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shower/tub bench question


May 27, 2018
United States United States
Now that I'm down to single TKR instead of bilateral do I need a bench to shower? I don't know how long it will be until I can shower. The sooner the better for my sake, hubs sake, and the ozone layer LOL. I do know I'll have the mesh type closure FWIW.
I had RTKR August 2017 - and I had a shower seat/bench. I was thankful for it! I felt weak and a little queasy at first so it made me feel more stable. It was a big help with the first leg shaving too! :) :-) (:
I showered the day after I came home. Would of been post Op day 2. I was able to step in with my good leg, and lift surgical leg over. I stood up for showers, no bench. My husband assist me, and stayed in room until I was safely back on dry ground! Also too old to shave legs anymore!
Everyone is different so there's no telling how you'll feel. You may be fine to shower without a bench or chair, or you may need one. I didn't need one, but many others do. I didn't take a shower until just over two weeks due to my pain ball, but you'll likely take one much sooner.

I was given a couple of "showers" while at the hospital, but they covered my leg with a plastic thingy and I sat in a chair. It wasn't a true shower, more like a sponge shower and my hair was washed. But when I took actual showers at home I never used any aids. I just walked in and stood for it.

Maybe you could order one just before your surgery, and if you don't end up needing it, send it back. Or, if you have any of those plastic outdoor chairs, and if it'll fit in your shower, just use one of those.

Also, if you do sit at first a hand held shower head is helpful. If you don't already have one you can get them at the chain hardware stores really inexpensively and toss it when you no longer need it.

I also bought some of those disposable washcloths to use until I was able to shower and washed my hair at the sink for a while. The disposable washcloths actually work well not as well as a shower but well enough.
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I liked the tub bench in part b/c at first my bend was pretty limited but also a shower was quite tiring at first. My first shower was quite the "event." :heehee:
Thank you, Ladies!
All very good and helpful suggestions. I'm pretty sure this type of wound closure is waterproof which means showering sooner than later. I'm going to order a bench.
I showered when I got home from the hospital - day after surgery. Had a shower bench from the first surgery and only used it when shampooing my hair. Something about closing my eyes made me a little woozy.
these benches only go as high as 20-21". Is that a problem? and are the ones with arms easier to push up from?
My situation is a little different: I’m 6 weeks post op THR and in two weeks, having a TKR on opposite leg. Even though we installed grab bars, I’m still a bit apprehensive about standing in the shower on my ‘good’ leg that will be my operative hip leg!

I ordered a Moen transfer bench, Amazon had for the best price by far, $74. This is very sturdy, I will feel very safe.

shower/tub bench question
@InkedMarie That looks like the Rolls Royce of benches! Sounds like you're almost having BTKR.
My concern is the height. From all the pics it looks like you're seated at a 90 degree bend. Guess I'm looking for the easy way out LOL.
I also found having a stool of some sort to sit on in the bathroom helpful after my hip replacement. The shower wasn't bad but drying my hair I used a tall stool to perch on
@beachy the bench can be raised & lowered. In face, when we tried it out (ad to see which side to put the backrest), we had to raise it up. Google for the description; it tells you how how high & low it goes. I have no hip restrictions so, for me, I just have to get the legs over the tub (and I can). For me, the backrest has to face away from the faucets. Darn small bathroom; toilet gets in the way!
@InkedMarie That wouldn't suit someone with a small bathroom (like mine!) or apartment.

We have something much smaller, simpler and easier to store than that and it's available from our article Recovery Aids: A comprehensive list for hospital and home direct from Amazon which, btw, also gives BoneSmart a little donation by way of a gift!

This is our suggestion

shower/tub bench question

You can also watch this video about it

And FWIW, I also showered on my first day home though I did have a carer come and supervise me just in case and I fired her after three days because I could cope on my own! By knee #2, I'd had a nice walk-in shower installed and stood the whole time even though I bought a shower seat but never felt the need to sit on it!

shower/tub bench question
shower/tub bench question

As for your dressing, check with the nurse before you leave but most dressings can take a shower without any problems but not a bath!

shower/tub bench question
@beachy my dressing over the incision site is waterproof but since I also had a drain that dressing is not so they suggested sponge baths for the first week. I would have n problem standing for a shower as I can stand through the sponge bath
Thanks everyone.
I have no idea what to do. I may just order the seat as Josephine pictured. The cost is nominal and if I don't use it I can donate to local veterans center.
My seat is like the one Josephine suggested and it's come in handy. I use it more just sitting in the bathroom when trying to dry my hair, etc. for a couple of weeks after coming home from the hospital.

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