Revision TKR Story of My Knees by RestAssured: Pt 3

And you know me, Sonja! I'm always the voice of caution. Don't join the ODIC for your heart recovery.
@RestAssured what do you do while riding the recumbent bike? Even with mine in front of the TV I get bored. I need to up my mileage. Years ago when I biked 10 miles a day I read while I biked, hut find I can't do that anymore.
And you know me, Sonja! I'm always the voice of caution. Don't join the ODIC for your heart recovery.

Dr. Z told me I could start back after a week! Unfortunately due to the fact I had pneumonia, I had to wait 2 weeks!
I'm not surprised that Dr Z told you that you could start back with exercises at one week. i bet he didn't know how much you work out, though! Build up those exercises very gently and slowly.

Surely you don't think I SUDDENLY became "shy" when talking about my exercise routine! He told me that he has to encourage most people to exercise!

He told me that I was "way ahead of the curve!" :happydance:

He knows I have a trainer, I work out hard 5 days a week, and that Abby and I are watching "me"! ... Abby like a hawk! She is challenging me, but she is being vigilant! :friends:
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The rush won't happen in a day either! LOL If it did all the gyms would be overflowing! It takes 6 weeks to really begin to appreciate how you feel; but if you can stick with that then you have a great chance of getting that "rush" that I am referring to!:wowspring::friends:
Well, I had my 2 week checkup w Dr. Z and he told me I am in Atrial Tachycardia. He explained that before I left Shannon Hospital he had asked them to Cardiovert me back to Sinus! These past two weeks I thought I was in Sinus rhythm! I am on a special heart med that had to be ordered so I will start it tomorrow. If it doesn't "kick" my heart back into Sinus rhythm, in 3 weeks Dr. Z is looking at the possibility of another Cardioversion![emoji15][emoji102]
Oh he said continue exercising, just keep track of my heart rate![emoji4]
One thing I will never have to worry about is scar tissue sticking around for long! Today as I was getting out of the tub w my left foot, my right foot slipped and I did a perfect lunge! Well, not exactly planned but none the worse for wear! :happydance:
Hi Sonja! I'm glad your slip while getting out of the tub didn't do any harm, but . . . . please stop trying to entertain the masses! :heehee:

Do look after yourself. We care. :friends:

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