on the 24th via phone for a follow up. So keeping fingers crossed. Still having days where it hurts like hell. The dr prescribed me naproxen, flexeril for the muscle spasms and tramadol for the really bad days. I found that Bc powder works well for pain but try not to use often as horrible for the stomach. It’s frustrating after it having been so good for so long to deal with this again. Sigh.

On the plus side I’m excited to have a granddaughter being born soon ❤️❤️…can’t wait! Taking a day to relax other than some errands and minor exercise (don’t want to aggravate it more). As far as the boat it’s still down in the Keys and we’ve gutted it to re-do it back into a proper sailing vessel. Have gone out in our tender and I find that the motion hasn’t caused pain yay.

Pray it’s not infected. I agree that I thought it was a subluxation but wouldn’t the X-ray have shown that?
Glad to hear from you @Whoknew Was worried you were lost at sea! :capn:

Kidding aside…it is good to hear you’re ruling things out. I’m sorry you still struggle with considerable pain and I will lift a prayer it’s not an infection. A subluxation is a partial dislocation. It occurs when the head of the femur is only partially displaced from its normal position in the hip socket. Unlike a dislocation, the head of the femur is not fully forced out of the socket. In most instances it returns to its original position naturally which must have been the case with you. Please keep us posted and let us know how your appointment on the 24th goes.

Congrats on the upcoming birth of a precious grand baby. How exciting!
Until next time…all the best to you
Thanks Layla! Yes super excited to see my new granddaughter! I’m praying hard it’s nothing major. Just doing what I can to follow up. Trying some gentle exercises in the meantime. Hugs to all going thru this!
Hello Kitten.jpeg How good to hear from you ... wish it were under better circumstances.
Pray it’s not infected. I agree that I thought it was a subluxation but wouldn’t the X-ray have shown that?
I certainly hope it is not infected. I had two x-rays that did not show the subluxation of my knee and I went for five months undetected and in agony!

In the meantime, take care and think of that granddaughter soon to be with you.
Hugs Big.jpeg Izzy xx
Finally heard back from the OS this evening. Good news is it’s not my hip. Said that looks good and no sign of infection from bloodwork and MRI! Yay!

On the other hand it’s all coming from my back (multiple herniated discs) which is causing all the pain, numb areas etc. Joy joy back to PT and probably shots in the back ( I cuss like the sailor I am with those)!!! If not one thing it’s another. But at least all is good w my daughter and the baby. They’ll induce her on the 8th if she doesn’t go into labor before then as don’t want her going past 39 weeks. Soon to hold that little nugget ❤️ Baby bump photo attached lol


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@Whoknew So sorry you are dealing with spinal issues. Not fun at all. Fingers crossed the injections work for you! Please keep us updated.

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