Shower Seat/Chair Height?

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Feb 11, 2015
Quartz Hill, California
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I've pretty much purchased every convenience/need for my upcoming THR, EXCEPT a chair or seat for the shower. I've been looking and I see they come in several different heights/styles. What height and style would you suggest?
I'm 5' 4" tall, if it matters. Thanks!
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The one I had was adjustable... the back legs adjusted independently from the front so I could get the slope on it required with my 90 degree restrictions... I think they all are. The OS in the hospital set it up for me, they loaned me that, toilet raiser and crutches all set up for me prior to leaving the hospital. Once home I used the setting as a rule of thumb to adjust the high backed (obviously adjustable) chair I'd hired for the duration. You'll be guided as to how to set it up, so don't worry :)
My shower was exactly as yours, and actually too small to fit a decent stool into! I held off on my first shower till I was feeling stronger-- my BP was waaaay down. After the first one I had more confidence in my ability to stand up for five minutes. After a couple or three weeks I was fine-- still nervous about slipping-- just my imagination as the shower floor tile was heavily textured and non-slip anyway!
You could have a borrowed stool in the wings just in case?

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My shower was too small for a chair but I was able to stand in the shower unaided from day 7.... Had a non slip mat on the floor and all was fine!
I have a 4" lip too @ that too proved no problem.
I think the fact that the shower cubicle was small helped to make me feel quite secure! X

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Agree on the adjustable chair or stool. You might want it higher at first so you can sit quickly if needed. The 4 inch lip will be no problem. Do you have something to grab while you are in the shower? It helps if you are feeling a bit insecure those first few days.
The transfer bench is designed for a shower/tub combination. You shouldn't need that with a walk-in shower. In fact, I think having the extra bench would just get in the way. You should be able to step over a 4 inch rise and then sit on the bench.
Like Hoppynannie my shower cubicle was too small to fit a chair but I found that standing up to shower unaided was no problem
@Cynthia777 Hi again! We also have a shower with a very small step to get in. The seat that came with it was way too low to use. I have an old walker without wheels from a fractured ankle. I just put the walker in the shower and step in and then I have something to hold onto. Don't know if that's recommended but it's working for me. I use one hand to hold the walker and one hand to do the washing.
The best thing that i have in my shower stall, beside the chair with a back, is the change out of the shower head to a full spray hand shower replacement with hose. I'm 5 wks and still love it. I also put in a small suction hand grab bar too. All very handy esp when i'm washing my hair.
@Elaine F.
Fabulous idea and exactly what I'm going to do! I really don't need to sit down because hubby doesn't mind ape no shaving worries for me during my recovery! Thanks so much!
I have a walk in shower with a 4 inch side. I bought the suction cup handles and have had no problems standing in the shower. I also kept the shower door open with my walker in front so if I felt I needed to~ I could lean on the walker. I also had slip proof slippers to slip on after I stepped out. I did this w my first surgery and now with the revision. As for ape legs~ it comes w the territory! LOL

I think you will count yourself lucky to have a walk-in shower. I was going to send you the link for the shower bench that I had to buy but then realized you won't need it! Ah, the joys of the shower bench. It took a few showers for me to figure out what to do with the shower curtain so as not to cause a flood on the bathroom floor. :what:

You should have no trouble with a 4" lip. If you haven't already, I do recommend the suction-cupped handles, as @Sullivand mentions. Without those, I would feel insecure standing in the shower because of the toe-touch restriction.
Oh yes!!!! I forgot the suction handles!!! I had read some pretty discouraging revies (Amazon) on how well they adhered to the tiles. Any suggestions as to a brand (we have 6x6 tiles on the wall). Thank you Julie!
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