Revision TKR Story of My Knees by RestAssured: Pt 3

I always have to chuckle when a doctor tell me to "lessen the load," or "find a way to reduce the stress," or "try to calm down." OK, if you're married, working, and possibly have little ones ..... just what does "calm down" mean?????
abby - Barb:scratch:
I had impacted kidney stones last year. The urologist told me 6-8 cups a day at a minimum. Dehydration is a common problem. Can lead to stones, which you do not want. It is more painful than a TKR.

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Hello Everyone!

Update on my health... The knee continues to amaze me, I am doing things without even remembering the knee. My foot has healed thanks in large part to my A-Fib putting the brakes on exercise for the last 5 weeks! I talked to Abby today about my concerns, and she told me to put my scale away and focus on getting well. She said I might try light walking but NO exertion. When I mentioned swimming, she vetoed it! She said, when the doc gives you the all clear we will start rebuilding. She said "just take it easy!" I am having a difficult time doing that but the heart reminds me quickly! August 17th for my ablation can't get here fast enough!

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@RestAssured I'm sorry to hear they told you no swimming for now. I swim everyday, but can't use indoor pools due to the chlorinated air, so my swimming season is coming to an end. Are you allowed to bike?
Abby giving your good advice. Your :loveshwr:is in charge, so take it easy, not long before this will be behind you.
On another note about healing, A-Rod (NYY) got suspended last year from Baseball and is having an incredible season this year. I have to think, does his performance have to do with finally taking enough time off, and allowing his body to heal from all the injuries and surgeries he has had in the past???
Take the rest you need, heal, and you will be better than ever,:yes!:.
@RestAssured I'm sorry to hear they told you no swimming for now. I swim everyday, but can't use indoor pools due to the chlorinated air, so my swimming season is coming to an end. Are you allowed to bike?

No biking, or anything else that puts a strain on the heart! The doctors, Abby and my heart have convinced me that after i recover, there will be plenty of time to get back to exercising!:happydance:
:rotfl::rotfl:This is what you will need....
Well, I went to have a massage today, and this was the 1st time I have not had to talk about my knee!:happydance:
My neck and shoulder were sore so Becca concentrated on them. Then Becca was gracious enough to go grocery shopping with me and carry everything up to my apartment! God has blessed me with so many wonderful people in my life! I hate asking, but she asked me if I needed help with grocery shopping. I said "well I have been living on toast and water the past two days." That was all I had in the house! I rode one of the shopping gocarts and conserved my energy. Just walking down an isle right now has me gasping for breath. The knees are happy campers and well as my broken foot. I do believe I will be completely healed when I return to exercising!:loveshwr:
@RestAssured good wishes for your procedure on the 17th and a quick return to full health.

Thank you so much!

I have always been able to deal with pain and knee, foot, kidney stones, etc. :)

My heart has been dealing with me instead, and that is the scary part. :scary:

I went to a movie w a friend and out to eat and we had to stop several times in order for me to catch my breath!

The heart just isn't pumping like it should be and goes into a "jello quiver" mode, and sucks the breath right out of me! I am praying that the three ablations they are going to do will take, and that I can get back to being active again!
Sonja, just reading this. Sorry to hear about your heart problems. I know it's hard for you since you were so active. Will be thinking about you on the 17th. Hope it resolves all your issues!!:SUNsmile:

Hello! I haven't heard from you in awhile!:wave:

I am praying that the ablation does the job and mends my heart! I am down to 10 feet from the bed before I have to stop to catch my breath!:thud:

That certainly isn't like me; I am ready to be well and hitting the gym again. One thing I am starting to notice is that my knees. esp. my right knee is getting stiff! I have worked so hard to get it going; i certainly don't want to lose mobility!:bolt:

I hope you are doing well; i come online as much as my body will allow; but i am sleeping a lot more than usual!:alarm:
I'll be praying this abalation does the trick for you. Don't want those knees to stiffen up either!
Best wishes for the ablation next week, Sonja. I'm going away on Saturday for a couple of weeks, so I probably won't be posting, but I'll get online to see how you are doing. :friends:
Well I ended up in the intensive care unit again!:groan: My primary care doctor shipped me right to ICU when I went in for my hospital followup!:shrug: My heart rate was out of control and he said "The doctors and nurses will observe you for under 24 hours!" Well. 3 days later, the doctor walked in again and asked if i was ready to go home. i said "YES!" I found out from the nurse that the doctor thought my ablation was Saturday! She called and told him it was Monday, so he told her to let me know that I can return if I get worse again!

Monday please hurry!:beg:

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