Revision TKR Story of My Knees by RestAssured: Pt 3

My weight has zoomed back up but I am finally able to turn the corner. I have seen more ICU visits than most people see in their life! I am tired but encouraged since I have gotten 20 of the 120 back off that I regained.

Some Med makes me sick when I eat chocolate. It is very bitter so my main problem a sweet tooth has disappeared! I guess there is some benefits to meds after all!
Sonja you have such a strong will and I am so glad you are feeling better.
So happy to see you posting! Hope things keep going well for you.
Sonja, I am delighted things seemed to have taken a solid turn for the better on so many levels. :yahoo: Will continue to pray for your improved health (and weight!) - you have such a powerful will to thrive, so I am confident you will just keep on getting better!!
Sonya, at least you know what to do and how to loose. It is the old story of eating well to nourish the body!! I have lost some of my sense of smell and find that food is not appetizing to me right now. Maybe I can loose that last 10 lbs.
Well, it is time to update my post! Knees are doing great! I hardly think about them anymore. I am so excited because my health continues to improve and I am feeling like my old self again.
It's great to hear you're feeling better, Sonja. :yes!: :happydance: :yay: :loveshwr:
Well done on your spirit and faith to keep positive. .. so pleased to know youll soon be good as new!! You're an inspiration⭐ and wishing you a speedy return home and a pain free future
Thank you everyone! I have missed all of you and will be coming back to the forum at least 2-3 times a week for now. I am in cognitive therapy, physical therapy, for my MS and am looking forward to getting caught up on everyone's progress![emoji4]
I am sure Dr. Maale will be "excited" to hear that the revision knee acts like a spring every time I fall. Slipped on wet tile and got a bend of 155, before it "popped" out from underneath me.[emoji15]

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