THR Sheila-Seattle's Recovery Story

Just wanted to share the happy news that I was able to do a brief, 4 mile, bike ride on our new tandem this week. It's very exciting because it arrived after my surgery so it's our maiden voyage. Didn't hurt at all. We intentionally took a flat relatively quiet route. A typical ride for us starts at 30 miles up to 60 or 75miles so this was a true baby step.


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@Sheila-Seattle The two of you look great! And I love your bright, cheerful coats! Congratulations on your maiden voyage on the tandem bike ... may you have many more fun rides :bicycle1:
Baby steps is the way to go. Start slow and build up. So glad you could get out a have a ride!
@Jaycey I saw on a dental thread you said " Antibiotics are no longer needed for most dental work. "

I'm more than 3 months post-op and had my teeth cleaned today. There was a big uproar an hour before my appointment. They called to be sure I had my antibiotics. I told them I didn't think I had to have them and had no RX. They finally connected with my OS office who said no need for cleaning. Dentist says I still will have to do for anything else for rest of my life! BS. I have a phone appointment with OS Tuesday so will discuss with him then. But curious since you said the above if you have any documentation about that. Thanks.
@Sheila-Seattle It is amazing how different doctors and clinics have different requirements! In your case probably the dentist does not read the latest from orthopedics. When I had my BTHR I was told to take antibiotics prior to dental procedures for 2 year. After my first shoulder replacement it was 1 year. After the 2nd shoulder it was "No, anitbiotics are not necessary for dental procedures". For me, fortunately, all my medical and dental records are on the same data base and all practioners get the same memos.
This an old and (unfortunately) ongoing argument. I talked to my GP, surgeon and dentist before having my annual cleaning post my first THR. All said no need for antibiotics.

Same after my second THR.

You might need antibiotics for very invasive dental procedures. But over prescribing antibiotics for routine procedures just created more problems for us.

Here's an article from our Library (but very old) Evidence insufficient to recommend prophylactic antibiotics for dental procedures
Happy Three Month Anniversary, Sheila :wave:
I hope you continue to do well. Stay in touch and enjoy the weekend!
Thanks Layla. My OS was supposed to do a 3 month check up with my by phone Tuesday and he was a no-show. I'll meet with him tomorrow morning. I feel like I'm doing pretty well. Last Tuesday we did a 16 mile tandem bike ride which was awesome. I've started back to walking and am now only doing the contrast therapy after walking and PT so twice a day instead of 3x. The shin splints SEEM at bay. Only time will tell. My lump continues to be massaged with vitamin E oil nightly and is gradually shrinking away under my scar. I've actually been able to sleep some on my operated side which is a boon. I still have a little intermittent groin pain. I'm trusting that will subside. All in all pretty darn good. Onward!
Sounds like you are doing well and are on your way to recovery. Keep in mind you will continue to heal over the next year, noticing little improvements all along the way.
Sorry about the no show, regardless, sounds like you will have a good report.
The shin splints SEEM at bay.
Yay! :yay:
My lump continues to be massaged with vitamin E oil nightly and is gradually shrinking away
Awesome! :thumb:
I‘m betting the groin pain eases with time also. You made me chuckle when you typed that you feel like you’re doing “pretty well” following it up with your 16 mile tandem bike ride. I’d say that’s a lot better than “pretty well”, more like excellent!

I hope your three month post op goes well tomorrow. Have a great week! :)
The weather in Seattle has been stupendous. We've been out riding the tandem 6 out of the last 7 days. We started gradually and have been building up, a couple of 16 miles with long visit in the middle, then 22, and yesterday 30 miles. Between being a tandem and having an electric assist option for the steeper hills I don't have to work if I don't want to. Problem is I WANT to. It mostly feels great to be out with my husband in our happy place in the sunshine. I'm pushing more each ride while still being careful. But I want to see what I can do. Last night I did take an ibuprofen, the first in many weeks. My groin is still sore a bit this morning. I'll ice. We're taking today and tomorrow off for other life stuff and Wednesday we're driving the tandem an hour away to the tulip fields which are in full bloom at the moment. It's all flat and should be easy. I think the two days off the bike will be helpful.
Wow! You’re back living life, doing what you love.
I hope you have a safe ride to see the beautiful tulip fields tomorrow.
Thanks for updating. Stay in touch.
Recovery continues to be a roller coaster. We had a wonderful FLAT 25 mile ride in the tulips on the 21st. Unfortunately that was the last time on the tandem for the time being. Fortunately the gorgeous weather has switched back to the more typical cool, gray and often damp. My groin pain hasn't gone away or lessened much yet, despite lots of rest days. I've reduced my walking to no more than 30 minutes at a time a couple of times a week (2500 steps +/-) , plus the 1500 to 2000 steps I get in a day around the house daily. I'm going to see an in-person PT for an assessment next Friday at my HMO. The current thinking is I need to strengthen my hamstrings so I'm doing something for them twice a day. The local PT suggested I take smaller and faster steps for my groin, and do high cadence, no resistance on our spin bike. And of course my daily PT with OneStep. I meet with their PT Tuesday morning.

I know this is all part of the game and it will pass, so my attitude is mostly good. I do get discouraged sometimes. I miss my daily walks with my sweetie. PATIENCE.


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It sounds like you are doing well at 4 months! It definitely takes patience, one thing I was not prepared for. Nice to see your post!
Wow it's been 2 months since I've posted and I'm past my 6 month from surgery! I've been busy being active! YAY! Since April 1 we've been building up our cycling by adding progressively longer and hillier routes. Longest ride to date is 50 miles. We have 850 miles on my new hip and our new e-assist tandem. Both are getting comfortable. We've signed up to do a tandem bike tour in mid-October in Utah and feel confident we can handle it and even some of the hiking. I've finally gotten back up to my pre-op 10K steps a day, though right now it's only on the non-cycling days. I feel like the set-backs are behind me (hopefully)! The hard lump in the middle of my scar is still there but has diminished significantly in size. I'm optimistic it will eventually vanish. And of course I still have numbness the length of the scar for a couple of inches on one side. I'm hopeful but not optimistic that too will eventually diminish.


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@Sheila-Seattle Wonderful update! I love the picture of the two of you with your very pretty cycle :) My cousin is in Washington also and she and her husband are avid bikers though not with a tandem one.

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