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Catching up on your thread :yes:.

Thanks for the link to your cooking blog. the chicken thigh recipe looks really tasty!

I'll have to keep secure areas in mind. I can see myself forgetting and setting off alarms.

I hope you're able to get an answer about that pesky leg soon. If it's anything like my shoulder it's definitely annoying -- and worse for you because you have to stand on it from time to time. If it's a ligament, then it'll take some time for it to heal. I have a lot of sympathy but no experience or advice to share.
Happy 4 month Birthday to "Buddy"! :wowspring:
I have to say that there is a HUGE difference in the past month. I helped at our church yesterday afternoon for 4 hours and was tired, but no swelling. Today, I cooked pies for Thanksgiving and was in the kitchen all afternoon. Again, tired, but no swelling. I have times that I don't think about "Buddy" until I get up to move. I still elevate in the evening while watching tv or catching up with my BS buds. Maybe it's become habit? I rarely have pain and an ES Tylenol takes care of it. I sleep well most nights with help from Benedryl, which I've done for years. All in all, I'd say that there are vast improvements in the past 2 months! I look forward to hitting that 6 month mark and seeing how it feels!

I'll give "Buddy" a workout next week as we go to my daughter's 2 story house in Atlanta for Thanksgiving. We'll feed 12 adults, 5 grandchildren and 2 dogs !!! On Saturday, my daughter and my 5 yr old Granddaughter and I will go to The Nutcracker. We will come home on Sunday and, no doubt, be exhausted! On Thurs after T'giving, we go back to babysit the almost 2 yr old Grandson and 5 yr old Granddaughter from Fri - Tues!!!! I hope we live through it all!
:loveshwr::dancy::egypdance::yay::happydance:Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

(I haven't thought of a good name yet. I was thinking of using Lewis and Costello but I'm not sure which is which right now)
What a wonderful Thanksgiving you have planned. Buddy will probably play a very minor role, just a supporting actor. The stars will be the family. I am looking forward to eating some turkey, which my husband dislikes. Every year he tries to talk me into doing away with a turkey at Thanksgiving. And every year I remind him that is the only time I get to eat it. We will have a ham also, so he will not starve. But I cannot wait for the turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce!
croak, croak - well I'm still alive - croak!

I have a nagging pain in my non operated leg in the back at LB3 D. I've iced, stretched ( or tried to but it really hurts when I do! ) massaged and rested it and NOTHING helps! When I stand or walk for any length of time ( over 10 min) it burns and swells. What am I dealing with now?????
Sounds like hamstrings to me which can also go into the calf muscle. Hamstring stretches can be helpful though personally I got mine sorted by my chiropractor!
@Josephine Thanks so much for your reply. I will give these exercises a try.

I do hope you are feeling better! Nasty colds are no fun, especially in your climate!! :friends: Please know how very much we all appreciate you and this site. It has truly been a Godsend for me during this recovery.
Thankfully, the nagging pain behind my nonTKR is almost gone! @Josephine I will continue stretching!
I spent the morning in the kitchen and turned out cornbread for Thanksgiving dressing, a dozen apple tarts, 14 sandwich bags full of Caramel Corn Puffs ( for the Grands) and lunch! I'm resting,icing and elevating! It is great to be able to work for several hours, taking short breaks, and not think about my knee very much! :happydance:
I'm touched by the invite, Helen, but I'm on jury duty next week! The way jury duty works in Los Angeles County is that you call the clerk's office the night before to see if you need to report the next day. So it's hard to make plans to do anything until you've been excused, which in this county comes after the end of one trial, or one day of reporting (if you haven't been called). And Friday, the courts are open. I've been called to report to the largest courthouse in this very large county, so odds are I'll have to report. This will be interesting: it'll be the first time since my surgery that I've had to go through any sort of security scanner. The main courthouse one floor where there are supplemental heavy-duty security scanners. That's where all the trials for hard core very dangerous criminals are held. I'm pretty sure I'd set that scanner off. I'm not so sure I'd set the first floor scanner off. It usually goes off if you've forgotten change or keys in your pockets, if you're wearing steel-toed work boots, etc. So a TKR might set it off. Guess I'll find out.

My grandmother made cornbread stuffing, and that's what we had every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Very yummy. Enjoy your time with family and don't forget to save me some leftovers.
@SarahJane Both my DH and I got called for jury duty, too! He reports Monday after Thanksgiving. Mine was to be Dec. 7 but I got excused because we are committed to babysit Grands while my daughter and her husband go to NYC for their anniversary! When I went to our tiny courthouse to plead my case for being excused, I set off the alarm! I can guarantee you will,too! It scared me because I had totally forgotten about the knee!! The security good ol' boys just laughed! I think perhaps you might not go through as unscathed as I ! Shall I FedX you some leftover dressing?
Happy BD to buddy! It is nice to get some distance from the surgery. Went to a party tonight and actually forgot about my knee!

I do hamstring, quad, IT band, and calf stretches twice a day! They help!
Happy 4 month anniversary to you and Buddy!!
Reading your post is very encouraging. I miss being in my kitchen sooooo much and I especially have hated missing cooking for the family at Thanksgiving for the past few years. Next year though.....
I am blessed that all 3 of my grown children and their families live here in town. My son is doing Thanksgiving at his new home and he is an excellent cook.
I know you must be thrilled to be back to your cooking AND babysitting that sweet grandbaby!
When my hamstring bothers me I find the heating pad and stretches to be quite effective.
One thing I don't envy is you and DH having to be in the holiday traffic in Atlanta! :yikes:
I normally host thanksgiving but decided it was too much this year. Also both of my sons were going to girlfriend family. My hubby and I will have a small turkey and all the trimmings. No cleaning the house no 3 loads of dishes and no $300.00 shopping trip lol
I am such a non-cook. My mom and dad used to always do Thanksgiving but sine we lost mom a year ago October my family just never seems to get together. I 'nominated' one of my daughters to hold thanksgiving dinner last year and she is cooking this year again. Your home sounds like it will be a great time for all of your family. I'm so glad that you're able to have your entire family with you. I'm very happy for you.
I'm packing up all of the baking, the turkey, etc and taking it to Atlana to my daugnter's house. My son and his tribe will meet us there there along with assorted inlaws and outlaws! Everyone brings something. It makes for a big crowd that is loud, rambunctious ( thank goodness for a prediction of sunshine so the 5 Grands can play outside!) and a totally fun day! I grew up as an only child of an only child and always dreamed of a big family for holidays! Now we have one more to add to the group, "Buddy"! We are faaaaar from a Norman Rockwell family, but, in our own dysfunctional way we love each other!
For those of you still in the early stages of this journey, let this give you confidence that you too will be at this place sooner than later!
@Thesoutherncook, thanks for the encouragement. Thanksgiving sounds like a blast!! I will be doing a small thanksgiving for hubby and myself.

Christmas will be my big challenge. Flying 2,500 miles to spend 8 days with granddaughters and their parents. Home for 2 days and then fly 500 miles to spend New Years with grandsons and their parents.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.
Hey1 I can finally see your doggie in your avatar! What a relief!

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