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THR Sudden discomfort in THR after 1 year


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Jun 10, 2022
United States United States
I sleep on my left side where I had my THR. my healing after 1 year post op went well, no problems walking, or sleeping on side. But, Suddenly sleeping on that surgery side is causing it be be really sore. The soreness gets better standing, but in bed and sitting in recliner it hurts to bend at hip. It all this because I sleep constantly on that side every night?
What type of pain are you having? I developed bursitis on both sides and couldn't sleep on my side for awhile. Not sure if that's what you are experiencing or not.
Sure sounds like it could be bursitis as @myglasshalffull has stated. I've heard that lying on your side can aggravate it but surely a doctor could give you the best answers and explanation.. it probably feels silly to you to make an appointment, but I hope you do so. No sense worrying, right?
I've had bursitis in my foot/heel before and it can be painful!
@Greyhair78 Have you started any new activities lately? Or lifted something heavy? I agree with the comments about bursitis. You might want to see your family doctor.
Thank you all for your input. I do have an appointment with my surgeon's PA next week. It could be bursitis. My pain is coming from bending hip. No discomfort when walking, just when I try to bend whether in recliner or bed. So strange that it only hurts then, not when I walk.
Best of luck with your appointment next week, Greyhair.
Please let us know what you hear. I am glad you're at least able to walk with out experiencing pain.
A peaceful Sunday to you!
Hi Layla and everyone else who gave me good info on my pain after one year op THR. After seeing doctors PA, I have Trochanteric bursitis and iliopsoas tendinitis. Will try exercises first, if no help will get injected. I was so relieved the implants were good.
Hi @Greyhair78
Great news the implants look good, but I’m sorry you’re dealing with bursitis and tendinitis. May both be short lived. Please stay in touch. Wishing you comfort and speedy relief.

Here is some info for you -
Iliopsoas Syndrome
Trochanteric Bursitis

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