Hip Infection* Sudden pain 2 1/2 years after hip revision

Wonderful to hear no infection and that you also are seeing improvement!
So excited for you and Jealous!:capn:
I am sure getting those sea legs in tune will be a good workout...please do be careful. No falling on slippery boat!
We all want to get back to life and things do make us anxious...but I'm wishing you all the best.

Probably feel better too have a fellow hippy aboard if you want to take me with you.:angel:
Sweet music to your ears....no sign of infection! :happydance: :yay: So happy for you.
Wow...you'll be celebrating in grand style, going down to Key West to sail home to upstate New York
on your brand new boat. Prayers for safe travels and smooth sailing. Let us hear all about it upon your return and how you're hip held out on the journey.
Happy Friday!
@ mojo we’re looking for another crew!!
@SarahBee ty! Gonna watch the weather but definately.
@ Layla. Ty. Was such good news. Will let you guys know how it went. Hoping the leg holds up ok. More worried about the bum ankle as I’m due for cortisone shot so hoping it behaves!!

Safety first!
Excited and anxious both. Looking forward to meeting the wonderful owners as they are lovely people. I’m excited for them with their new house.
And so the adventure begins! Spent day in NYC with my kids, walked almost 5 miles so ended up taking half a pain pill between bad ankle hurting like hell ( due for a cortisone shot... bone on bone) and hip acting weak by end of day affecting my gait. Fortunately today will be easier as sitting 3 hrs on plane to FL and time with mom and sister before key west and sailing home. Please pray we have good weather and my hip holds up to this as going to put a strain on it. Dr already warned the rocking will aggravate the pain I will have. . Hope you all have a wonderful June! This will definately be the most adventurous thing I’ve done to date! Susan
In key west FL for the past four days now. Boat is lovely but has some issues that need fixing before we take off. Tough to be stuck in a tropical paradise .

Hip so far holding up despite the steps up and down constantly...yay! Wish I could say the same for my ankle. Swollen and achy darn it. Time for a cortisone shot.

Hoping to get satellite phone and internet hooked up this week so can stay in touch w family and friends. Hope everyone is doing well here!!
Wise to take care of any issues now, your return voyage will be long :capn: you want that vessel to be ship-shape. Good to hear your hip has held out so far. I'm sorry your ankle is causing you discomfort.
Enjoy your vacay and safe travels back home!
What an adventure. Please keep us up to date with how the sailing goes! Do you have to step up to the yacht from a dinghy? Just wondered how that goes with an artificial hip.
Getting a boarding ladder and have back w steps. Hip was aching like mad yesterday, ugggg
Oh no! You can't have that happening this early into the journey. With any luck you can rest and find time to ice. Hope you're feeling stronger soon.
Have a nice Sunday!

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