Revision TKR Story of My Knees by RestAssured: Pt 3

I thought you may have had a bungee mishap which is why you did a wee disappearing act! Here I was picturing high up in a tree bouncing up and down with wind moving you to and fro!! I felt so bad for you...:rotfl:!!!

Great to see you back and congrats on your 3rd with the knee anniversary. My 3rd anni is two days after yours, only its not a happy occasion this!
Bungee Jumping?!!! Hmmm... Future Bucket List... When TESSA agrees to JOIN me!:idea:

Seriously though Tessa, I hope you can get the kind of relief I have finally found!:console2:

I must give fair warning to all.... especially to the ODIC club members who think they/we are invincible!:heehee:

After 3 years of having a revised knee I have been feeling like I am just on top of the world!
One thing I still like are the tall toilets because of my height though and so when I checked into the new Ramada Inn they said the only room they had left was an ADA accessible and I thought great!!! High toilets!:rotfl:

Well..... one thing they forgot to do at this Ramada inn was make the shower safe! The water (even with me lining towels along the floor) spewed out to the bathroom.

Now imagine dark brown wood looking tile as you are trying to mop up the excess water....
I was squatting like Abby had taught me and was mopping, and then I thought I had gotten it all up... but noooooo.... all of a sudden my left foot shot out straight in front of me and my right foot flattened with toes side down, and then then whole leg bent into a z position as all of my weight fell on it!

Now I didn't get this on video.... but I would definitely call it a self manipulation without anthesia

I felt quite a bit of scar tissue ripping away and the quad muscle has taken a week to recover.

BUT..... I did not push it! I let it recover! YAY for me I am learning!:happydance::wowspring:
Ouch Sonja! - I can so relate to hotel difficulties and what veritable minefields they can be, slippery bathroom tiles, low (and I mean low) trendy soft furniture, etc, etc.. feel better soon honey x
Oh dear Sonja, hope you're ok. I'd have done the same as you and tried to mop it all up but me thinks you should've called housekeeping to come do it. After you put some clothes on of course :heehee:

Obviously whoever designs these disability friendly rooms has never had a disability. I'm Day 6 post second TKR and staying in an apartment that is meant to be disability friendly till we fly home on Wednesday. Well it has grab bars for the shower and toilet, and shower is walk in and that's it! The lounge suite is too low for me to get down into so I'm left sitting on the wooden dining room chairs or on my bed.
Ouch ouch I would be crazy. Sorry for your problems. Hope u are ok know.

PKR December.1,2014
Aarghh and yikes!! I'm glad you recovered though. I shuddered at the thought of that fall you had xx
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I am sure there HAS to be a video somewhere, hahahaha! You did the flying V or was it the flattened V? Not sure which sport you are training for with that manouver...:rotfl:!

As long as you are ok and everything is ok, then its all good!
@JustmeT ,

I am thinking of taking up gymnastics and THAT type of flexibility will come in soooo handy! My thigh muscle is recovering slowly and Abby and I started back today but we were in the pool. :happydance:
Thanks to everyone for your concern. Falls are never any fun; I am just glad that my knee is in good enough shape that no permanent damage was done! :loveshwr:
Funny @JustmeT!:rotfl:

Yesterday as I was walking, my knee went forwards, backwards and then.... I caught myself before falling!:loveshwr:

Life continues to move on and get better! Walking a flight of stairs 4-5 times a day is helping!:happydance:

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