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Whew! Buddy and I have been SUPER busy! We are a day and a wake up away from going back to our very quiet mtn. I love these Grandarlings to the moon and back but they are wearing me OUT! We've gone non stop! Thank heavens for naps!!! Even Emmie didn't object to a nap today! I think I've worn her out, too! Lol! They are both precious! Hudson is almost 2 and Emmie is 5. Tomorrow they will go to school and we will have an adult day in Suburbs of Atlanta. I plan to stop in to say hello to my general orthopedics dr. She called me from her vacation in Italy the day after my surgery and sent flowers! She is truly special! Thanks everyone for checking on me! We WILL make it to Tues!! Hugs to all!
I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the time with the little ones. Enjoy what nap times you can get and enjoy the next few days with them.
@Thesoutherncook Helen I had a Christmas dinner with my fellow employees today. It's a small facility so I know everyone already. I picked up a bit of a cold so I didn't hug anyone goodbye. I told my boss that and he told me if I wasn't feeling well tomorrow I could take the day off if I needed to. I seemed to have found the perfect place to work! I was really impressed to see that you sat on the floor! I'm too chicken to even try it yet!
@newlybionic Sounds like you have a great place to work as well as a considerate boss. That means a lot! I've had both extremes at one time or another. Glad you felt like going to the dinner.

With a 2 yr old, there's not much choice about getting down or not! Lol! He and I are about the same going up the stairs and he "bump bumps" down on his little butt! He and I are quite a sight "bumping" down the stairs! Of course, my daughter's house is 2 story with all bedrooms up! I've been up and down stairs at least 5 times a day! At my house, I can chose NOT to go up or down! But, its been a blast!
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Helen, it sounds like you have had a wonderful and exhausting time! What a blessing to be able to spend time with the grands. What a fantastic surgeon! I imagine it has to do with being a very special patient too! :wink: Enjoy your grown-up day in Atlanta! What's on the agenda? I hope Buddy rests peacefully and behaves tomorrow!
@Timetolive , Janis, Oh, it's not my surgeon! Lol! He's a hoot, but not the friend that this general ortho is. I have spoiled her and her staff by taking them many batches of cookies as well as homemade marshmallows! We have a special relationship for sure. I just wish her practice was not 2 hrs away!! We'll pop in at her office just as she finishes clinic then DH and I will have lunch out ( and eat adult food!) and maybe a little " retail therapy" before picking up the Grandarlings at day care. One more kid supper, probably pizza tomorrow night, then the parents come home and we are relieved of our duties! I KNOW and respect why God gave children to young folks!!!
sounds like a grand time with the grands!

your ortho is truly a healer on all levels -- love her caring concern for you!

hope the trip back home was comfortable and you're relaxing in the peace and quiet of your mountain retreat

i wish there were a way to give more than one rating to a post -- your last sentence had me ROTFL
@SarahJane Great hearing from you! I was missing you!

We are back at home on the very quiet mountain and completely exhausted! I'm not sure who was happier to see the parents, the Grands or us! :loll::happydance::yes!:

We had that same discussion today about the difference in a surgeon and a general ortho ( or any other dr). She is such a compassionate and caring professional. As are her two PA. I am blessed to have her. She asked not only about the new knee, but also about #2. When I said it was still giving me problems, she said just come back and she will do whatever neded to give me relief. And I know she will! That's a good feeling!

So, how are YOU doing??? Anymore adventures??
I'm glad you're back home. Your grands probably had a wonderful time with you. What a wonderful ortho Doctor. It's nice to know that she truly cares about you.
@newlybionic Thanks! We are VERY glad to be home! But, I do love those Grands! Emmie, 5 yrs, told us we could just live with them for 100 years, then changed it to 5! They are precious. No prejudice at all here. :wink:

How are you feeling? Any relief????
@newlybionic Sorry you have a cold, but at least your knee is getting some much needed rest -as well as the rest of your body! Good luck with PT. I've got to get myself either on my recumbent bike or to the gym or both! I‘ve been a real slacker! But, #2 has been givng me fits. I suspect a baker's cyst and am following RICE therapy with fingers crossed!
Ha!!! Sibling rivalry!! :rotfl: #2 definitely needs a name.

Helen, glad to see you made it home in one piece. The things that children say are precious! Now, you have to get yourself and your house ready for Christmas. I imagine that mountain is heaven about now....Enjoy your day.
Today was catch up! We put up our pre-lit small Christmas tree, decorated it with our collection of White House Historical Assoc. Christmas ornaments and the ones we collected on our river cruise visit to the German Christmas markets. It was special to remember when and /or where we obtained each ( and I remembered how much my knee hurt on the trip! ) I successfully climbed the 2-step ladder to decorate the high places and put the angel on top of the tree. Then I vacuumed! Both of these were new experiences for Buddy! He did very well! By 3 pm I was pooped out, so rested and recharged to cook a nice supper ( time for an "adult" meal after eating "kid food" for 5 days! ). All this to say, normal life is returning!
I vacuumed the living room in preparation for the Christmas tree. I tried to use good body mechanics, as it had been oh, 5 months since I had vacuumed. My shoulder and side of my neck gently mentioned that they did not miss this particular activity, & I stopped pretty soon thereafter. Ridiculous how long it is taking to regain my ability to do simple things. But I so appreciate being able to slowly do more and more. Sorry your other knee is not happy. I am envious of your time with your grandchildren. I hope at least one of my 4 kids will have children of their own. They all tell me not to count on it. So I am cultivating my 7 great-nieces and great-nephews. Children are so wonderful.
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