Hip Infection* Sudden pain 2 1/2 years after hip revision

Been icing my foot so it helps some. Definately a strain on the hip and bad ankle/foot. Ugggg. Just making sure by end of day I’m resting it. No foredeck work for me as the different leg lengths make me a bit more out of balance than I’d like!! Moving around the boat w the stairs is enough for my balance to handle.

Otherwise all is coming along. Hoping to finally be on our way this coming week as things coming around the corner. Now if my kids and mom would stop being so anxious about it maybe I could calm down‍♀️♀️
They love you! They are concerned and want you to be safe, happy and make it back in one piece.
Be careful, no falling down :no-fin: You'll be stuck down there. :elevate: and the ship will sail without you :capn:
Just kidding....your matey wouldn't leave you alone, lol.
Happy Friday!
Lol yep. Darn boat needed wayyyy more work than expected. It’s definately pushing the hip and ankle darn it. Xtra strength Tylenol is my friend at this point!!! Ice also.

Given that it’s only 6 months from major surgery I’m surprised it’s doing as well as it is! Kind of afraid of what the motion of being underway in a seaway is going to do to aggravate it as OS warned it will aggravate it . All I can do is deal with it as best I can. All the running around is causing some minor swelling which I can deal with and my partner knows I have to rest it.
You may need to do lots of icing while laying down on the way back home.
The boat will rock you to sleep like a baby :yawn: :sleep:
Stay safe, no slipping on wet surfaces. :no-fin: Hope you're able to enjoy in comfort. :capn:
Trying to get icemaker working so can do that. Resting it as much as possible while trying to get parts/provisions. Not easy to do. Sleeping is easy as beds super comfy. I’m trying to take an hour a day to rest it. Having some pain in hip/incision area which for the most part Tylenol helps. Really bad day have had to take half a pain pill to deal which I don’t like to do
Take it easy, don't let it get out of control, overdoing it that is.
Hate to think of you being miserable on your return trip.
Hope your pain eases soon.
Sailing...sailing...over the ocean blue...:capn:
That song hits me every time I see WhoKnew name now.:wave:
Hope you are having a great time!
@Mojo333 were that it was true!! This has turned into a bit of a nightmare here. Have only made it halfway up the keys after a month and a half of rebuilding/installing systems. Boat was NOT as presented mechanically at all so it’s been long moments of boredom with a few moments of sheer terror thrown in just to push me over the edge with heat indexes around 106-117F! Of course our a/c died on one of those 117 days!

Right now we’re getting ready to get off boat Sunday as my boyfriend has to fly north for business and I’ll stay in Florida with my sister (and a real shower!) for a bit. Have parts coming in as our drive system is messed up so engine keeps losing power at the worst possible times (gale force winds, pushing us into a bridge abutment and into a dive boat)! Needless to say it’s not safe to continue like this so stuck in a marina where everyone considers beer a breakfast food.

I did say I wanted an adventure...definately got one!

On the plus side, the turquoise waters, manatees, tarpon etc are beautiful and it’s nice to be in my second home state of Florida again. Hope all are well! Susan
@Whoknew I've been following your boating adventure with interest. It's sounds exciting for you, but sorry for the road blocks that keep popping up. I hope finally things get fixed and you are underway with no more problems. And I hope your hip is doing okay too. You definitely have an adventurous spirit in you. You are like the "I got this!" type of person. Must be exciting to hang with you!:yahoo:
Needless to say it’s not safe to continue like this so stuck in a marina where everyone considers beer a breakfast food.

You know what they say, when in Rome...:beer:
All kidding aside, it sounds like a wild voyage so far. It will be nice for you to visit with your sister and take a real shower, as you mentioned. I hope you enjoy your time there and that rough seas aren't tossing you about too much, jarring your hip. Stay safe and enjoy the weekend!
Other than a couple of rough days hip has been holding up fairly well. Did have a couple of days where it definately hurt like mad. Of course being the clumsy person I am I managed to mess up both feet too so dealing w swelling and pain there ‍♀️

OS said this would push it and I’d have pain so I’m just accepting it and taking Tylenol when I need it. Given that I really only started walking again 6 months ago after almost a year I’m happy with the progress.

Hoping we will be able to get the issues fixed relatively soon and can get back to NY although at the rate we’re going it will be time to turn around and bring her back south by the time we get there ‍♀️
Hey @Whoknew
The hurricane brought you to mind. Hope you're safe wherever you are.
Leave us an update next time you're on the forum. Would love to hear how you're doing.
Take care!
@Layla. We did ok w/the hurricane as fortunately it moved north of us. Yay. In NY for about another 12 days, then back to FL to work on the boat some more.

Hip has been aching much more up here. Not sure if it's the weather or what as it's wayyyy cooler here than in FL, and much more damp. Been using CBD oil and pill daily to help...it's allowed me to cut back on the Tylenol at least, although I do still have to use it once or twice a day. At least got my shot in my bad ankle so that's a good thing!

The unevenness of my legs causes some issues, particularly as it's too hot in FL to wear high topped shoes so I can't use the lift inside. lol new nickname "Ilean". Caused one fall as a result darn it...of course with an audience.
Also notice some clicking noises on occasion which is a bit disconcerting but know it's normal.

Hoping all are doing well in their recovery. Hard to believe a year ago I was at death's door!
So nice to see you are okay and was not somewhere along the coast during the hurricane with your boat.
I was hoping you were still at your sister's in Florida keys, but New York was good too. Kinda glad the boat held you back or you might have been halfway home with it and that could have been disastrous. In time I hope everything works out with your boat. :SUNsmile:
Hi :wave:@Whoknew
It's good to hear you're safe. Glad you're not stranded somewhere like Gillian's Island.
With your hip aching more while home in New York, I'll bet you're anxious to get back down to FL.
I hope you'll find some shoes to wear the lift in if it will make you more comfortable and less accident prone,
Ilean :heehee: That's a good one!

Stay safe and safe travels back to the warmth and sunshine. Hope you get to escape some of the Winter there.
Hi all! Long time no write here. Hip is healed and other than some aching along the scar which Dr. said I'll always have, and some weakness when I've walked for miles it's been doing well. Having some issues with the uneven legs (The folks here on the dock have given me the nickname I-lean, lol) and a couple of falls due to the unevenness and my bum ankle from being hit by a car, all is well.

Been living on the boat down in the Florida Keys more than not, as we're doing a huge remodel (hmm, like completely), which makes living in paradise in a constant construction zone "interesting". We also bought an RV as we decided to sell the house and just go mobile. The scare of almost dying from my infection caused us to really re-evaluate how we were not "living our dreams" so we bit the bullet and went for it. It's an adjustment but we do love the life and people down here, not to mention not being in freezing cold and snow!

I'm hoping all are doing well in their healing process and know that eventually things do get better! Hugs to all.
:wave:Hello @Whoknew
You sound wonderful and it's great to hear from you. :)
Living The Dream! Takes some courage to do what you're doing, but good for you! Hugs back at ya....stay safe, I-lean :wink: and check in again sometime.
Sounds like you are doing a great job of moving forward in your life and enjoying your life.

It's an adjustment but we do love the life and people down here, not to mention not being in freezing cold and snow!
Hello @Whoknew
It was good to read your update. Thank you for posting it.

I've merged your update thread into you previous recovery thread, so you hip story is complete.

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