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Greetings & many thanks for the encouragement about water therapy & suggestions about footwear around the pool. Unfortunately, in all this time I have only been able to wear sneakers; the numbness in my foot & the skin super-sensitivity extending up the back of my heel has made it impossible to wear slip-ons because the top back of the shoe "hits" that sensitive area. I dare not even think about anything backless at this point.

I've got a new pair of flat rubber-sole sling-backs (not for pool use, of course) that I will try again on the chance they can give me a fashion reprieve from those da*n sneakers! But I'm afraid they will also not work. It's very discouraging to be limited to ugly old (even new) sneaks when getting a bit dressed up for an "occasion" or even just my 49th anniversary last night at a lovely restaurant. All looked fine until you get to my feet! Well, hubby did present me with a beautiful diamond pendant (which I picked out per his request), so the occasion was duly marked & at least I'm walking without pain. Still working on getting that cane outside, but still anxious.

Anyway, thanks for all the advice. When I get into a non-sneaker, I will take it under advisement. Hope you're all progressing & forgetting you ever had THRs!
Donna, how lovely to hear from you! And many thanks for your complimentary words. I'm glad to know I've helped on some level. I pretty much say it like I see it & can be pretty direct, I guess. If I'm funny in the process, I enjoy it as much as the potential reader.

Yes, I'm making slow progress, capped off last Tuesday by my first solo visits to my therapist followed by an errand at Walgreens. No hubby along -- just me. A red-letter day, & the first of its kind in maybe 2 years, give or take. Still using a walker outside, but working up the courage to try a cane "in the wild".

Hope you're doing ok after your THR in Feb... About 2-1/2 weeks after mine. I see you're postponing your TKR, but hope you can get it done sooner rather than later & that those other health issues can be dealt with successfully. Stay in touch... Hugs back to you.
@shrinkette , so nice to see you here again. Sounds like you are still fighting the fight on this recovery. Well done! There will come a day when you can make a shoe fashion statement! Keep doing what you are doing. Look at the great progress you have made. Out running errands on your own - big milestone considering where you have been.

And Happy Anniversary! Wow - congrats on 49 years!
One day Ellen you will get to dress up - head to toe :)

Congrats on 49 years, my dear friend x
@shrinkette Ellen, happy 49th anniversary! And, what a lovely thought from your husband.
I know you two enjoyed yourselves.
Good to hear you went out on errands alone for the first time. Independence! :yes!:
I haven't posted in a while and I was perusing and saw your name. Glad to hear that you're progressing OK.
Wishing you well!
Like Dr toonz I hadn't posted for a good while and saw your thread. Nice to see you're progressing well, my good wishes to you.
Glitter on the sneakers! Goes well with a diamond pendant. Do you remember when Cybil Shepherd wore high tops with her gown to an awards ceremony?
Seriously, congratulations on your first solo voyage. That's great.
Hello @shrinkette

I've read through your post. You really did have a journey and a half! How is everything with your knee now? Xxx

Love Nana moon 27 xoxox
@Nana moon 27
Yes, the journey's been character-building. The problem remains my now somewhat-numb foot. My hip and knee are fine. Since you're a "knee person," I will say there is some residual, very slight stiffness there, but nothing I really notice anymore. Certainly doesn't impede walking and there's NO pain! I didn't know about BS when I had my knee done 11 months before my hip. Knee went smoothly, but I did develop a hematoma & they had to take me back to surgery about 2 weeks later to remove it & close it up. It was pretty superficial & only at the top of the incision, so it wasn't a big deal other than being the cause of continually dropping hemaglobin until the cause became evident.

You'll get there & be better than ever!
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Hi @shrinkette

Thanks for your lovely reply. I totally agree about the journey being 'character building'. I'm glad your knee went smoothly that's really good news. It's strange how once one part goes, the rest seems to follow. My other knee is practically gone too but I need to get back to work and get some £££££'s back in the bank first. However, I'm still on morphine so I don't know how bad the pain is in the other knee. Sometimes the pains come through it. I've reduced down by 10 mg last week. I'm continuing the same dose this week, then with luck, I'll reduce another 10 mg which will put me on 30mg am and 30mg pm. I hate the stuff. I hate how it makes me feel. Think and yes at times on higher doses, hallucinate! Yikes!

As regards the numbness in your foot, is it possible nerve damage? It's only because I just happened to notice all through your thread, right from the very beginning, you mention this numbness!

This site is amazing. The support, help and advice that's available is just fantastic. It's been an immense help to me with my challenging recovery xxx

Please feel free to stay in touch and have a chat. You're so welcome Ellen!

Love Nana moon 27 xx
Hello,@shrinkette. I've been trying to read many of the post surgery threads since I discovered BS. I just made it through your amazing and challenging journey. . .my heart goes out to you for all the difficult and painful times, and my respect for your honesty and attitude. You are truly an inspiration to others who may face complications along the path to recovery. It is so good to know that your hip is doing so well, and that the nerve damage seems to be slowly resolving.
I'm approaching my RTHR in less than 2 weeks, and working to remain positive and control anxiety. I suffered horrible complications after a "simple" gall bladder surgery about 15 years ago, with a stormy course of infection, ICU time, and near respiratory failure. I recovered completely after about 4 months, but it has made facing this major surgery hard. . .I'm so happy to have the support of this group. Your honesty about the bad times, and overall good cheer is an inspiration. I am a retired RN, and well aware that complications can occur, even with the best surgeon. I'm also aware that living with constant pain and severely impaired mobility isn't an option!
So, again, greetings, best wishes for continued improvement, and thanks for sharing your journey.
Hi @shrinkette
Just wanted to stop by and say, "Hello." Sounds like you are continuing to progress. Hope you are doing well today! :)
Hi @shrinkette

I know this amused you so I thought I'd send you one....


I'm notoriously cheeky. I discovered that putting the emoticons in this order makes the sidestepping man look like he's going up the others backside! Even better still if you slide the page down slowly it goes in slow motion almost.

Sorry guys, I had a rough knee recovery that's now doing fine since revision but I lost my independence since January. So I've nothing better to do than play with emoticons at ridiculous o clock! I really need to get out more!!!

With much love and respect to you
Nana moon 27 xxxx

Hi @shrinkette

Have a very Happy Birthday
With love from Nana moon 27 ((((((hugs)))))))x

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@Nana moon 27
How sweet of you to acknowledge my birthday! I have put the flowers in a vase & can't wait to taste that cake!!
I forgot I had posted my birthday...

Hope you're progressing & that things are looking up. Life certainly can be awfully difficult sometimes.
Hi @shrinkette Ellen x

The beauty of that cake is that is literally calorie free so se can eat as much as we like. Btw, I really like your new avatar x x x

Love Ann x x x
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