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Sep 16, 2023
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I had a total anterior hip replacement in April. The surgery went excellent and I was back home in 2 days. At my first and second post op appointments, everything looked fine and healing nice. In August I started walking longer distances and was walking 2-3 miles a day and some days 4 miles. During the first 30 days of walking I had no pain. Then last Friday I got a pain in my thigh while walking. I stopped my activity and went home. The next day I just walked around the house and had no pain. Then on Sunday I walked about a mile with no pain. Then on Monday I had a very sharp pain while walking at home so I called my surgeon and he had me come in for a checkup and x-rays. The x-rays didn't show any issues with the hip replacement. He thinks my pain could be nerve related so he sent me home with Gabapentin. The pain is sporadic, and only lasts for approximately 5 seconds but hurts like h..l. I don't know if anyone has had this issue but I'm very frustrated as we still don't know what is causing the pain. I told the doctor I wanted a CT Scan and he agreed so next Saturday I'll get it. For now I'm back to my walker and not placing any pressure on my leg. I thought it could be a muscle strain but the weird thing is that the pain is off and on.
@Stockjok Welcome to BoneSmart! What was the date of your surgery and which hip. We will put the information in your signature for you.

Did you increase your speed or length of stride when this pain started? Many of our members report what we call stutter step pain - pain when you first put weight on the op leg that eases off with movement.

I hope the CT scan gives you some resolution! Please keep us updated.
I had surgery on my right hip on April 14, 2023. I was fine with no pain at all until I started walking longer distances. My x-rays show the replacement is not loose and no fractures. My doctor first told me he thinks it could be nerve pain, then yesterday he said it might be my back. At this point I'm feeling very anxious as I have never had this type of pain before, and it is very severe at times. As I mentioned, I was fine for two days then the pain came back. I'm going to see a back specialist who also does EMG and NCS evaluations so hopefully he will be able to help me.
Did your surgeon mention sciatic pain? The sciatic nerve runs very close to the hip and often gets aggravated post THR - especially if there are spinal issues. Here's an article from our Library. Sciatic nerve pain
I think waking 3-4 miles a day after only 4 months is amazing!
If you have done any reading here you have come to learn most of us need close to a year to recover from this very intrusive surgery. Doesn't mean you can't do physical activities just means maybe skip a day here or there and rest and ice.
Let your body tell you what it wants you not to do.
I love walking and now can walk pain free for around 3 miles but some days I get a little pain after walking, it's probably muscle pain and then I take a break relax and ice maybe watch a TV show or go on my computer.
You aren't in training, you are in recovery.
All my best to you! And welcome!
I have pains in both legs, different days different pains. Not debilitating just an odd pain here and there. If I get a pain that lasts I ice and relax and the pain goes away telling me it's soft tissue. You're less than 6 mos out from a major trauma, I wouldn't get to upset over it especially since it only happened when you pushed for longer distance.
he said it might be my back.
Seeing a back specialist is a good idea, but don't panic -- it could be nothing more than your body trying to adapt to its new, improved alignment after so many years of being twisted from favoring the bad hip.

That's what turned out to be the room of the back pain that I had at 5 months post-THR. Some massage therapy and a few weeks of PT helped me get realigned and past the pain.

Good luck!
Maybe think of purring and ice back under your lower back at night? This is helping my pain calm down and actually back is more trouble than my hip right now

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