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Snow and ice: walk in safety after surgery

Discussion in 'Post Surgery Information' started by Jamie, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Jamie

    Jamie ADMINISTRATOR Administrator
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    Mar 24, 2008
    United States United States
    One of the biggest fears we have after hip or knee replacement surgery is the possibility of falling - especially if you must move about on snow and ice. It is possible to reduce the chance of slipping by using simple "cleats" that attach over your shoes or boots. I've tried them and they REALLY provide stability and traction. There are a number of products available. Here is a photo of one:


    There are several different types and here are some links to places where they can be purchased:

    YakTrax Walker

    STABILicers Ice Cleats

    Due North Ice Cleats

    In the UK I got these at the Pound Shop for - £1! Though I had got a pair previously from my chiropractor which I gave a way and they cost £21!

    I wouldn't be without them though I have to point out to people that they can be lethally slippery if you use them on paving, tarmac or stone, so do be careful!

    ice grippers 1.JPG ice grippers 3.JPG

    Go safely into winter weather!!!
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